How Do I Get My JCP Associate Discount Online?

An associate is defined as a companion with the help of whom business is conducted. At JCP, all active employees are considered as associates. They are all partners who help JCP conduct its business dealings with customers. Since they are considered as such, each of them is included into the company’s discount program by issuing them a JCP Associate Discount Card. This card can be used by them or their spouse and children, as and how the terms allow, to make purchases at JCP stores at a discount each time it is swapped. Here is a basic outline of how the discount can be acquired by any JCP associate. let us know about that the How Do I Get My JCP Associate Discount Online?

How Do I Get My JCP Associate Discount Online?

The simplest way to get a JCP associate discount is to first activate the discount card at a JCP kiosk which is a simple process in itself. Once that it done and the activation confirmation received, the next thing is to present the discount card at the POS terminal so the discount can be deducted from the total bill. JCP associate discounts are also available for online purchases where the details for the discount card have to be entered manually by customers. 

JCP Taking Care of its Associates

JCP is a retail store with close to seven hundred (700) stores in the United States and in Puerto Rico. Plus, it sells merchandise over its website where purchases are made online. The company has a huge customer base and also a large workforce. It tries to maintain cordial and friendly relations with its workforce by offering them JCP discount cards which they can swap each time to get a discount on their purchases, whether they purchase in-store or online. This is definitely an effort to instill loyalty and the foundation for long-term service with JCP among its associates. 

How to get the JCP Discount Card?

All active associates of JCP are automatically issued a discount card so there is nothing they have to do on their own. This thing would be taken care of by JCP itself so they only need to wait to receive the card.

How to Activate the JCP Discount Card?

Like ATM cards, JCP discount cards also have to be activated first before they can be swapped to receive discounts on purchases in-store or online. The way to doing this is also very straight-forward as they can be activated at kiosks at the JCP stores by following a simple process and waiting for confirmation of activation. That’s all. The card is now good to use online to make discounted purchases by JCP associates, their spouses and children. 

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How to Get a JCP Discount Online?

Again, JCP offers discounts on all purchases, whether made in-store on online over its website. To get a discount on purchases made online, associates only need to enter the term “JCPenney Associate” in the Special Instructions field in the online purchase form, and they would be good to go. Their discount would be automatically levied and they would be able to purchase the merchandise at a discounted rate than regular customers. 

What to Take Stock of When Purchasing Online?

When trying to get a JCP Associate Discount Online, the associate has to be logged into his JCP account. Also, the associate must ensure that the shipping address for the order placed is an exact match with the name and address given in the kiosk which was used to activate the JCP Associate Discount Card. So basically the shipping name and address in the online account should match the name and address used to make purchases online, right? In case there is a discrepancy, this might stir up some trouble such as the discount being cancelled or the order shipment being delayed. If that happens, the JCP customer helpline must be contacted immediately to sort the issue out seamlessly. 

Spouses and Dependent Children Purchasing Online

Both the spouse as well as the dependent children of a JCP Associate are also eligible for getting a JCP Associate Discount online as they are allowed to use the card themselves to get a discount on purchases made, owing to their relationship with the JCP associate, their husband or father. They can shop all they like, enter the discount terms and they would be able to get the discount. The details from the login account would be authenticated with the JCP database and when matched, the discount would be given out.  

Discount Percentage Online

The discount does not extend to all merchandise but to selected products. The discount is also applicable on intangible services requested from JCP. Also, the percentage of the discount varies from merchandise to services. There is no fixed percentage of discount for all purchases made from JCP. 

Items Where JCP Online Discount is Not Available 

There are certain items where JCP online discount is not available to associates. These include items being sold for charity or those entities which are considered as gift items, furniture items, fitness items and items relating to TV, et cetera. Also, there is no discount available on the shipping charges as they have to be paid in full by the associate. 


So it can be concluded that the process of getting a JCP Discount Online is very simple and straightforward. Neither of it is rocket science, nor is it time or effort consuming. All that needs to be done is activating the card and waiting for the confirmation message. Next, only the terms JCPENNEY ASSCOIATE need to be entered in the field for special instructions for online purchases, and the discount would be received. 


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How Do I Get My JCP Associate Discount Online?

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