Salaries For Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers

Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers are an elite group of healthcare professionals, who are very important in the diagnosis of diseases, and in obtaining scans of fetuses during pregnancies. If you are curious about the salaries these groups of healthcare professionals earn monthly, this article would supply you with that information along with what you need to do to become a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer. According to, diagnostic Cardiac sonography earns between $29 and $46 per hour and between $95,495 and $59,453, depending on the state where you work. Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers earn $37 per hour in San Diego, California. States, where Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers earn the highest salary per month, are the state of New York, followed by New Hampshire and Vermont. While you might want to move to some of these States to earn better, you should factor in the cost of living of the state you want to move to as this would determine how you would fare economically.let us know about that the Salaries For Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers.

Salaries For Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers

Factors affecting the salary of a Diagnostic cardiac sonographer

Salaries for Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers are affected by the following factors:

– Years of practice experience as a diagnostic Cardiac sonographer: Your salary as a diagnostic Cardiac sonographer is determined by how long you have been practicing in the USA. For example, where a beginner diagnostic Cardiac sonographer earns $59,000 per year, a diagnostic Cardiac sonographer who has been practicing for 15 years or more would earn $90,000+.

– Soft skills that are relevant to a Diagnostic Cardiac sonographer: You may not believe this, but certain soft skills can seriously help you earn more than others. Having skills like patient care, communicative skills, rapt attention to detail, etc, can hasten your promotion and increase your salary compared to other Diagnostic Cardiac sonographers.

– Location where you practice: The state where you practice as a diagnostic cardiac sonographer determines how much you would earn per month. For example, a diagnostic cardiac sonographer who works in the city of New York would be paid more than a diagnostic cardiac sonographer who works in a small town in Alabama.

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How to become a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer in the USA?

To become a diagnostic Cardiac sonographer in the USA, there are a few educational routes for you to follow. These routes are:

 Obtain a certificate in Sonography

To become a Sonographer, you can attend a vocational school or a community college to obtain a certificate in Sonography. These sonography certificate programs run for 12-18 months and are composed of both classroom and clinical education. Meaning that you would take some classes in the hospitals.

 Obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Sonography

Obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Sonography is another viable option for you to become a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Sonography gives you an advantage over Sonographers who went to vocational schools and community colleges, as you would be ranked above them, and you would also be paid higher. Like the others, Bachelor’s degree in Sonography programs offers classroom courses and practical courses in the clinics, as well as some general courses. In the Bachelor’s degree program, you can also offer certification courses if you want to focus on a particular specialty.

Obtain a Master’s degree in Sonography

To become a very senior Sonographer or get a management or Professorship role in Sonography, you can also take a Master’s degree in Sonography. But, for you to be eligible to take a Master’s degree in Sonography, you must have completed a Bachelor’s program in Sonography. Before choosing a Master’s degree in Sonography, you should make sure that the program you are about to choose is accredited by the CAAHEP, the regulatory body that ensures that healthcare programs are of high standards and that Sonographers are well trained to be able to safely deliver healthcare services to patients.

Licenses to obtain for you to be able to practice as a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer

There are two licenses to obtain to be able to practice as a Diagnostic Cardiac sonographer, they are:

1. License from the American Registration of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

2. License from the American Registry for Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography(ARDMS).

The ARRT offers two different routes to obtain its sonography certification. And, they are:

1. The primary route, where certificates are given to Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers who have just recently completed a sonography program.

2. The post-primary route, where certificates are given to Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers who are already registered with ARRT and are seeking additional certifications in their quest for career advancement.

As a sonography licensing institution, the ARRT offers certificates in 15 different sonographic specialties. The certificate expires in one year and for you to be able to renew the certificate, you would have to show proof to the ARRT that you are continuously educating yourself.

The ARDMS on the other hand offers five different certificates. For you to obtain these certificates, you would be required to sit for the examinations organized by the ARDMS.

Some states  Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers to obtain certain licenses. These licenses are issued by a government agency, and it signifies that the government in that State has given legal permission to the Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer to carry out diagnostic ultrasound scans on patients. States who have this requirement are New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, and North Dakota).


The salaries you would earn as a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer are very attractive and is worth the sacrifice of having to sit in classrooms for hours receiving lectures and having to prepare for and write examinations both for licensing and certification purposes. As a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer, you would be one of the first points of contact for patients whenever they first come into the hospital for treatment, and you would be involved in all of the remaining stages of treatment. Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography is a good profession, and a high paying one.


1. Are Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers in high demand in the USA?

Yes, Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers are in high demand in the USA. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the rate of increase in the amount of Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers in the country is 14%, very much higher than the national average.

2. Can I become a diagnostic healthcare professional apart from being a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer?

Yes, you can. There are a plethora of options for you to choose from, ranging from diagnostic radiography to mammography, and so on. So, yeah there are opportunities for you in diagnostic medicine.

Salaries For Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers

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