What is Paypal Data Scientist Salary?

Paypal Data Scientist Salary

In this article, we will see What is Paypal Data Scientist Salary?


Paypal is one of the largest payment processing firms globally and pays a lump sum to its data scientist and it’s way too higher than the salaries of data scientists in other international companies. 

The current salary of a data scientist at Paypal is $153,149 annually and it’s on a condition with an increment per two years on the basis of performance and credibility of the firm. The skills required to procure a job as a data scientist at Paypal are listed below.

Skills required

 Functional skills and business skills are the keys to procuring a job here. For the set of functioning skills, one should be good with deep learning and machine learning skills. For the set of business skills having experience in payments, marketing, banking or customer management can be preferably beneficial. 

Data scientists need to bring a range of analytical and mathematical skills to their roles and not just any old math, but areas like multivariable calculus and linear algebra. Data science is essentially a blend of statistics and mathematics and computer science. So, many employers look specifically for candidates with expertise in statistics. 

Paypal focuses on experience and exposure more than educational background. It doesn’t prefer candidates from top institutes but provides a chance to the ones with talent and the right set of skills. Accomplishing such a set of skills one needs to go through the interview process about which details are mentioned below.

Apart from these one should be knowing python, statistics, data collection, data cleaning, EDA (Exploratory data analysis), and deploying of ML model.  

Interview process

The two steps of the interview process are screening by talent acquisition and business teams and then interviews of 5 rounds lasting 45-60 minutes each. The interview consists of questions related to the ability of the program, fundamentals of data science, and analytics or model development. 

Base salary

The base salary for the start is between $100k and $150k annually. There is an increment after every two years on the basis of performance and credibility of the firm as well a bonus of $10k is given every year thrice.

The average salary of the lead data scientist is $201747 per year with an increment per year and bonus of $12500 per year thrice. 

Responsibilities of a data scientist 

• Processing and cleaning the data

• Storing the data

• Integrating the data

• Choosing or making algorithms and potential models

• Improving the results

• Presenting the final result to stakeholders

• Data investigation

Qualifications required for pursuing a career as a data scientist 

Data science is basically an amalgamation of the concept of mathematics, computer science, and statistics. Anyone with a background in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can opt for data science. Students pursuing BBA or MBA can also pursue data science as a career option. 

Benefits of having a job at Paypal 

The insurance covers medical, dental, vision, life, and disability. They also have financial and retirement plans with many perks and benefits. 

Some other perks are:

• Ten paid holidays

• Two floating holidays

• 25 paid days off

• 4-week sabbatical and 5 years of service

Bereavement leave

• Marriage leave

• Maternity and paternity leave

Paypal takes care of its employee’s health and well-being needs and has made their insurance plans accordingly.

Work and life balance

The work-life balance at Paypal might not be as perfect as expected but there is a good office culture and events to rejuvenate.  Sophisticated free transport facilities are also provided. There are free snacks, fun events, sports and yoga, and many more employee perks. They take care of the mental health of their employees and try to make sure they don’t lack at any place. The environment around is quite friendly and cheerful.

 Apart from the paid leaves in case of emergencies and medical conditions the paid leaves aren’t deducted. 

Data scientist is a stressful job

Data scientist is one of the top 3 most paid jobs and the jobs with a work-life balance. It also comes under one of the highest job satisfaction rates. There are deadlines but they are in the rarest of the rarest cases, so altogether we can say that data science is not all a stressful job. It can be pursued with great ease even after leaving an individual can connect and cope with the deadlines with a bit of work pressure. 

Is data science difficult? 

The abrupt upheaval in PCs’ equipment abilities and the spread of the web have prompted information to be produced at an exceptionally high speed. This has made diverse business areas store this information as presented. The information holds the way to taking care of numerous business issues that prepared business experts could just tackle prior.

 Information Science can be perceived as the logical method of dissecting the information and making prescient models that break down the information’s fundamental examples and set up a connection between the different factors and the objective (something that will be anticipated). 

Being a moderately new field, there is a ton of hypothesis in regards to the trouble level of this field. It has a standing of being viewed as an intense field to break into. There are various explanations behind information science to be thought of as hard, and keeping in mind that a few reasons appear to be overstated, there are parts of information science that might be viewed as trying.


Being a data scientist isn’t a too easy job but one of the highest-paid jobs and while at Paypal what it pays is actually more than the worth. Excluding the bonuses, even the base salary is perfect taking into consideration the amount of work one has to do and the responsibilities on the shoulders of a given individual. A company that provides insurances and other perks with such benefits are actually worth having a job. Procuring a job as a data scientist there is not that hard all you need is proper qualification, skills, and experience.

What is Paypal Data Scientist Salary?

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