Salaries For The Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer

Diagnostic cardiac sonographers are people who use different equipment such as ultrasound machines, transducers, and laptops to create images of the inside of a patient’s heart for diseases or other diagnoses.  They make precise and accurate 3D images of the heart that further help to detect heart abnormalities or irregular blood flow in patients. They work with the latest medical technologies there are, and try to save lives with great earnings. They are also called echocardiography technologists as they work with many latest technologies and machines. The salaries of a diagnostic cardiac sonographer vary across each state and city like any other health sector career. let us know about that the Salaries For The Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer.

Salaries For The Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer

Salaries offered in different cities 

The average salary offered to a diagnostic cardiac sonographer is $102,482, with an average bonus of $1,609 per annum which represent 2% of their per annum salary. The most amount of money a diagnostic cardiac sonographer earns is in San Francisco with a per annum amount of $153,856. The highest earned by a diagnostic cardiac sonographer earned in the United States is $518,885 and the lowest is $19,539. The majority of diagnostic cardiac sonographer earns $93,375 per annum. If an individual files for tax with an estimated federal tax of 24% taken out, one could expect an amount of $83,596 per annum which equals $3,483 per month.  As per the Bureau of Labor Statics, the average salary of a diagnostic cardiac sonographer is $67,000.

Factors affecting the salary range for the job 

  • Experience is among the most vital factor which determines the salary range for the job. Having prior experience in the field offers one with a higher salary amount compared to the ones with lower experience. One in an entry-level position with an experience of less than a year earns around $63,824 per annum while one with experience of more than 4 years earns an amount of $72,931 per annum. One having experience of more than 7 years earns around $85,993 per annum while one having experience of over 15 years earns an average amount of $97,985 per annum as salary. $113,501 per annum is the salary amount for the ones with an experience of over 20 years in the field. 
  • Location is another vital factor in deciding the salary range for the job. The salary amounts vary as per the various cities and states one works at. One is suggested an amount of $102,166 per annum in Seattle while in Portland one is presented $99,742 per annum as the salary range for the job. Boston presents an amount of $96,876 per annum while in Miami one is offered with an amount of $69,691 per annum. Atlanta and Birmingham present an amount of $67,525 and $67,137 per annum respectively for the same job in the United States. 

Job opportunities 

There is a range of public and private employment opportunities for diagnostic cardiac sonographers. One is searching for employment in hospitals as they are the primary employers. Hospitals lead in the way of hiring and demand as this sector offers the necessary facilities and equipment required by a diagnostic cardiac sonographer. The less common job opportunities are offered by private doctor’s offices, diagnostics imaging centers, and medical clinics as such. Though these are fewer common opportunities that appear they offer a higher salary range for the job of the diagnostic cardiac sonographer. The work hours also differ in both private clinic centers and hospitals. 

Salaries offered to a diagnostic cardiac sonographer in various states 

  • The average salary of a cardiac sonographer salary is $71,899 per annum in the United States. The salary range can vary due to different factors, the highest and lowest it falls is between $135,000 and $38,000 per annum. 
  • States like North Dakota and Connecticut offer a higher pay range for the job of cardiac sonographer with the amount of $46.62 and $48.29 per hour which equals 96,964 and $100,438 per annum respectively. Whereas West Virginia offers $40.41 per hour which equals $84,057 per annum salary amount, and Delaware offers $93,583 per annum salary. 
  • New Hampshire offers $80,407 as per annum salary while California offers $115,291 per annum for the job of a cardiac sonographer. Whereas in Pennsylvania $78,827 is the per annum salary and in New York, $90,339 is the per annum salary amount for the job. New Jersey offers $84,092 per annum salary whereas Washington offers $84,185 per annum salary for a cardiac sonographer. 
  • Rhode Island offers an $88,613 per annum salary while Massachusetts offers an $82,990 per annum salary. Oregon and Michigan presenters $87,696 and $70,548 per annum respectively. Comparatively, Hawaii and Tennessee offer $56,664 and $58,247 respectively for the job of cardiac sonographers. 

The salary range for a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer 

For one to even acquire a position they must have an associate’s degree or completion of an echocardiography certificate program which is an entry-level requirement for one to enter.  With being a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer comes the perk of being able to find a job in other states without a hassle and with flexibility. Being registered increases one’s chances of earning more than being non-registered.

  • An average registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer earned on average an amount of $88,062 per annum, $45.26 per hour. The perks of being a registered are seen when the entry-level positions earn nearly $72,869 whereas experienced people earn $92,791 per annum as a salary for being a diagnostic cardiac sonographer.  
  • The range of pay varies due to different factors among them is the employer. Texas health physicians group offers a $45.80 per hour salary for the job whereas the city of Woodburn in Colton, California offers an amount of $102,169 to $104,894 per annum salary for the job of a registered Diagnostic cardiac sonographer. 

Roles and responsibilities 

Cardiac sonographers work with doctors to assess the patient’s heart condition through detailed images created during an echocardiogram. They have different roles and responsibilities to fulfill as a part of the job. They are supposed to assist physicians in the diagnosis of patients related to their heart conditions. They also have to help with administrative duties which include scheduling appointments and cleaning the equipment. They are supposed to look through the blood flow, valve function, and chamber size to ensure the overall condition of the heart and get through detail. They are responsible to record the data of the patient and their test results very accurately. They also are supposed to perform echocardiogram tests to gain crucial data about the patient’s heart.  


It could be seen as a rapidly growing career option in the field of health sector around the globe. An average salary amount received by a diagnostic cardiac sonographer in the United States is around $77,740, with an entry-level salary of around $38,000 per annum. With the help of additional training and more experience in the field, cardiac sonographers can advance to higher positions in their careers. Many factors affect the salary range of a diagnostic cardiac sonographer such as an employer, education, being registered, years of experience in the field, and location of one’s employment. The places where one could expect a higher salary are Connecticut, New York, California, and North Dakota. 

Salaries For The Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer

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