Yacht Chef Salary – Know More

Being on a vessel in the middle of the ocean is the best feeling in the world and it makes up for great vacation stories. But what makes a good vacation on a yacht trip is the service provided by the crew. If you are being pampered and spoiled during your trip only then you may feel completely relaxed. One such service to keep you happy is the job of a yacht chef. Food is the best way to make someone feel instantly happy and if the food is delicious it can become the highlighting moment for someone’s story. Let us know about the ‘Yacht Chef Salary’.

Yacht Chef Salary

Yacht chef job description 

A yacht chef is a person that everybody on the yacht goes to for a delicious dinner or mid-day snacks. They are highlighted trained in the culinary arts from well-known institutions and have the practical experience of working in various kitchens around the world with different people and different settings. They are well equipped and ready to use all skills which would be helpful in such a setting and carry out the special request of the guests. All the important details of being a yacht chef, how much they earn, and what are the requirements of being a yacht chef are given below.

Yacht chef duties

By looking at the job title you may think that a yacht chef has simple duties and that is to just cook some meals as requested by their guests and just carry on with their day. It might not be that simple the job entails more than anyone would ever guess and there are some important duties to be carried out by the yacht chef those duties are:-

  • Organizing the galley: A galley is the name of the kitchen that is on board a yacht, it is the local name used by the crew members. While in a galley a yacht chef has to look at food safety and whether or not all meals are being prepared by following proper protocols as the crew is responsible for the health of any guest on the vessel. They also have to supervise other chefs in the galley and see whether the duties assigned to each one of them are being carried out in the pepper way or not.
  • Plan meals: There are different meal plans for different days and if it is a long vacation then a yacht chef needs to prepare and include different cuisines, and new dishes every day because the guest that arrives on the yacht may have been to some of the best places in the world with varieties of food to offered that cannot be matched with, but unfortunately they have to match the standard that they have and prepare meals accordingly.
  • Presenting the food: One part of being a yacht chef is to present the food in the best way possible to the guest, not only it should smell and taste delicious but need to be presented in a manner that makes a great impression on the guest.
  • Managing the inventory: Being on a yacht means a limited stock of items to work with it could take a lot of time to restock the items and the people on the yacht will not likely be happy to wait for their food, especially if they are feeling hungry. A yacht chef keeps an inventory of the used or no used items and makes sure that the crew uses the supplies diligently and that nobody has to wait hours for their food to be prepared or served even the crew members themselves. 
  • Cooking the meals: The ultimate task of a yacht chef is to prepare and cook meals for the people and since they are so experienced in food and have tested some of the best around the world, they expect the food to be on the same level sometimes the yacht chef is so good with his skills that they can defy the expectations on board and make the guests ultimately happy in return. They may receive special requests from a bunch of people on the yacht in addition to the decided meal plan which can be challenging but is a necessary task for the chef.
  • The number of chefs on a yacht: Depending on the type of yacht or the number of people on board there can be the various number of chefs on board with the crew to manage the crowd and supervise the galley. Typically a yacht below 50 meters will have executive chefs cook meals for the guest while a separate crew chef staff looks for the needs of the crew on the yacht. On a vessel of 100 Meters or more, there can be Four chefs onboard to help around the galley and manage the crew.

Salary of a Yacht chef

The yacht chef works monthly and receives a salary according to the task they perform and the size of the vessel they are on:

A yacht, the size of 35 meters will offer a monthly salary of $5000 to $7000 to the yacht chef and that amount does not include tips it can be higher after receiving tips. 

On a yacht with a size measurement of 50-65 meters (which is considered the size of a superyacht), the monthly salary of a Yacht chef can be on a scale of $7500-8500 on average. 

On a yacht the size of 100 meters and exceeds the size of a superyacht, the typical salary that a yacht chef can earn is in the range of $8500 to $10,000 on average.

The income of a yacht chef can depend greatly on many other factors such as expertise in certain culinary cuisines, managing factors like managing the staff members, and skills to keep the inventory, it can also depend upon an achievement under their belt such Michelin star level role in a kitchen. The salary can go higher or lower if any of the required skills are present or not.

Qualifications of a yacht chef

  • Skills of provisioning the needs and wants of guest in remote corners of the world.
  • Ability to create and manage a budget for the galley.
  • Following proper food safety protocols and storage training.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment and change the menu with an open attitude and skills to meet the demands a any time.


It is typically a hard role to come by since but every chef working in the food industry can find their way into the crew on the vessel. It requires a high level of skills in the culinary services to be able to handle the pressure and meet the expectation of every guest on the boat. Any person that is passionate about the job is ready to put some efforts in may find the job very rewarding.

Yacht Chef Salary – Know More

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