Salaries For Technical Sourcer

A technical source is a very crucial job position in an organization. For instance, Google Company requires such personnel as a technical sourcer to help recruit other essential personnel who are hard to get. A specialized source gets massive amounts since they are part of the HR team working in vital responsibilities in the company’s prosperity. Let us know about that the Salaries For Technical Sourcer.

Salaries For Technical Sourcer

The salaries for technical sourcer are significant since the position in the company forms part of the critical holding job. Take, for example, Google, and such a position receives more than $84,256 every year, which is the median salary. Some proper individuals who are highly qualified get as much as $248K yearly. However, others may tend to get lower amounts as a salary of around $33,530 yearly due to their low level of experience and qualification. 

The number of salaries for technical sourcer will depend on such factors as job experience in terms of years of work, the industry one is working in, and the job location such an individual takes the job. So, in this brief, the salary comparison for technical sourcer will be the main point of discussion. 

Salaries as Per Job Experience in Years

The salary for personnel will always be determined by the number of years of experience for such an individual. Meaning that the more years one works, the more income one will receive at the end of the year. For instance, salaries for technical sourcer have their lowest amounts at $76,206 for a year with entry-level experience. Highly experienced individuals in the same position get around $101,665 per year.  

How many years have you worked as a technical source? What is the salary amount you receive annually? The following are the years of experience and their related salaries. 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

0-3 Years

A technical source’s yearly salary with experience between 0 and 3 years ranges from $33,530 to $88,781. The amounts are composed of base pay and other additional pay and bonuses. At this level, one is considered an entry-level working group and hence gets a lesser salary than those with higher years of work. 

However, depending on the location of work and the company, the amounts could rise to as much as $95K annually. So, it is worthy for one to consider the area they are taking the job. 

4-9 Years

At this level, an average technical sourcer will have a higher experience. So, companies will tend to give higher salary amounts as compensation. Thus, such personnel would expect something like $96,921 as a yearly salary. Also, the amount rises to more than $98,383 annually. 

In some countries, such as the US, a position with experience gets more than $100K as a salary for a year. But, the amount also depends on the state one would take the job. 

10-14 Years

After working for more than ten years, but less than 15 years, one will have a high experience even though not the most experienced. For such level personnel working as technical sourcer gets around $101,378 annually. 

Some companies, such as Aruba Networks and Google, will pay a technical sourcer of less than $146,930 and $145,741 per year. So, the amounts would shift from less to more and vice versa depending on the location of work and the company one is taking the job. 

15+ Years

This level marks the highest experienced individuals in the technical sourcer position. With over 15 years of experience, one gets very high salaries. The average salary one can get at this level is around $107,042 every year. The salary amount could rise to over $150K. Also, some companies pay more than $200K in some countries and companies when one has worked for more than 15 years.  

However, some organizations and companies tend to give a lot of salary for a technical sourcer with such a high experience. For example, such organizations as Coupang and NetApp provide as much as $152,844 and $150,774 per year. 

Salaries as Per Industry of Work

The salary as a technical sourcer also depends on the industry where one works over the years. There are numerous industries one can get to work in. Such enterprises may include insurance, manufacturing, NGO and Nonprofit, real estate, and telecommunication. 


Salaries for technical sourcer working in the insurance industry amount to at least $81,854 per year. For the amount, the base pay stands at $52,173 yearly and other additional compensation. Although, depending on the experience, such a salary could go up to $88K or more in this industry. 


The manufacturing industry is also one of the fields a technical sourcer gets better payments. Averagely, such a profession receives a salary of $76,296 yearly. In addition, other companies in the same industry would give a salary of more than $80K per year. 

NGO and Nonprofit

The NGO and Nonprofit industry is another area where an individual gets salaries of more than $90K every year. For instance, the average amount one can get as a technical sourcer in this industry is $92,269 annually.  

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the big industries. Working in the technical sourcer position in this industry allows one to get a significant value as compensation, with the average salary standing at $80,666 every year. For the more experienced people, the pay may sometimes go up to or more than $130K per year. 


In telecommunication, salaries for technical sourcer positions go for around $70,040 per year. The salary also depends on other factors such as work experience and the company and area of work. Hence, other individuals with higher experience get as much as $123K every year.  


In summary, technical sourcer personnel is an excellent job that helps individuals holding the position get a better ransom. While the average person with such an experience receives around $84,256 yearly, the compensation value could rise to over $150K. Consequently, this document is a good research tool for anyone looking forward to working as a technical sourcer. 


How can a technical sourcer increase their salary?

Increasing the salary as a technical sourcer is easy. First of all, one could prefer to change their employer. Also, getting an advanced education is another way to help gain higher salaries. 

What salary compensation is the most experienced technical sourcer get in the US?

The highest paid technical sourcer in the United States is between $73K and $152K yearly. The amounts rise or fall depending on work location and experience. 

Salaries For Technical Sourcer

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