Salaries For Travel Nurse- Know More About It

Typically engaged by travel nursing agencies, travel nurses accept jobs throughout the country wherever nurses are required. The overall annual pay for travel nurses can vary greatly because each assignment is unique. The specifics of the compensation package, the location of the assignment, and the nursing specialization are among the variables. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries For Travel Nurse’.

Salaries For Travel Nurse

Salaries For Travel Nurse

The opportunity to work in a new environment while earning above-average hourly pay is provided by travel nursing. These salaries may even be higher than those of other registered nurses (RNs) with equivalent training and experience. The typical travel nurse’s hourly wage is $56.49. Let’s read Salaries For Travel Nurse.

Sort Of Pay Does A Travel Nurse Gets

From 13 to 16 weeks, travel nurses work in specific places for short, frequently preset periods. Although they may work in a variety of settings, including long-term care institutions, physicians’ offices, and hospitals, they have a choice of where they want to work, which helps minimize monotony. Additionally, travel nurses receive beautiful pay that is comparable to the average pay for registered nurses with a BSN (RNs).

A travel nurse gets the following sorts of pay:


Newly qualified travel nurses typically start with a much lower wage of $37.71, but their more seasoned counterparts typically make $82.06. While the availability and need for overtime will vary from one assignment to the next, some of this may involve working overtime hours.

Per 30 days

Travel nurses typically make $9,790 a month, though this amount might change depending on bonuses or hours worked.

Per 365 days

Travel nurses make drastically different salaries on average. With a beginning pay of $78,430 and an increase to $170,680 as they get more experience, they make an average of $117,490 per year. However, aside from experience, the general nature of the assignment is the main impact of the wage differential.

Again, overtime and incentives may be considered. Travel nurses frequently make more money working long overnight shifts at trauma centers than they do working shorter daytime shifts, for instance, in doctors’ offices.

Stipends Traveling nurses must make housing arrangements. Therefore, a stipend for lodging and food expenditures is frequently included in travel nurse remuneration. Companies may choose housing choices for travel nurses or provide housing accommodations. Other businesses might include stipends in hourly compensation or provide them on top of an RNs’ base salary.

Taxes Travel nurses’ taxable income varies. Stipend taxes can be avoided by practitioners who declare a permanent tax residence. Travel nurses must demonstrate that they visit their primary homes at least once every 12 months and that they incur costs to maintain that residence to be eligible to claim it as a tax home. Travel nurses who do not have permanent tax residence are taxed on all income.


Benefits may be included in travel RN pay. However, the majority of temporary jobs do not provide health insurance. Additionally, to qualify for health coverage, travel nurses cannot work for a specific organization for a lengthy period. Other advantages for travel nurses include better income, stipends for living expenses, and potential sign-on incentives. Depending on the tax situation of the RNs, benefits may affect take-home pay.

Instance Pay

When companies require practitioners to work extended hours due to a staffing shortage or unsafe working circumstances, travel nurses might benefit from crisis pay. As an illustration, COVID-19 enhanced the need for travel nurses. Due to the better pay offered by these temporary roles, travel nurse agencies also observed a rise in applicants.

Salary For Various Travel Nurse Positions

The duties performed by each travel nurse vary, and as a result, so does the pay. An LPN travel nurse may earn less than half that, on average, with a salary of $73,800 per year, while travel nurse practitioners are the most paid, with an average annual compensation of $165,420.

TypeHourly WageMonthly SalaryAnnual Salary
Critical Care Travel Nurse$56.52$9,800$117,570
ER Travel Nurse$54.86$9,510$114,110
Home Health Travel Nurse$51.63$8,950$107,400
Hospice Travel Nurse$55.12$9,550$114,640
ICU Travel Nurse$53.77$9,320$111,840
Labor and Delivery Travel Nurse$51.06$8,850$106,200
LPN/LVN Travel Nurse$35.48$6,150$73,800
OR Travel Nurse$58.47$10,130$121,610
Pediatric Travel Nurse$50.04$8,670$104,090
Psychiatric Travel Nurse$51.68$8,960$107,490
RN Travel Nurse$56.49$9,790$117,490
Travel Nurse Practitioner$79.53$13,790$165,420
Travel Nurse Recruiter$41.36$7,170$86,020

Additional Advantages For A Travel Nurse

In addition to the salary previously indicated, travel nurses may also earn a bundle of supplementary benefits that offer value.

Insurance Protection

Health, vision, and dental insurance is typically provided, though travel nurses frequently deduct a portion of their premium payments from their pre-tax wages.

Retirement plans are overwhelmingly one of the most popular retirement perks in the US, and travel nurses frequently have access to them with a sizable employer match.

Tax-Free Travel Reimbursement

Since travel, nurses are required to travel to various locations throughout the state, the nation, and occasionally the world, their employers frequently compensate them for their travel expenses or even pay them a stipend.

Due to the high demand for adaptable travel nurses, several businesses may offer sign-on, completion, and retention bonuses. When you accept an assignment, you are given a sign-on bonus; when the job is finished, you are given a completion bonus; and you may be given a retention incentive to persuade you to accept assignments from a specific organization.

Free Accommodation

Many travel nurses receive free housing, which may include an apartment in their home city as well as housing during lengthy missions.

Free CEUs

Since travel nurses must hold a license before they can work in any of the 50 states, their employers will give them access to free continuing education (CEUs) to make sure they have complied with the requirements for licensure.

States With The Highest And Lowest Pay For Travel Nurses

The pay for travel nurses varies by state and location. Usually, places that need RNs pay more competitively. In reality, the earning potential of travel nurses might be impacted by the popularity of a certain area. Less well-liked areas may pay more, whereas more desirable locations may pay less. Similarly, states with a greater cost of living give higher wages in comparison to the cost of living.

The highest paid states for travel RNs in 2022, according to Vivian’s research, were New Jersey, North Dakota, and Washington. To estimate their earning potential, which may differ by state, practitioners should also take into account the highest-paying specialty. The most popular specialties are included in the section that follows.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Travel Nurse’, Depending on the job assignment, the average travel nurse income varies substantially. These professionals can make between $3,000 and $7,000 per week working an average of 36 hours, depending on their travel location. Travel nurses make little over $3,167 per week, while RNs make just under $39.78 per hour, according to Vivian, a marketplace for healthcare employment, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS). Aspiring travel nurses should be aware that living on the road comes with increased personal costs, thus the wage increase covers lodging costs.

Salaries For Travel Nurse- Know More About It

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