ZF Salary Levels – Know More

What is ZF? 

ZF stands for Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen. ZF is a global technology company that supplies parts for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and industrial technology. It is a German company with headquarters in Friedrichshafen. Let us see about the salary levels of ZF.

ZF Salary Levels - Know More

Why Car Parts Are Important? 

If a vehicle or an industrial machine lacks any parts crucial to its running or if some parts are exhausted, or rusty, then it won’t perform its tasks smoothly or even at all. Instead of buying a new machine or vehicle, you can always fix the parts that are not working to minimize the costs for the same. However, a well-trained mechanic or engineer can also use the parts to assemble a new car or machine from scratch. 

ZF, therefore, presents to companies and individuals, either manufacturers or not, with the ready solutions for them to perform their tasks easily using the systems this company offers. Before answering a multitude of other questions, what are the ZF salary levels? 

The ZF salary Levels

If you have the skills you think ZF could use, below is a compiled list of salary levels ranges offered per position, according to Indeed. This list is not inclusive of all ZF job positions, but it sure will give you a general idea of what the salaries there look like. 

Salaries Per Year

  1. Senior Product Engineer: $90,742
  2. Senior Software Engineer: $106,964
  3. Senior System Engineer: $101,182
  4. Product Engineer: $79,372
  5. Engineering Supervisor: $112,861
  6. Senior Test Engineer: $84, 708
  7. Manufaccturing Asscociate: $35,000
  8. Production Associate: $171,485
  9. Producction Manager: $96,997
  10. Plant Controller: $128,947
  11. Machine Operator: $33,345
  12. CNC Machinist: $40,000
  13. Field Service Technician: $56,086
  14. Maintanance Supervisor: $80,681
  15. Operator: $30, 295
  16. Technician: $35, 387
  17. Senior Technician: $63,875
  18. Test Technician: $51,316
  19. Maintanance Technician: $62,209
  20. Automation Technician: $60,992
  21. Mechanical Engineer: $72,224
  22. Hardware Engineer: $89,267
  23. Senior Mechanical Engineer: $98, 703
  24. NVH Engineer: $81,087
  25. Mechanical Designer: $$93, 180
  26. Calibration Engineer: $82,096
  27. Validation Engineer: $81,900

How To Get A Job In ZF?

Currently, on the ZF official website is a career area to which you can navigate to see all open vacancies and the countries they are located in. But you can also navigate to Indeed.com or to Glassdoor both of which are famous job posting sites. When you search for ZF on these sites, you will be able to find what positions are being hired for. Whether you are a student or a graduate, as long as you have the skills, then you qualify for applying for these jobs. 

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Does ZF Offer Remote Jobs? 

For a high-tech company like ZF, a lot of work can only be done on-site. However, there are some ZF jobs with an off-site/remote working alternative. These jobs include Accounting and Finance, Purchasing,…

Do ZF Employees Have Fringe Benefits? 

There are quite a number of benefits for ZF employees. These include;

  1. Health insurance
  2. Health Savings Account
  3. Supplemental Life Insurance
  4. Flexible Spending Account
  5. Paid holidays and sick days
  6. Maternal Leave
  7. Pensions

In Which Countries Is ZF Available?

ZF operates in the following countries;


  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Turkey
  4. Belgium
  5. Czech Republic
  6. Russian Federation
  7. Netherlands
  8. Hungary 
  9. Poland
  10. Slovakia
  11. Ukraine
  12. Denmark
  13. Switzerland
  14. Italy
  15. Portugal
  16. The U.K.
  17. Spain
  18. Romania
  19. Austria
  20. Serbia

North America

  1. Canada
  2. Mexico
  3. USA

South America

  1. Argentina
  2. Brazil
  3. Colombia


  1. India
  2. Singapore
  3. Thailand
  4. Philippines
  5. Japan
  6. China
  7. Malaysia
  8. United Arab Emirates
  9. Hongkong
  10. Republic of Korea
  11. Taiwan
  12. Vietnam


  1. Victoria
  2. New South Wales
  3. Western Australia

What Are ZF Competitors/Alternatives? 

The top competitors of ZF are;

  1. Toyota Motor Corporation
  2.  Thor Industries
  3. Meritor
  4. Allison Transmission
  5. Denso Corp
  6. Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd
  7. Continental AG

What Are The Costs For Selling On ZF? 

The first question to ask should be whether it is possible to sell on ZF. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. ZF is a huge producer and supplier of its own. That means that it is impossible to partner with ZF to sell some automotive parts through the company. 

What Payment Methods Are Available For ZF Customers? 

Unlike other companies, automotive part companies like ZF mostly do not offer online ordering for their goods. This is because the process of ordering up to delivery is a complicated one that requires a great deal of contact signing, from ordering to transportation of orders, and delivery. Parties involved have to have a good amount of knowledge about what they need from ZF. Thus, a certain level of acquaintance with the parties involved is required. 

The payment methods after delivery are mostly banking systems such as cheques or QR code scanning. The use of credit cards is mostly not considered. 


As employment gets more and more scarce and there is less and less space to be creative and innovative, a job with ZF is a worth shot. Aiming for such a job is not advantageous not just because you get to have a source of income, but also because you get to work with a global company. This means that there are more chances of being exposed to diverse individuals and being able to adopt a new intelligent take on world matters. It will also help you gain more experience in the hectic environment of ZF. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. Can I buy ZF automotive parts and fix my car on my own?

You could always follow the instruction manual that comes with the parts, but I would recommend a licensed mechanic to help with the fixing to avoid extra costs in case you end up failing to fix your car or destroy some parts in the process. 

  1. Does ZF provide technicians to help install the automotive parts?

It is not mandatory to provide them, but you can always ask the company to provide one. The costs may or may not be upon you. 

  1. Is a job with ZF worth it?

People who work for ZF have given decent reviews for the working conditions. Besides there are decent incomes, why not try out? 

  1. Do ZF parts have a warranty period? 

            Yes, ZF has a two-year warranty period. 

ZF Salary Levels – Know More

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