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A law professor can teach law students the complex factors of law and make them learn important information about the subject in a university classroom. They can guide students on law ethics, different perspectives of law practices, and practical implementation of law in the world. Being a successful law professor is essential not just from a career perspective but from an academic perspective too. A teacher helps their students to reach their academic as well as career goals in the most efficient way and being one requires one to be highly qualified for the job. Let us know about the ‘Law Professor Salary’.

Law Professor Salary

Law professor Responsibilities

Being a law professor entails teaching about law philosophy and how to apply it to the real world and how to take advantage of its application in certain situations. They are experienced in their field and have been legal professionals. These teachers can get Jobs in large-scale universities private or public. They also have different responsibilities while they are in this job and it can sometimes depend on the university at which they are employed.

Some responsibilities they may have are as follows

  • Explaining the law: A law professor has the responsibility of making the students understand what the law includes and what every part of it means and how it is necessary and how to understand what each legal document means and how they can use the ethics of law in a case.
  • Handing out coursework: when it comes to studying, law professors create different types of assignments and projects that are needed to be researched and written by the students to get a better understanding of the law and its applications. They also assign grades to the student based on their papers submitted. All of this process helps the student to learn better and skillfully increase their knowledge base.
  • Law applications: As mentioned before a law professor have to make students aware of how the law works what are its functions and how to apply the law in our world, how it relates to government, and how it applies to the current situation of our society, different organizations, and person.
  • Teaching the Importance of law: while the students undertake law as their profession they around understand how important it is. They also explain how laws come into existence and what legislatures do to write them.
  • Aiding students: A teacher, it is their responsibility to guide the students and tell them how to achieve the best outcome from their education. A law professor similarly helps students with their assignments b providing necessary information and advice on how to formulate their research papers for better grades. They also encourage and actively answers all the questions asked by a student and guide them to make career choices that suit their needs and skills. Since most, college law professors have been in the legal profession and at a different level, they have accumulated experience on various topics before they entered the teaching profession.
  • Publishing research material: some law professors at different universities publish reader’s papers on the specific field of law of which they have a piece of intricate knowledge or experience. They can also publish books and other study material to contribute to the education of students and add some level of knowledge to the legal sector and help other professionals in the same profession.
  • Administrating exams: Since students have to take exams to become licensed law professionals, a law professor helps their students to prepare for exams such as bar exams and be qualified to pass exams that are necessary to take to practice law in a jurisdiction.
  • Managing and taking part in events: a law professor is the staff member of the university they are working for and they participate in different events such as briefings and workshops that are conducted in the university. It is done to support the law programs a school might have and get students to take interest in them that are applying to the school.

Salary of a law professor

The salary of a law professor can be varied depending on:

  • Academic level of education they have achieved.
  • The experience they have in the legal industry.
  • The field of law that they are interested in teaching.

The average salary calculated for a law professor at a university is at $76,500 approximately it can be different because of the factor mentioned above or of the institution they are working at

The Highest-paid Salary of a law professor is calculated at $95,000 on average.

There has been a significant increase in demand for law professors at educational institutions as this field is growing rapidly and various law firms are being developed every day. 

Requirements of being a law professor

A law professor is expected to have a certain level of qualifications and those are as follows

  • Academic level: For a person to qualify as a law professor they need a Juris Doctor or J.D. degree minimum to teach law at any university. They also need to attend the A.J.D course which has a duration of 3 years and provides them with the necessary practical experience in the field of law. It also has classes in civil procedures, criminal law, constitutional law, property law, and others of the same kind. They are offered internships to hone their skills and increase their knowledge.
  • Training level of a law professor: A law professor before getting assigned as a teacher has to have some experience in the legal field in the forms of internships and practical knowledge gained under mentorship programs. They learn the values of research and how to conduct it thoroughly, and how to draft documents that are necessary to be written in the legal field. They earn experience in handling potential clients and how helping a client through their legal troubles and giving out sound and proper legal pieces of advice.
  • Licenses to have to become a law professor: After a person has completed their legal education, they take the bar exam organized by their state and if they pass the exams they receive a letter and are then allowed to be licensed as official law professionals. Preparing for the bar exams is an exhausting task but it can be that much more rewarding. An individual can also acquire multiple state licenses in a specific law field to increase the scope of knowledge and aid in their career growth process.


Being a law professor is not an easy job to have, you need to be experienced and aware of laws that are established or are still being established. Have an experience in the field to contribute to a better educational experience for the students and help them advance in their careers with support, coursework, and open communication in the classroom. That is what makes a good law professor and that is how they help shape future generations in the right way.

Law Professor Salary – Know More

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