Salaries For US Army Major- Read More About It

A Major is regarded as a Field Officer with an O-4 paygrade. This military rank roughly corresponds to GS-12 in the General Schedule payscale of the federal government. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries For US Army Major’.

Salaries For US Army Major

Salaries For US Army Major

A Major’s organic income can go up to $8,805.30 monthly with experience-related raises from their starting salary of $5,273.70. Yes, this is the average salary of an army Major in the United States of America. 

The organic payment of the soldiers in the US Army monthly is based on their rank Department of Defence pay grade. Every one to two years, most of the Army pay grades automatically receive pay hikes, with lesser pay grades achieving their maximum pay faster than higher pay grades. Let’s read Salaries For US Army Major.

The field officer: Salaries For US Army Major

The United States Army’s first field officer rank, Major, is above Captain but comes beneath Lieutenant Colonel. Majors often oversee 300 to 1,200 troops battalions like executive or operations officers. Still, they can be in charge of special companies as well as Service Support and Special Operations units or as officers which are staff in high-level command positions.

Before starting their commission, most of the Majors complete a ten-month school at the Command and General Staff School in Kansas.

Major is the 22nd rank in the US Army, just below Lieutenant Colonel and above Captain. Majors are Field Officers at the DoD pay grade O-4, earning a starting salary of $5,274 monthly.

The largest branch: Salaries For US Army Major

Every member of the US Army receives monthly basic pay based on their pay grade and Army rank.

The Army is the most prominent part of the armed forces, and its crucial duty is to combat on the ground. There were around 1,000,000 soldiers in the “Regular Army” in 2016: 475,000 Active Duty, 350,000 Army National Guard, and 200,000 Army Reserve. Infantry, Armor, Field Artillery, Air Defence Artillery, Aviation, Special Forces, Corps of Engineers, Signal Corps, Military Police, Military Intelligence, Adjutant, Finance, Judge Advocate General, Chaplain, Medical, Chemical, and Transportation are just a few of the major communities in the Army. There are significant things that are not mentioned.


All troops are eligible for supplemental payments and allowances, including battle pay, flight pay, and food and housing allowances, among others, in addition to their monthly salary that is organic. Active-duty soldiers, veterans, and even their families are entitled to hundreds of discounts and other perks from various organizations and for-profit businesses like JetBlue, United Airlines, Verizon, and many others, in addition to their payment and allowances.

The responsibilities

In the US Army, majors have commissioned officers. They are given their commission after their nomination by the Secretary of the Army.

Although they can spend some of their time in grade attending graduate school or professional-development schools or courses, all of which are sponsored by the Army for greater service to yield officers who are prepared for greater responsibilities in the future, their crucial purpose is to serve like officers of the staff for battalion or brigade-sized elements (about 800 or 5000 soldiers, respectively).

Major often serves as an executive officer (also called the XO) or the operations officer (also called the S-3) in battalions or brigades.

They were appointed to these posts that are a result of captains of their past experience, staff officers, and platoon leaders while serving as lieutenants, commanders, and staff officers. More precisely, Majors get enabled through these experiences to get a thorough awareness of the requirements of platoons and companies for how battalions and brigades may meet those requirements and support such units in completing their goals.

The allowances

A Major qualifies for a variety of allowances and incentive pay in addition to Basic Pay.

Basic Housing Allowance (BAH)

A deployed military member will receive a monthly payment known as an organic Allowance for Housing. Depending on the basis of their livelihood, individuals receive different amounts of BAH monthly.

The general Housing Allowance for a Major is $2,385.86 with dependents or $2,029.73 without.

Fundamental Allowance for Assistance (BAS)

All Army officers are given a $280.29 monthly stipend for beverages and food.

Officers have access to subsidized meals in the Officers’ Mess. Therefore their BAS is less than that of an enlisted person.

Hazard Pay / Hostile Fire Pay

While serving in an active zone in a conflict or exposed to fire that is hostile as well as other hazards, a Major is eligible to receive a payment for hazards of $225.00 monthly.

The estimation

A Major in the US Army is thought to have an annual salary of $100,393. In our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model, which is based on wages gathered from our customers, this value indicates the median, which is the middle of the range. $100,393 is the expected organic salary annually. The values in the “Most Likely Range” fall between the 25th and the 75th percentile of all the payment information that is available for this role in the current scenario.

How can someone become a Major?

The most common promotion for a Major is from Captain (CPT), though promotions from lower pay grades are possible with enough evidence of leadership and experience. For more information about being promoted to Major, go here.

How do you address a Major in an adequate manner?

When addressing a Major called Mr. Johnson, use the title “Major Johnson” or the abbreviation MAJ Johnson. A Major should always be handled by their total rank in official settings.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For US Army Major’, An entry-level Major with two years or less of experience has an organic salary of $5,273.70 monthly.

Every one to two years, a Major’s organic salary is automatically increased. Only a little portion of a Major’s total income is made up of organic pay.

An Army Major is entitled as well to other bonus payments and allowances, such as the hostile pay for fire and education allowance, in addition to their monthly pay wage. Every one to two years, most of the Army pay grades automatically receive pay hikes, with lesser pay grades achieving their maximum pay faster than higher pay grades.

Being a major brings a lot of responsibilities which in turn justifies the salary they get.

Salaries For US Army Major- Read More About It

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