Storm Chasers Salary-Know More

Natural disasters occur in every part of the country and we cannot control them. It can be an earthquake, tsunami, flood, hurricane, or anything. In the early days, we have no clue what all these look like because no one had seen them except the people of the place it got affected or survivors of these natural disasters. But soon media started giving more attention to them and made people witness some of the tragic insanities of the world in different places. One among those groups is called Storm Chasers.let us know about that the Storm Chasers Salary-Know More.

Storm Chasers Salary-Know More

 Chasing a Storm and recording it is not a norm because it is deadly and unpredictable. Because of the risk factor, a storm chaser can get a heavy paycheck. When there is a storm happening these people go there and make footage of it which is finally processed to send to a news or media company. According to the rarity of the footage, most media company gives a price of $500 per footage.

 Annually, a storm chaser can earn up to an average of $60,000. With that, they can receive almost $2500 as a bonus from the buyers because of the consideration of reporting to them each time. Some people earn more than a hundred thousand dollars every year but the cost of maintaining the lifestyle with this job is very difficult for many.

How do you become a Storm Chaser?

To become a storm chaser, you need to have a degree in Atmospheric science or you can get a degree in Meteorology. If you have prior experience handling a camera or other photography equipment will be helpful. Some people do it just to experience the fun from that, as a hobby. But they can also make money from sources online. 


There are plenty of tools and accessories you have to take from the inventory before you start out. 

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  • Camera
  • Telephoto lens
  • Tripod Stand
  • Live weather station
  • Data transfer access
  • Safety measures and first aid

Many on the list cost a fortune to afford. Something like a telephoto lens would be so expensive for a person who is just starting out or even if you have money to buy these materials you won’t be having much experience in the field to put that into your work.


Most of the money they get has to be spent in terms of cameras, lenses, computers, and all other necessary accessories. The vehicle that is used for transportation can even cost almost six thousand dollars. With that, all the expenses including the accommodation rent, food, and all those for a certain period can cost more than ten thousand dollars.

Now it is much safer for people to do this even as a hobby. But back in the days, it was not the same. They only got one radio signal that made them identify where the location of the happening is. Other than that they don’t have any other information and they try to not be a victim of it.

Television show

 You can find a television show on discovery channel that is titled the same name. it was a tv series that aired in 2007 but got canceled after five years in 2012. It was the determination of two filmmakers Sean Casey and Engineer Tim Samaras that made it run for five seasons. They prepared for the filming with cameras that were advanced at that time to get better content for the show. They used Imax cameras for recording the storms.

Risk Element

Chasing a storm as we hear itself makes everyone intimidated. These people are professionals who have the necessary education in this field of atmospheric science and the aftermaths of it. So they can take the necessary precaution when something does not go well during their job.

 But there are instances where you cannot identify the danger even with science in your hand. Especially for a natural disaster. It can never be predicted, but just from observing it we can survive it but not guaranteed at all. These elements make it harder to believe in science when you have some unexpected encounters.


 Being a storm chaser is a difficult job and a huge responsibility. These people have to literally chase something involuntary in nature and make footage of it. The fact that people do it for fun is a bit scary. But for many, it is a source of income, and they make a fortune out of it at the end of the day. It is a well-paid profession if the job you have done is of high quality for media attention. Several movies feature storm chasers like Twister and Into the storm.


Q. Who is the most famous Storm Chaser?

           Timothy Michael Samaras is one of the creators of the show Storm Chasers on the discovery channel.

Q. Is the Storm Chaser Tv-series still airing?

           No. the show got canceled after five seasons in 2012

Storm Chasers Salary-Know More

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