Victoria’s Secret Shift Hours-All about it

Victorias Secret Shift Hours

In this article, we will see the Victoria’s Secret Shift Hours and all about it.

There is something magical about shopping at Victoria’s Secret. As soon as you walk in, Victoria Secret greets you with sweet, sensual musk and massive campaigns featuring beloved Angels brands. Bright lace lingerie and cozy pajamas are the showstoppers. Bottles of homemade skin whitener, fruity lip gloss, and popular perfumes make up the beauty section. But have you ever considered what it’d be like to work there? To be a part of the team Victoria’s Secret? and how long could you work here?

Victoria’s Secret is a fantasy land for working. The firm contents you with core values that will help you thrive and grow each day. The shift hours are flexible from 6-8 hours a day for both college students and professionals. Leadership and female empowerment are the skills found at Victoria’s Secret. Let’s dive deep into more information favoring shift hours at Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret and Its Establishment

Victoria’s Secret, now known to everyone, is lingerie and beauty retail brand owned and operated by the Limited Brands Company. On average, Victoria’s Secret generates over $ 4 billion in revenue annually. With over 1000 retail stores in the USA. 

It accounts for 42% of Limited Brand corporate profits. Victoria’s Secret promotes its products through extensive promotions and advertisements such as catalogs, online sites, and Victoria’s Secret Direct, with approximately $ 870 million in revenue.

Victoria’s Secret was 1st run and established by Roy Raymond within the San Francisco space throughout the 1970s. Raymond had the vision to rework underwear into fashion, though marketing underwear wasn’t the only mission, its mission was to show a standard typically standard piece of underwear and switch it into fashion. 

Their merchandise stood out from the white cotton items that department shops created and displayed with additional stress on engaging colors and style besides giving it a way of allure. Victoria’s Secret celebrates nearly a monopoly status on the retail of nightclothes in the US.

Enterprise and Shift Hours at Victoria’s Secret

  • Victoria’s Secret focuses on empowering women’s rights and employment by appointing 80 percent female labor.
  • Every employee, male or female, is required to dress neat and have a command of good communication skills besides maintaining professional behavior.
  • Formal and classy attire along with pointed heels is the basic uniform for the female staff.
  • Every employee is expected to work for 8 hours a day. 
  • The timings of working on Thanksgiving are fixed from 6:00 pm to 11:45 am.
  • Thanksgiving and Black Friday are the busiest days for the employees where they are required to work for six days a week including early morning shifts and evening shifts.
  • Victoria’s secret makes abundant sales during weekends, therefore, the sales are quick and the working hours of employees are reduced.
  • The overnight shift hours can be anywhere between late night or early morning from 6 PM to 2 AM or 7 AM to 3 PM. 
  • Every employee gets a 15-minute break after 2 hours of the shift with 30 minutes of Lunch break and a 1-hour break for working more than 6 hours.
  • They have working swing shifts where the employee can come as early as 7 am to the store and leave at 11 pm.
  • The store closes at 7:30 pm Monday to Thursday, 8:30 pm Friday to Saturday, and 6:00 pm on Sunday which leads to variation in afternoon and evening shift hours. 
  • 1 weekend off a month and an additional Sunday off a month are given to the employees. 
  • Merchandising manager works up to 12 hours a day the most and receives great pay.
  • The part-time shift hours at Victoria’s are 25 hours a week.

Advantages of working at Victoria’s Secret

 Employees working at Victoria’s Secret have a good reputation outside and are considered classy and sophisticated. Working at VC opens abundant opportunities for people seeking a job in the Fashion line. The hourly wage is $ 13-15 and more depending on expertise level and previous experience. 

Commissions and Bonuses are awarded to employees working for more than expected shift hours. Personality and vogue of people grow and become better each day. VC employee earns twice more than the doctors and engineers in the US. Therefore a decent wage and personality grooming of employees here makes Victoria’s Secret a fantasy land.


Shift hours at Victoria’s Secret might be a little hectic at times but the employee’s engagement at work for a complete duration results in good pay and off as per their performance. 

Victoria’s Secret ensures to present the best quality products for their customers. It expects its employees to contribute similar efforts, keeping their needs in mind. 

Working at Victoria’s Secret will not only provide employees with good salaries but give both professionals and college students a great startup to groom and grow each day.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is there a dress code or uniform for working at Victoria’s Secret?

Ans:  Yes, your attire plays an important role. The outfit should be in black and white color, a good pair of stockings and heels.

  • What is the hourly wage at Victoria’s Secret?

Ans:  The hourly wage at VC is $ 8-13 and more depending on previous experience.

  • What are the standard shift hours at Victoria’s Secret?

Ans:  Every employee needs to work 6-8 hours a day and 25 hours a week for part-time roles.

Victoria’s Secret Shift Hours-All about it

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