Salaries Of Financial Analyst At Goldman Sachs

A multinational American investment bank and provider of financial services, Goldman Sachs is based in New York City. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries Of Financial Analyst At Goldman Sachs’.

Salaries Of Financial Analyst At Goldman Sachs

One of Wall Street’s oldest and most renowned investment banking organizations, Goldman Sachs was established in 1869. With locations all over the world, Goldman Sachs renders services to a lot of client’s and the government as well. President Clinton appointed Robert Rubin as Treasury Secretary, and President George W. Bush appointed Henry Paulson to the same position. These individuals began their careers as Goldman Sachs analysts, just like many others in the financial industry.

Salaries Of Financial Analyst At Goldman Sachs

The bulk of Goldman Sachs Financial Advisor salaries presently varies between $50,000 (25th percentile) and $109,000 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $137,000 yearly across the United States, with annual salaries as high as $149,500 and as low as $23,000. The wide range of average salaries for Goldman Sachs financial advisors—up to $59,000—indicates that there may be numerous prospects for growth and higher income based on experience, location, and skill level.

Working At Goldman Sachs

A Goldman Sachs analyst will typically begin each day by reviewing the financial news. He needs to look up recent news regarding his clients, the country in which they live, and general economic news. Analysts may spend one morning each week discussing internal Goldman Sachs operations as well as economic and commercial trends in department meetings. Other mornings can be spent performing risk studies with other Goldman Sachs divisions on the monetary stability and business model of their client companies.

What Is An Entry Level Financial Analyst’s Job Description At Goldman Sachs Group Inc?

The Entry Level Financial Analyst offers analytical support for projects that are focused on the future of finance and business. Aiding in the planning, coordinating, and recording of financial analysis tasks. Being an entry-level financial analyst helps with internal account reconciliation and financial forecasts. Helps with forecasting and trend analysis in production, sales, finance, general company circumstances, and other relevant sectors. In addition, a bachelor’s degree is needed for Entry Level Financial Analyst. Usually answers to a manager or supervisor. In a support role, an entry-level financial analyst works on tasks and issues of moderate complexity. Work is carefully controlled. A typical requirement for an entry-level financial analyst is 0–2 years of relevant experience.

Salaries Of Financial Analysts Working At Gold Sachs In the United States

How much money does an Entry Level Financial Analyst make in American businesses like GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC? As of July 26, 2022, the average entry-level financial analyst salary in the United States at businesses like GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC is $67,903, however, the salary range frequently varies from $61,803 to $75,103.

In the US, a Goldman Sachs financial analyst receives an average salary of $79,095. The highest average total salary is earned by Goldman Sachs financial analysts in San Francisco, CA, at $119,413, which is 51% higher than the US average.

How Much Tax Will A Goldman Sachs Financial Analyst Have To Pay?

Goldman Sachs Financial Analysts may anticipate having a take-home salary of $65,755 per year, or roughly $2,740 per paycheck, after deductions at a federal tax rate of 22%.

The Standard Of Living For A Financial Analyst At Goldman Sachs

A Goldman Sachs Financial Analyst’s monthly take-home pay would be approximately $5,480, and at the median 2BR apartment rental price of /month, they would contribute that amount to their rent payment.

Which Are The Top 10 Cities With The Highest Paying Jobs for Goldman Sachs Financial Advisors?

The average income for a Goldman Sachs Financial Advisor position is higher than the national average in 10 cities, according to our research.

San Francisco, CA, is at the top of the list, followed closely by Fremont, CA, and San Jose, CA, which take the second and third spots, respectively. $15,221 (17.5%) more than the national average is achieved in San Jose, California, while another $22,005 (25.3%) more than the $87,041 average is achieved in San Francisco, California. With average incomes in these ten cities exceeding the national average, moving seems to offer the best chance for a Goldman Sachs Financial Advisor to develop financially.

The ideal aspect to employ when weighing location and compensation for a Goldman Sachs Financial Advisor career may be the potential for a cheaper cost of living.

What are the Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in the U.S. Related to Goldman Sachs Financial Advisors?

There are at least five jobs in the Goldman Sachs Financial Advisor job category that pay more annually than the average salary for a Goldman Sachs Financial Advisor, according to our research. Top examples of these positions include Data Engineer at Goldman Sachs and Goldman Sachs Machine Learning

Importantly, the salaries for all of these positions range from $20,716 (23.8%) to $36,038 (41.4%) more than the $87,041 average income for Goldman Sachs financial advisors. If you meet the requirements, you might be able to earn more money than the average Goldman Sachs Financial Advisor position by being hired for one of these similar positions.

In Conclusion

Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries Of Financial Analyst At Goldman Sachs’, In companies like Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the entry-level financial analyst’s basic salary ranges from $61,803 to $75,103, with an average base salary of $67,903. 

Given that few businesses are now hiring, the employment market for Goldman Sachs Financial Advisors is not particularly active in Lagos, Nigeria, or the entire state. The average annual income for a Goldman Sachs Financial Advisor is $81,709, which is $5,332 (or 6%) less than the $87,041 national average. Goldman Sachs Financial Advisor regularly updates  its database of millions of active jobs posted locally across America to determine the most accurate yearly wage range for these positions.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Question 1 What do Goldman Sachs analysts do?

Goldman Sachs analysts mostly research company’s financials. They determine the value of the company and give recommendations

  • Question 2 What is the most that Gold Sachs financial Analyst can make?

The highest a Gold Sachs financial analyst can make is $85,000

Salaries Of Financial Analyst At Goldman Sachs

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