Shein Headquarters And Locations

Shein is an online e-commerce Chinese fashion retailer founded in 2008 by Chris Xu in Nanjing, China. It had initially started by selling wedding dresses, and eventually, it was known for selling women’s attires under the brand name ‘SheInside.’ Apart from selling clothing for women, Shein also started to expand their business by selling beauty and other products for men and children. The real meaning of “Shein” is ‘Sound of Hope.’ It was initially referred to as ZZKKO. Let us know about that the Shein Headquarters And Locations.

Shein Headquarters And Locations

Where is Shein headquartered?

Shein is headquartered in Nanjing, China, serving all around areas like Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. The parent company of Shein is Nanjing Lingtian Information Technology Co., Ltd, with its subsidiary Chinese e-commerce retailer, ROMWE, acquired in the year 2014. It was the year Shein achieved its goal of becoming a fully integrated retailer in the fashion industry. 

Gradually in the year 2016, Chris Xu ensembled his entire team of about 800 designers to manufacture women’s clothing. Since then, it has had its ups and downs but never failed to satisfy its customers with an advanced supply chain process. Shein maintained its strict policy not to entertain any outside vendors providing low-quality items and products for shipping. 

How did the name arrive? 

In 2015, it was again changed from Sheinside to Shein to have a more straightforward, catchy, and an easy-go name. Even though Shein was not involved in the design and production of the garments, they firmly believed in selling their items to international customers directly via third-party wholesalers. Shein sourced its garments from China’s biggest wholesale market, named Guangzhou. As years passed, the company grew its branches, selling products in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and Russia. Shein also started selling cosmetics, shoes, purses, and other essential accessories. 

The brand uses extensive social media marketing for advertising and offering numerous vouchers and offers for customers and shoppers online. It has a unique strategy of attracting the audience and never fails to cut prices to the right and affordable rate. They always know how to stay updated in order to have the most online traffic of about 2.9 percent.

Why is Shein so hyped up?

For over a decade, Shein has been hyped up real quick. It is known for selling quality materials at an affordable price all over the world, especially for youngsters. Ever since had officially announced that was going to be a part of their fashion sales online, everybody was excited about the latest brand and went crazy over its pretty designs specially made for women. A lot of fashionistas, influencers, famous personalities, brand ambassadors, YouTubers, and tiktokers couldn’t express their joy and excitement to shop online from Shein. 

Shein has always been appealing apparel from which most women and young people shop online. Regardless of the variety of brands put outside on Amazon sale for youngsters to shop, most women preferred shopping from Shein, considering their most affordable and trendy items showcased in a very categorized manner. 

What is the goal of Shein?

The basic code of allowing every person all over the world to access their products at the most affordable price and cherish the fashion beauty on a daily basis was the main target of Shein. They pride themselves on offering great products for women, youngsters, and Gen Z without letting the shoppers have any second thoughts.

Shein usually targets the online consumers (primarily youngsters) who are the most active users to examine and order products through mobile phones and desktops. Due to this, Shein even prioritized itself to being the first brand to acknowledge the consumers’ needs and build mobile applications rather than just having an official website. 

Business Strategy Shein uses 

Shein has strangely evolved through all the controversies specifically because it also caters to the needs and willingness of those from Western areas. If not for Shein, there was the least possibility for women to be able to buy affordable items online or even find any for that matter. As it not only focuses on usual trends, it is highly considered by women wearing hijabs. Shein has had its particular focus on creating and designing items that are modest and subtle according to specific cultures. Many influencers from Western culture have seen Shein pressing on the importance of culture and respect, and that has brought a lot of attention from users. 

In 2021, Shein beat Zara and H&M at its own game, becoming the second-most favourite option considered for online shopping and the fastest-growing firm known worldwide. Shipping all accessible items in over 220 countries, Shein has developed over 7 million active users a month by adding hundreds and thousands of new styles, designs, and products according to its consumers’ choice and wish. 

Why is there a contrary thought on shopping from Shein?

The most common and logical thing to think of while going against Shein would only be the ‘fast fashion. As it has a huge difference and impacts the eco-friendly fashion, many experts do not prefer approving Shein. Even though the products made of fast fashion are stylish, trendy, affordable, and accessible, they are not eco-friendly, they are not outdated or classic and modest, and most likely don’t last long. The most appealing products may also affect the mental health of a youngster who has just begun to strive into the corporate world. 


The world is thriving rapidly, and nonetheless, even if a human works hard and plays hard, fashion shopping can become an addiction if crossed over a certain limit. This makes Shein build contrary thoughts in consumers’ minds. However, Shein has once again paved its way through the fashion industry, beating the most renowned rivalries all over the world. Shein has grouped its brand value by gaining quality web traffic, social marketing, and being one of the popular Chinese brands. Shein is now available everywhere online and in physical stores, making it easier and affordable for people to shop around. You can now shop from official sites online or go to the physical stores in America, Europe, Middle East, and Australia. 

Shein Headquarters And Locations

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