Salaries For Construction Engineering

They are everywhere around us. Our houses, our company buildings, our roads, the walls around us — everywhere you look, there’s construction work. And a construction engineer is behind every single one of these constructions. Construction engineers are the live wire of the civil engineering field. They supervise and ensure the completion of construction projects. But, can you take a wild guess at how much these professionals get paid? Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Construction Engineering’.

Salaries For Construction Engineering

Salaries For Construction Engineering

The average construction engineer in the United States earns as much as $83,250 per year which is a total combination of the base, bonus, profit and other included benefits. Let’s read Salaries For Construction Engineering.

What do construction engineers do?

Asides from wearing hard hats and making grim-faced gestures at labourers, it’s hard to tell what the construction engineer does on an engineering site. However, these experts play paramount roles in the rise and completion of almost every structure seen around us.

The construction engineer has a large stake in building constructions. They supervise, monitor and implement practices to ensure the project’s success. They ensure that project materials and activities match the details of the given plan. They liaise with other stakeholders like the architect, quantity surveyor and consultants to translate drawings into reality. This they do by being on-site and monitoring the daily activities happening on site. They also compile reports on the project, detail progress and keep track of estimations and projections.

In some sites, the construction engineer usually knows about operating the various types of machinery, tools and equipment. They make use of recent CAD software to correct and analyse projects delivered by the architect or consultants.  Their use of software though is limited when compared to the structural engineer.

Construction engineering remains one of the most relevant aspects of engineering since new buildings spring up almost every day, coupled with the advancement in design, concepts and technology.

Specialisations Within The Construction Engineering Field

The term “construction engineering” is a very broad field and can encompass a lot of other smaller subsets. Some of the specialisation within this field of construction includes;

Field Engineer

This branch of construction engineering focuses on construction technologies. They implement technology in construction projects, making sure that the technology necessary to carry out construction is fully functional. The field engineer designs inspect and implement construction technologies for projects.

Sustainability Specialists

These specialists are focused on just promoting sustainability. They integrate the right industry standards, guiding new projects to make sure that they are up to date with required standards. Sustainability specialists are always present on site to monitor practices and regulations being adhered to.

Facilities Manager

This branch of constructing engineering pays attention to large buildings. They manage and control multiple building complexes or large residential buildings. The facility manager controls the budget, maintenance and repair of big construction buildings.

Construction Management Engineer:

These engineers are known for overseeing building projects. They coordinate the physical activities of the construction. Their major focus is on liaising with the architects, plumbers, masons, labour, builders and several other professionals involved in the construction process. The majority of their work is in ensuring the smooth operations of activities and reducing risk to its bearest minimum by enforcing compliance to regulations and industry codes and conducts.

Salary Comparison Of Construction Engineers

In the United States, the base salary for a construction engineer is estimated at $83,200. Which further breaks into $40 per hour.

Generally, the salary structure varies globally. This variation is influenced by a plethora of reasons, some of which include, location, organisation size, skill level and span of experience. In this field of construction engineers, some roles have higher earning potential when compared to others. These roles include Project management, senior civil engineers and engineering managers. The last of the mentioned roles cart a whopping $190,000 on average.

Certain locations favour the construction engineering discipline and these places tend to offer more in salary remuneration. In the United States, the highest paying state is Alaska. Although this is also further influenced by extreme weather conditions and the technicality of successfully implementing engineering projects in areas like this. The pay for a construction professional can go as high as $103,000 at an hourly rate of $50. Similarly, states like Washington, Oregon, California, New York and Carolina have high payments offered to construction engineers. On the lower spectrum of salary when compared among states in the US, places like Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota come in last with pay capped at $59,000.

When compared by industry, it would surprise you to note that Energy and Technology rank higher than the construction industry which is the native domain of the construction engineer. Construction engineers within the energy industry cart over $85,890, which is almost $10,000 more than their counterparts in the construction industry. Some of the companies within this space include Meta, Amd, Weis Builders and Oracle.

In countries around the world, construction takes different forms and the payment structure differs as we travel through each location.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Construction Engineering’, Construction engineering remains one of the most lucrative aspects of civil engineering. With an increase in construction projects due to more people embracing more sustainable materials and the need for expansion, the field is less likely to die out anytime soon. Therefore, anyone looking to venture into this profession can rest assured of a favourable salary and excellent working conditions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is a fair salary for a Construction Engineer?

To ascertain if payment being made is fair, a good method of determining this is by comparing your salary to the overall average of pay for the state being considered. One example of this is for those living in Kentucky, who can look up the pay average for the state, which is $81,200 and compare this with their current pay value.

2. What branch of engineering pays the highest?

Although engineering generally is a highly lucrative industry, almost every branch has beneficial pay to the engineers. Some of the branches of engineering offer significantly higher pay when compared including; Environmental engineering, systems engineering, Big Data engineering and Nuclear engineering.

Salaries For Construction Engineering

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