Salaries For Corporate Wellness Coordinator

The job of corporate wellness coordinators is to develop and implement health and fitness programs within their organization. They make routines that promote a healthy living lifestyle, plans which encourage one to do regular exercise, and also support various other goals that are related to the healthy well-being of the employee. They have the role of overlooking the process and the implementation of such health programs. They work closely with employees and managers to make sure that employees are properly supported by their managers and try to help them find ways to achieve their daily routines. The corporate wellness coordinator has a typical Monday to Friday job with regular hours in an office. Though it may change on certain weekends or a few evenings the wellness coordinator has to attend fitness events. The job could be proved as stressful at times as it is very demanding and the employees for whom the session is designed could resist as they do not wish to change their current lifestyle. let us know about that the Salaries For Corporate Wellness Coordinator.

Salaries For Corporate Wellness Coordinator

The average salary range offered for the job of a corporate wellness coordinator 

The average salary earned by a corporate wellness coordinator is $79,657 per annum in the United States. The most earning wellness coordinator is in Denver with an average salary of $79,675. The pay range of a corporate wellness coordinator varies between $41,810 and $128,210 per annum, with the majority of people earning $76,930 per annum as their salary amount. If an individual fills for tax with an estimated federal tax of 22% taken out one could expect an amount of $66,193 per annum to take home. 

Duties of a wellness coordinator

The duties performed by the corporate wellness coordinator have a wide range. They are responsible for managing a health center for the employees which helps them to provide the very basic health services needed including physicals and flu shots. They are supposed to make programs for employee wellness which include smoking cessation classes, giving flu shots, exercise programs, and health screenings as such. They also prepare counseling session which is conducted on a one-on-one level for the employees who are facing health concerns or related questions. They also prepare health screenings that discuss basic health issues a person can face which include cholesterol and blood glucose tests etc. they also help employees to create a worksite of their progress regarding their health concerns, they prepare workshops and programs for issues such as smoking cessation classes and stress management workshops for the employees.  

Factors affecting the salary range for the job

  • Experience is among the many factors which determine the salary range for a respective job. The more experience one has the more his salary range will increase. Having experience in the field is a boon to earning more money than others with no experience. One in an entry-level position with experience of less than a year earns an amount of $26,000 per annum while one with experience of more than 3 years earns around $31,500 per annum. One having experience of more than 5 years earns an amount f $42,934 per annum while one having experience of more than 7 years earns around $53,500 per annum while ones with experience of more than 10 years earn around 70,000 per annum as the salary amount for the job. 
  • Location is another vital factor affecting the salary range for the job of a corporate wellness coordinator. Various states and cities offer various salary ranges and amounts for the same job. Washington suggests an amount of $39,149 per annum while Oregon suggests a range of $40,585 per annum. Nevada and Utah offer $38,259 and $37,494 per annum respectively for the same job. Colorado suggests an amount of $37,913 per annum while Texas suggests an amount of $36,590 per annum for the job. Oklahoma and Kansas offer an amount of $43,549 and $31,664 per annum respectively for the job of a corporate wellness coordinator in the United States. 
  • Complimentary certificates and Certifications help a person to improve and enhance their skills and display their qualification to their employer. Various organizations present various certificates that could be proved helpful for wellness coordinators and they can pursue them to advance in their careers. One being successful in this job could be further promoted to a higher level of positions in their careers as a manager or even the director of corporate wellness. Further ahead one could even start their own corporate wellness business.


Certain job requirements are being a corporate wellness coordinator. The qualifications required for being a wellness coordinator are at least a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Health, Exercise Physiology, Exercise and Wellness Management, or other related fields. One could also receive an additional nutrition certification or other certification through different programs presented by different colleges etc.  They include training and experience as they are the basic requirements for one to be a wellness coordinator. Companies look for freshly hired corporate wellness coordinators to complete their training program, as these programs last for around four to six weeks in time. Through the training program is taught how to use the software of the company and what role they have to fill, how is one supposed to organize and run the events when the job starts. Certificates do have their importance in this work field and their impact too 

Salaries offered in different cities 

The pay range for the job of a corporate wellness coordinator varies with the location they work at. While Atkinson suggests an amount of $72,011 per annum salary, San Francisco suggests a $71,715 per annum salary for corporate wellness coordinators. Bolinas presents $71,099 per annum comparatively San Jose and Frankston suggest $67,373 and $67,303 as annual salaries respectively for the role of corporate wellness coordinator. Jackson and Diamond Ridge suggest $66,510 and $66,438 respectively as per annum salary for the wellness coordinator. Barnstable town suggests a $65,128 per annum salary while Seattle suggests a $65,106 per annum salary for the job of wellness coordinator. In Columbia, one is offered an amount of $155,020 as an average salary for a wellness coordinator, whereas in Colorado one is presented with $146,890 per annum as a salary. Connecticut suggests $140,240 as a salary amount while Virginia suggests $139,980 for salary. Mississippi suggests $85,790 per annum, whereas Tennessee suggests $81,860 as a salary amount for a wellness coordinator. 

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There are different programs conducted by the wellness coordinator which may include sports tournaments, blood drives, fitness day, lunch and learn even participating in community events. They all demand planning and promotion, it is not an easy job to gather volunteers and put the setup, the wellness coordinator makes sure that the event is on its course and is running smoothly. The salary amount earned by a wellness coordinator is $64,342 in the United States. Typically, the pay scale falls between $55,488 and $73,081 per annum. The range of salary earned by a corporate wellness coordinator could vary because of factors such as educational achievements, complementary skills, certifications, and any prior experience in the field. People earn great compensation in this profession in the United States.

Salaries For Corporate Wellness Coordinator

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