Can you be Fired for Looking for a New Job?

Can you be Fired for Looking for a New Job?

Here we will seethe answer for ‘Can you be Fired for Looking for a New Job?’.


Contrary to what some may think, yes! people can be fired while looking for a new job. It is legal and an employer can do so.

You might be looking for a new job because of economic dissatisfaction, your passion lies somewhere else, may it be anything. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, you will not be the most efficient one thus boring you further, and eventually, you will be bad at it. You will not only be impacting your company but your professional credibility. So, it is better to work hard and find something that you are really good at. You can discreetly look for another job keeping these things in mind.

Do not use company time or appliances in your job search

You might be suspected of your data usage because the company does have the authority to track your data usage and where you are using it. Your co-workers can even find you looking at another job and inform the management.

If you schedule an interview during work hours and it has to be conducted via phone or face time then you will have to be vigilant and be away from your desk.

Avoid taking calls or attending interviews while you are on your current job.

Your social media should not be related to your job search

You might mention something on social media about your job search unintentionally and get caught. You should tell your close friends to be careful and not spill anything about your job search. Supervisors will always look for employees who are committed to the job.

Being on a job while searching for another might help you get better job offers

You might have higher chances of getting a job rather than a jobless person. When you are working, you are constantly working with other industry contacts. You will always be well informed about new jobs. If you are not working you are out of sight for industry people. Having a job while looking for a new job attracts employers because you seem to have more potential than a jobless person. Quitting a job before having another is added risk. If you do not have a job you will not be coming from a position of strength.

Let your future employee know that your job search is confidential

You can be honest with your future employee about keeping this between you two and telling him how you do not want your current employer to know about the job search.

Slow down your job search if you are happy at your place.

While it is always a good idea to keep looking for better options. Still, if you start being appreciative for your ongoing life and accept it as the way it is and start finding happiness within, you can slow down the search.

Make sure you perform as expected in your current job.

Though you intend to move on, it’s important to meet your current employer’s expectations and try to excel. In addition to being professional, this is also important to get a positive reference in the near future.

If your boss catches you in the act or your co-workers go behind your back the management will fire you for not being loyal to the management.

 While being discreet, if you ever get caught then you should take the high road and accept it there and then. you should also keep in mind to never badmouth your employer. Maybe, If you face the truth honestly, hopefully, your boss will take up the opportunity and open up to you and assure you of not losing your job. You can also honestly tell them about great opportunities lined up and how you do not want to blow it.

If the situation gets awkward and you are on the verge of getting fired, you should thank them for giving you the opportunity to work and being cooperative till now and tell them that it was nice working with them. It is always a good idea to end things on a good note from your side and be open, honest, and grateful.

Differing opinion

While looking for a new job, it might hinder your attention and decrease your productivity but other than that it does no major harm to the company.

 If the company is progressive and tries to be sensitive towards their employees then their urge will not be selfish but will be moving forward leaving every other thought behind, they will give the employees liberty to choose from various options and hence make them free and just not succumb to that job.

Instead, they should ask for letters prior to a month of leaving, informing the management about leaving. In that way, the management will have plenty of time to hire another employee and both parties will thrive. Maybe the company will get an employee who is much more appreciative of the job and does their job better than the previous person. 

If you got fired

If at worst you got caught in the moment and the management fires you for not being loyal, according to them. It will be nerve-racking looking for a new job while being so low. Start slowly but steadily. 

Before beginning to actively apply for new jobs,

Make a list of people who can offer great references.

In that way, you will be getting information about upcoming new job offers and you yourself can dig in and look hard on it.

Focus on what you want in the foreground

This time you do not want to end up in something you are not passionate about but you can think about it and look for things that excite you. Things that make you efficient and you are good at it.

Play up on your skills

You will have the time to learn new skills and be better at everything you do. New skills will attract better job offers and will pull you closer to things you wanted to be close to.

Showcase what you have learned from the experience

Your last job has already taught you many things not just professionally but in every form. You should know how to showcase them in an appealing way in your next job offer and that it makes you more credible than anyone else.

Stay positive

Last but not least, as eager as you are to get a new job, seats will never be full everywhere, you will reach where you are destined to. It is your job to keep looking and working harder every next day. Being positive makes you calm, with that you will surely get a new job and you will be good at it.

Eventually, it is a matter of time when these things will be happening. Whether you reach your destination or not, we can never know how the future will unfold or what it holds. Sometimes it is okay to swim with the flow because experiences will always enlighten you. Just like the conservation of energy, hard work never goes in vain.

Can you be Fired for Looking for a New Job?

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