Salaries For Regulatory Affairs Director

The different positions in organizations have different tasks. The regulatory affairs director has detailed job descriptions, such as managing direct reports and providing mentorship. The responsibilities for the position would change in different countries and regions. Working in such a position would help one get good pay like most big jobs in the corporate business. let us know about that the Salaries For Regulatory Affairs Director.

Salaries For Regulatory Affairs Director

The salaries for regulatory affairs directors differ from one place to another due to such factors as differences in responsibilities and currency value. In the United States, the average salary one can get working as a regulatory affairs director is $193,024 per year. Typically, the amount likely lies between $164,044, the lowest payout, and $223,443 per year, the highest salary payment. In the United Kingdom, the yearly average salary for the same position is 138,162 Euros.

For more information, this scope will provide details regarding the salaries for regulatory affairs directors in the selected areas in the US and UK. Also, it will present the salary comparison depending on the qualifications, which may be educational or experience levels.

Salaries Depending On the Level of Education

The salaries for regulatory affairs directors are dependent on the level of education. The more one has higher education qualifications, the more their salary value. For instance, let us look at the following educational levels. 

Associates Degree

Working as a regulatory affairs director with an associate’s degree would help one get salaries averaging around $186,536 yearly in the US. An associate’s degree is a lesser level of education; hence, an individual holding the title with such a level gets less salary. In the UK, the salary for the same position and educational qualification is around 182K Euros per year. 

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Bachelors’ Degree

Bachelor’s degree is a median education level qualification. Personnel working in regulatory affairs director with such a qualification get a better salary. The salary payment is $188,699 in the United States. However, the amount is less than the median pay for the average salary in the same position but is slightly higher than with a lower education level. 

Masters’ Degree

A Masters’s degree is a bit higher education attain. The level will help one secure more salary payouts than having a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. With such a level, working as a regulatory affairs director will help you get as high as $190,024 every year. Even though the amount is lower than the average of $193,024, it could rise to over $200K annually, as per the work location. 

Ph.D., MD, JD, or Equivalent

These educational qualifications set the highest limit one can attain in education. Having such qualifications and working in the position of regulatory affairs director guarantees one the highest salary income every year. For instance, a regulatory affairs director with a Ph.D. certificate in the United States forms an average salary of $193,024 annually. Moreover, depending on the state one works in, such individuals get even higher, more than $223K per year. 

Salaries Depending On the Experience over the Years

Besides the educational qualification, salaries for regulatory affairs director depends on the years one will have worked. More years in the same position means more experience and hence better payments. The following are the ranges of years dictating one’s experience.  

1-4 Years

As entry personnel in the regulatory affairs director position, one must work for around 1 to 4 years. The range of payments one would expect with such an experience is between $183,508, the average amount one can receive, and $184,373, the highest one can get for a year. However, the amounts could shift to either lower or higher as one move to a different work location. In the UK, one can get around 138,162 pounds, around $189K for a year. 

5-6 Years

In the next level of experience, one should have worked for at least five years. With such a level, individuals get higher salaries than those with lower working years. So, these individuals get around $185,671 yearly. Also, such an amount would shift depending on where one gets to work typically. 

7-10 Years

After working between 7 and 10 years, one gets a lot of experience. So, individuals falling under this category tend to receive even higher salary payments than those with low working years. Such personnel gets around $187,834 to $189K every year.  

11-19 Years

Some individuals might have worked for more than ten years but less than 20 years. These individuals would get high salaries of more than $190K per year. Also, at this level, others end up with an average salary of $193,024 or even higher for a year. 

20+ Years

With more than 20 years working in the position of regulatory affairs director, one is considered highly experienced. Such personnel gets very high payments. Their payments surpass the average of $193,024 to around $223,433, the highest salary ever recorded. In the United Kingdom, such people would get as high as 157,146 Pounds, giving $215,803 per year. 


The salaries of regulatory affairs directors are dependent on certain factors. Such factors include location, educational qualification, and the number of years of one’s experience. For instance, with an associate’s degree, such personnel gets as low as $186,536 annually in the US or only 182K Euros in the UK. However, as one gets a higher level education qualification, let’s say a Ph.D. or an MBA, such a director would get as much as $223K every year. 

Moreover, the years one gets to work as a regulatory affairs director also narrates the range of salary payments. Those who have fewer years of experience get a lower salary of up to $183,508 a year, while others with more years of experience get as much as $223,433 for a year. 


How much salary can one receive as a regulatory affairs director?

The salary one gets for the position depends on the responsibilities and the location one works in at the moment. However the case, the average salary is $146256 annually. The lowest amount one can expect in the same position is $95K per year, while the highest salary stands at $194K for the year. 

How much salary does a regulatory affairs director get while working in Canada?

In Canada, the position receives good pay depending on the organization and city where one takes the job. Although, if we take the salary’s value on average nationally, one will get CA$83,304 every year. 

Salaries For Regulatory Affairs Director

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