Kroger Shift Hours-All about it

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Kroger is an American retail company that is known to be one of the largest supermarket chains. Many people prefer entry-level jobs at Kroger as part-time workers while beginning their careers. Answering some basic questions on the interview and then taking the training might just earn you a few extra bucks. In this article, we will see the Kroger Shift Hours and all about it.

The shift hours at Kroger vary and depend a lot on the store one works in; if it is a 24-hours store. The shift timing can be decided according to your own preference. It also depends on which day of the week it is; some days it can be a four hours shift and on other days it can be an eight hours shift.

Before considering working at Kroger, one needs to be aware of what it is like to work at Kroger and what to expect from the job. Everything you need to know about the shifts before or after getting a job at Kroger is discussed here. 

Typical Shift Hours at Kroger

The most sought after shifts at Kroger might be 8-1, 10-3, 3-10, 5-10, 3-11, 11-7, 8-4, 10-6, 12-5, 12-8, 2-10. The flexibility of the job hours depends upon the managers you work with. Mostly, the part-time workers get work hours flexibility while the scenario might be different with the full-timers. 

Hiring Process at Kroger

  • One can apply for a job post at Kroger by filling out an online application. 
  • The minimum age requirement to be an employee at Kroger can be different from store to store. Mostly, the stores hire an employee of at least 15 years.  
  • At entry level positions, the interviewers are basic questions and the person is usually hired on spot. Usually, the stores consider availability before hiring.
  • Kroger does not take a pre-employment drug test as long as you don’t show up to work under influence of drugs. 
  • Once you are selected, a background check might be done to check the facts you stated. The background check might take a few days. 
  • The background check also includes a criminal history check. Kroger does hire felons but not people with serious criminal convictions. These applications are treated on a case-to-case basis. Factors that might be taken into consideration are the type of felony conviction, length of conviction, and completion of sentence. 

Tips for an Interview at Kroger

  1. Confidence is the key while appearing in an interview at Kroger. You might not want to come across as overbearing. 
  2. Some posts come with pre employment physical tests; make sure you fit into the criteria.
  3. It is advisable to complete your research on Kroger.
  4. The more flexible the work timings are, the more chances are of you being hired.
  5. A casual, decent business attire might fit well for a Kroger interview. 
  6. A prompt display of customer service will manage to impress the interviewers.
  7. It is advisable that you do not talk too slow or too fast.

Training and Orientation

Training can be for a period of two days to a week. It depends on the job post. The training mostly includes watching videos, web-based learning. The employees are usually paid to attend the training.

Payment at Kroger

On average, the employees at Kroger receive a payment of $15 per hour. The payment is made on a weekly basis. 

Dress Code of an Employee at Kroger

Kroger doesn’t give any brand T-shirts. One might wear a pair of jeans and a polo T-shirt. The company does provide its employees with an apron which is supposed to work while on duty. Kroger doesn’t provide you with any policy for tattoos and piercings. 

Kroger is a good name to consider if you want a part-time job. They are understanding about the work hours of the employees who attend school. The company also offers educational grants and scholarships. A display of ambition might take you places when you are employed by Kroger. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are considered full time hours at Kroger?

    As a full-time employee, you might be asked to work for a minimum of 40 hours a week. 

  • What is the pay for overnight stocker at Kroger?

An overnight stocker salary at Kroger ranges from $8-$16 per hour. The average pay for the job is $11 per hour. 

  • What is the hiring process at Kroger?

There might be a telephonic interview before you are asked for a face-to-face interview. You might be selected on spot and then a background check is run. The background check might take a week. You will receive a call for training once the background check is completed.

  • What it is like working at Kroger?

Kroger offers an attractive health insurance package. There is a lot of scopes to grow while working with the brand. However, the staffing is never enough. Patience is required to reach higher levels with the company. 

Kroger Shift Hours-All about it

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