CIA Office Locations – Know More

   The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian foreign intelligence agency legally assigned to processing, assessing, and evaluating national security information around the world with human intelligence and conducting private actions. Under the direction of a Director of Central Intelligence by the presidential directive. On January 22, 1946, President Harry S. Truman established the agency and the faction was converted into the CIA by the regulation of the National Security Act of 1947. Let us see about the office locations of CIA.

CIA Office Locations - Know More

   At the CIA headquarters, a Starbucks coffee shop is present, which is secretive, and baristas will not be permitted to know about the names of customers. On the CIA’s headquarters floors, a well-known statue called Krypto is sitted.

CIA Office Locations

   The headquarters of the CIA is called the George Bush Center of Intelligence situated in Langley in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States, an unincorporated neighborhood. The Center is situated at 1000 Colonial Farm Road, McLean, Virginia, and one can get there through the George Washington Memorial Parkway. 

   Nonetheless, due to privacy and secret operations, those with permission, and applicable credentials, may only access the building or by appointment with only accepted vehicles may enter the private road leading to the building from George Washington Memorial Parkway. The building is called “Langley” because of where it is situated. It is known as a metonym for the CIA headquarters, regardless of the presence of other buildings that are not related to the CIA’s government buildings in Langley, like the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center.

CIA Office Buildings

D.C. Locations

   The CIA office buildings locations in the Washington Area are;

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  • 1717 H Street NW, Buildings, the Matomic Building, 2210 E Street NW, 1016 16th Street NW, the Briggs School, the Central, East, North, South, and West.
  • 2430 E Street NW complex. These are the territories of the actual headquarters of the CIA, across the road from the State Department. 
  •    Alcott, Recreation and Services Building, Quarters Eye, Curie Halls, 26th Street NW, Barton, River Stadium, West Potomac Park, and the former Foggy Bottom now called the Kennedy Center.
  •  Steuart Motors Building, 5th Street NW of New York Avenue. It was the actual territory of the National Reconnaissance Office, D Street NW, temporary Buildings Q and M, Temporary Buildings 13 & 14, former Foggy Bottom, D Street NW.

Virginia Locations

   The CIA office buildings locations in the Virginia Metropolitan Area are below;

Fort Myer Drive, Rosslyn, 1820, 1000 North Glebe Road and Chamber of Commerce Building, Magazine Building, and Arlington Towers Garage, CIA Headquarters Building complex, Broyhill Building, Ames Building, Ballston, Key Building, 1200 Wilson Boulevard, and 4600 North Fairfax Drive.

 CIA Office Locations Across Europe

   CIA Office Locations are spread around Europe and most CIA Offices are located at the American embassy of a particular country. The CIA office locations across Europe are listed below:

  1. American embassy at Austria, IX Boltzmanngasse 16, A-1091 Vienna, 34-75-11, 34-66-11.

The Vienna CIA Station is known to be an Intelligence Circles for Eastern Europe and serves as the base for basic planning and tactical assistance for ongoing confidential operations in the district. 

  1. AMERICAN EMBASSY at  Belgium, Brussels, 513-3830

It is the home of several international institutions of huge significance to the CIA and foreign policy in the U.S. It is among the notable locations in Europe within the CIA’s prominence.

  1. AMERICAN EMBASSY at Cyprus, Therissos St. & Dositheos St., Nicosia, 65151/5
  2. AMERICAN EMBASSY at Denmark, Dag Hammarskjold’s Aile 24, Copenhagen, 12-77-91, 12-31-44. The CIA Station was first exposed in the newspaper Information.
  3. AMERICAN EMBASSY in Finland, Italian Puistotie 14, SF-00140 Helsinki 14, 11931. A British journalist residing in Sweden was the first to reveal the location.
  4. AMERICAN EMBASSY in France, 2 Avenue Gabriel, 75008 Paris, 265-7460.

   The Paris Station is one of the largest CIA stations in Europe, Eugen Burgstaller, a Special Assistant to the Ambassador, heads it. The Station constitutes three other units, which are;  the American Liaison Section, a small telecommunications group besides Burgstaller’s office, the Regional Reports Office, and Regional Administrative Support.

AMERICAN EMBASSY in Germany, Mehlemer Avenue, 5300 Bonn-Bad Goldenberg, (02221) 89-55. 

   The Bonn Embassy is alleged to be the world’s largest with more than 1000 people which makes it bigger than the Paris operation.  The Bonn CIA Station is bossed by William J. Graver, who is in control of the inconsequential office of Coordinator and Advisor under the camouflage of the Department of State, until recently when the new Chief elected is said to be Warren E. Frank. 

   His department includes distinct Records, Research, and Liaison offices with CIA staff under the  Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs and the United States Army Europe Regional Survey Unit office.

  1. AMERICAN EMBASSY at Greece, 91 Vasilissis Sophias Boulevard, Athens, 71-29-51,71-84-01.

It is presumably the vastest CIA operation in Europe. The Athens CIA Station comprises the Regional Relay Facility, a tremendous telecommunications complex, and supporting units that convey top-secret coded information between the CIA Stations out of Greece, and the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

  1. Iceland, Laufasvegur 21, Reykjavik, 29100.
  2. AMERICAN EMBASSY in Italy, through V. Veneto, 119/A, 00187 Rome, (06) 4674.
  3. Luxembourg, 22 Boulevard Emmanuel Servais, Brussels, 40123/7.
  4. AMERICAN EMBASSY in the Netherlands, 102 Lange Voorhout, The Hague, 62-49-11.
  5. AMERICAN EMBASSY at Norway, Drammensveien 18, Oslo 1, 56-68-80.
  6. AMERICAN EMBASSY in Portugal, Avenida Duque De Loulé 39, Lisboa, 57-01-02.
  7. AMERICAN EMBASSY in Spain, Serrano, 75, Madrid, 276-3400, 276-3600


   It can be concluded that the Central Intelligence Agency has many stations distributed around the United States of America in which the main headquarters Is located at Langley in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States near Washington, D.C. Furthermore, the agency also has its station dispersed around the American Embassy of most Countries in Europe.


Can I inform people around me that I’m a CIA?

    No, you can’t start broadcasting everywhere you go that you are a CIA because the agency undergoes mostly undercover operations.

Are there any CIA locations in the United Kingdom?

    Yes, there is. American Embassy, 24-31 Grosvenor Square, London W1 is where it is situated.

CIA Office Locations – Know More

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