Salary Of A Video Game Developer In The US

Working as a video game developer might sound interesting to those who love playing video games. Yes, if you love video games, whether it involves playing them or making a game yourself, then you are well suited for this job. And every job becomes better if you receive a high remuneration for it. Therefore, the question arises about the average salary or money you’ll receive if you decide to become a video game developer. Let’s learn about ‘Salary Of A Video Game Developer In The US’.

Salary Of A Video Game Developer In The US

Salary Of A Video Game Developer In The US

If we only look at the average, the base salary of a video game developer starts from about $60,000. Once you reach the senior level, your salary can increase up to about $125,000. However, it is only an estimate of the average salary across different companies. 

A person’s salary depends on numerous factors. Therefore, we can’t predict the exact amount of money you might earn. But, if you compare your pros and cons to the factors and conditions that directly affect determining one’s salary, you might get an idea of where you stand. 

Let us take a look at some of these factors: 

Academic Knowledge 

As a video game developer, you must have the required knowledge of computer science and programming. The level of your knowledge has a great effect on deciding your pay. It is not compulsory to have a certified degree in Computer Science or software engineering. But having graduation in one of such courses is a great idea to increase your academic knowledge. Also, it might add a point to your resume. 

Technical skills 

If you only have theoretical knowledge without any practical skills, then even your academic knowledge is a waste. To become a video game developer, you must possess the required technical skills. A developer might not program the game themselves, but they have to oversee and contribute to many tasks that require them to be well versed in programming and coding. The level of your technical skills helps the employer know your worth. And the higher your worth is, the higher your chance to get good pay for your job. 


A company’s size and reputation also have an important role in deciding the salary of any individual. Several big companies offer their employees a big amount of pay to increase their morale. So, once you start looking for jobs as a video game developer, try to find companies that are known to give their employees at least fair pay for their work. 

But, if the company is willing to give you money that seems more than what you deserve, then it means that they expect you to work hard and accordingly to your salary. Also, don’t just apply to a company only because it’s big. Big companies tend to demand employees that have many skills both outside and inside of their work area. Therefore, you should also check if your skills match that demanded by the company. 


As a Video Game Developer, you must possess the skill to manage several tasks, or we can say that you must know how to multitask. The role of a video game developer involves finalizing the design of the game, generating the storyline and concept of the game, designing a game code, etc. They have to work with many different departments or individuals. Also, they have to oversee whether the game is developing according to the designed pace or not. Reviewing the codes and finalizing everything, are all these things required by the game developer. 


The most important skill needed for becoming a video game developer is to possess enough confidence. Game developers have an important role in game designing, they must be confident enough to take on the job. But, how do you show your employer you are confident enough for the job? Firstly, you must make sure that you give your interview confidently. As you must know, the first impression is the last. A confident interviewee also has a high chance of receiving a good salary. 

Apart from your skills the level of job you are looking for or having also decides the amount of salary you will receive.

Levels of a Video Game Developer 

There are three levels of a video game developer. As you might’ve guessed, the salary of a video game developer varies according to the level of your job. 

Beginner Level or Entry level Game Developer

This is the first and lowermost level of a video game developer. It is also the lowest level when it comes to the salary of the individual. As a beginner-level Game Developer, one can receive a salary starting from about $60,000. 

The entry-level or beginner-level game developers mostly consist of high school or college students who need to learn many skills. They are usually in for the experience of the job. Therefore, they aren’t provided with difficult tasks as they’re still observing or learning. Most jobs at the beginner level are for interns and new developers. 

Junior Level Game Developer

It is the second level after the beginner-level game developer. Developers of the Junior level receive a moderate salary that starts from about $86,000. This means it isn’t the highest salary one can receive, but the amount is much better than that of a beginner-level developer. 

As the junior-level developer has already worked in this field, they at least know their role and responsibilities. Therefore, they don’t need the guidance of others and can help themselves to work. Also, being at a junior level means that the person doesn’t have much experience but can be relied on to take on and complete a task.

Senior Level Video Game Developer 

The last and highest level of a game developer is Senior Level. The developers of this level are experienced individuals, and they also have the chance to receive the highest salary one can get as a video game developer. You can receive a salary of $124,000, and this is roughly the average. 

But as the level of the job increases, the level of work and responsibilities also increases. Therefore, the most difficult tasks and assignments are given to Senior level game developers. 

Tips for interviews 

 It doesn’t matter that you’ve passed the interview. The thing that matters is how was your impression during the interview. Therefore, you must know how to make a good impression on the interviewer with your words.

  1. Know your topic
  2. Be specific about what you speak
  3. Don’t take too much time to answer a question. 
  4. Don’t use unnecessary words while speaking.
  5. Make eye contact in case of a face-to-face interview.
  6. Make sure you have the required system if the interview is remote. 
  7.  Make sure to answer some questions of your own in the end. 


The above article consists of all the information you are supposed to know about the pay a game developer tends to get with a different set of skills and the power position that person has in the company. Make sure to enhance your skills according to the pay you want to get.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Is being a Video Game Developer high paying?

We can’t say whether the job is high paying or not as the salary of a video game developer is highly dependent on the experience level of the person. 

  • Is it fun being a Video Game Developer? 

The job being fun depends on the fact that whether you’re interested in this field or not. It can be fun if you like games and challenges. But it is also a very stressful job and requires a hard-working person for the post.

  • How many hours do video game developers work? 

      Approx. 40-45 hours a week. 

  • Do game developers also write codes for the game? 

Game developers are needed to write codes during specific situations. Therefore, they must know how to code.

Salary Of A Video Game Developer In The US

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