Salaries For Credentialing Specialist 

Credentialing specialist has the job to make sure that the medical staff members maintain their current credentials and other licenses to work legally in their respective fields or specialty. They play a vital role in the credentialing process of health care institutions. The credentialing specialist works with medical staff to inform them of the required steps to maintain their current credentials, and they also monitor upcoming renewal dates of the licenses and credentials of a specialist. let us know about that the Salaries For Credentialing Specialist.

Salaries For Credentialing Specialist

Credentialing could be understood as the process of assessing the academic qualifications and clinical practice records of a healthcare provider, credentialing is a vital process for healthcare institutions and healthcare specialists. Credentialing is checking that the healthcare providers or specialists have the required licenses, certifications, and other titles in good standing to perform their job properly. If one wants to work at some institution such as a hospital their credentials are first checked by the institution, before they could work there. 

Salaries offered for the job of a credentialing specialist 

The average salary amount offered for the job of credentialing specialist is $57,788 per annum in the United States. The highest one makes as a salary is in Los Angeles around $61,250 per annum. The salary range of a credentialing specialist falls between $22,239 to $99,920 per annum. The majority earn around $58,350 per annum. If an individual file for tax, with an estimated federal tax of 22% taken out, one could expect to take $49,135 per annum home which equals $2,047 per month.

The salary range offered by various health organizations 

It is known that the salary range varies due to different factors such as location, employer, years of experience, educational qualification, additional certification, etc. HealthPro Heritage in Maryland offers a $15 per hour salary for credentialing specialists. Ajilon offers $18-$28 per hour for a medical credentialing specialist in Tempe, Arizona. Boston offers $61,801 per annum whereas Portland offers $58,279 per annum. Philadelphia presents $55,771 per annum comparatively Baltimore offers $55,211 per annum for salary. Fort Wayne offers $41,445 per annum and Schaumburg offers $43,881 per annum for the salary of a credentialing specialist. 

Factors affecting the salary range for the job

  • Experience is a vital component among the factors which determine the salary range for any job. One having prior experience in a high field is preferred and earns more than one with no experience or lesser experience. One with an entry-level position with experience of less than a year earns around $28,767 per annum while one with experience of more than 4 years earns $35,379 per annum. One having experience of over 7 years earns an amount of $45,249 per annum while one with experience of more than 15 thanks earns $56,722 per annum. $73,893 per annum is the salary range for one with experience of over 20 years. 
  • Location is another influential factor affecting the salary range of a job. The earnings vary depending on various cities and states. Seattle suggests an amount of $ 54,648 per annum while New Orleans suggests $42,133 per annum as the salary amount. Las Vegas and Indianapolis present an amount of $35,997 and $41,133 per annum respectively for the job. Boston presents an amount of $53,364 per annum whereas New York city suggests $55,803 per annum as the salary amount for the same job in the United States. 

Requirements for being a credentialing specialist 

The basic requirement for being a credentialing specialist is to have and high school diploma or a GED, or either a minimum of 5years of experience directly related to the field. They required an associate’s degree or either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Health Information management. The duration of the associate’s degree is 2years where one learns medical terminology, healthcare procedure, insurance processing, and legal requirements.  One should know about the medical provider credentialing and accreditation principles, policies, processes, procedures, and documentation related to credentialing.  They must also demonstrate advanced working skills in Microsoft word and excel. One could also pursue certification from the National Association of Medical Staff Services after finishing three years of experience in the field. 

Role and responsibilities 

Credentialing specialists work for the healthcare organization making sure that the rules are being followed by the physicians and the healthcare facilities. They need to have essentially good communication skills as it is required often because they stay in contact with different insurance companies related to various changes in the contracts and policies. They are supposed to have a keen eye for details and be efficient in the use of various computer programs. Having exceptional writing skills is required for being credentialing specialist as the job requires the preparation and maintenance of various reports about such credentialing roles as accreditation, membership, and facility privileges having writing skills ease the job by a margin. Credentialing specialists play a very important role as they ensure that the federal and state guidelines are being followed by the healthcare facilities and other medical specialists and also that nurses and medical doctors have the required licenses for them. 

Salaries offered in different states of the United States

The average salary earned by a credentialing specialist is around $40,950 per annum, which is $21per hour. The entry-level position for credentialing specialists earns around $34,332 per annum whereas the experienced specialists earn up to $52,126 per annum. The salary range differs in different states of the United States. 

  • Arkansas offers $50,000 per annum as a salary amount, whereas Rhode Island offers $46,800 per annum. Washington and Connecticut present $46,344 and $45,825 per annum respectively for the job of a credentialing specialist.
  •  California suggests $44,891 per annum compared to south Dakota which offers $44,850 per annum as the salary amount. Colorado and Massachusetts offer $44,850 and $44,528 per annum respectively for the job of a credentialing specialist. Whereas Nebraska and Nevada offer $44,450 and $43,875 per annum respectively. 
  • Illinois suggests an amount of $43,388 per annum, and Minnesota offers $42,900per annum. New Jersey offers $41,925 per annum, and Arizona offers $40,950 per annum. Maryland and Alabama present $39,946 and $39,741 per annum respectively. 
  • Kentucky, Oregon, and Ohio offer an amount of $39,000 for the job of a credentialing specialist. Montana and Tennessee offer $32,902 and $32,077 per annum respectively as the salary amount.  Louisiana offers $28,275 per annum whereas Oklahoma presents $19,500 per annum for the job of a credentialing specialist.


Credentialing could be simplified as the process of verifying a healthcare provider’s qualifications to make sure that they can provide care to patients. The credential process is essential because it could have a serious financial impact if done accurately and promptly. They have the responsibility of conducting primary source verification, also collecting and validating documents to make sure of the accuracy of all credentialing standards. One having credentials could attract new patients and more revenue with it too.  The average salary earned by a credentialing specialist is around $57,788 per annum. The salary range varies due to different factors such as an employer, years of experience on having, location of the job, educational qualification, and additional certificates as such. 

Salaries For Credentialing Specialist 

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