Salaries For Substitute Teacher

“Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges”- Joyce Meyer. A teacher (educator) is a person who provides, imparts his/her learning and nurtures the children with education and good morale. The education of a teacher reflects in the education of the students. Let us know What are the ‘Salaries For Substitute Teacher’.

Salaries For Substitute Teacher

Salaries For Substitute Teacher

A Substitute teacher is one whose main function is similar to that of a teacher but he/she is appointed and comes into action when the primary (usual) teacher is not available to teach. A substitute teacher is hired by an organization when a temporary vacancy is created due to the absence of the host teacher due to some unforeseeable reasons. For example, the Sickness of the teacher, pregnancy (maternity leave), the teacher leaving the job on short notice and many other reasons. 

Substitute teachers are also called “emergency teachers”. In America, teachers can work in multiple organizations. Because they are just required to fill the vacancy of the regular teacher. In this way, it is legal for a substitute teacher to work in more than one school in a day. Teaching students is a work of responsibility and it is to be done with precision and caution. 

Since these are the building ages of a child no school would like to compromise on their education. Therefore, it is mandatory for every substitute teacher teaching the main subjects to have the requisite degrees (college degree, diploma degree, teaching experience and qualifications etc). However, some teachers don’t need to have a degree in the core subjects such as Sports substitute, Vocal (music) teachers etc. 

The Salaries Offered For Substitute Teachers in the USA

Teaching is a very versatile career option with a wide range of roles and departments. One teacher might be an expert in teaching science, while the other might have extensive knowledge of literature. Hence, the facts and figures are just rough calculations of the salary of substitute teachers. The real values might vary from person to person and place to place. The data provided are based on estimates and averages.

Many factors contribute to the framing of the salary of substitute teachers in America which have been discussed in the later sections of the article. The base salary that is given to a substitute teacher accounts for $120 per day.

As per facts and figures the average salaries of substitute teachers often fluctuate between $80.99-$202 per day. Furthermore, factors such as the area of work (geographical area), qualifications, experience, ability to handle students and behavior towards teachers and staff are some factors that may affect the remuneration level of a substitute teacher.

Taking into account the geographical locations and how it affects the salary of a substitute teacher we made the following findings:

  • Los Angeles in America is the state which offers the highest per-day salary to a substitute teacher. They offer $174 per day. 
  • New York City grabs the second position and lays off $164 per day. 
  • Phoenix lays off $155 per day. 

These are among the top three recruits in the USA who offer quite good pay daily. 

‘School professionals’ give the highest remuneration in comparison to any other schools in America. They offer $1,192 per day. 

Overall, the average salary levels can vary depending on the job delegated and other related factors. A substitute teacher however is not a regularly paid one. They are not salaried; they are offered an honorarium for their contribution to the organizations. It is interesting to note that a guest lecturer and a substitute teacher are given an honorarium for the services they render to the organization. 

Factors Affecting The Salary Level Of The Substitute Teachers

Various factors can affect the salary level of substitute teachers. Some of them are mentioned as follows: 

  • Location: One of the very first factors affecting the salary of substitute teachers is the location of work. As mentioned above the top three states in America do offer a greater sum of money than the other states. 
  • Experience: Since teaching involves interacting and imparting your learnings to the students the experience level of a teacher is of great importance and value. An experienced teacher is more likely to nurture the students in a better way than one who is new to the field. 
  • Educational Qualifications: A person applying to be a substitute teacher is supposed to have all the requisite educational qualifications and it is one of the factors that help in the determination of the salary. For example, a Doctorate (PhD) level teacher fetches a salary that is remarkably more than that of any other teacher. The educational qualifications certify the suitability of a teacher and his teaching. 
  • Tenacity to work: The tenacity (patients, willpower) of a teacher to work is yet another factor that helps in the determination of the salary level of the substitute teachers.  

What Can Be Done To Improve The Salaries Of Substitute Teachers?

Following are some suggestions that might help in increasing the salary level of a substitute teacher:

  • Working in multiple organizations: A substitute teacher in America is not bound to work in just one school or organization. He/she might choose to work in other schools of the same district/state to increase the salary of substitute teachers. 
  • Bond with the children: Teachers that have a good connection with the children are more likely to prosper in their careers because, at the end of the day, the work they do is to impart skills and knowledge to the children. If the children do not connect with the teachers they won’t find any interest in the class. 
  • Innovation over theory: The ability of a teacher to teach boring theories innovatively and interactively is one of the most interesting skills of a teacher. These might help in the increase of remuneration of the teachers because they will get greater feedback from the parents of those children.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Substitute Teacher’, A single teacher can improve the literacy rate of a country significantly. Teachers are those who shape the future of budding children. The right proportion of love and strictness can make a teacher great. The salary level of a substitute teacher is decent and can be improved by adding furthermore skills and years of experience. A substitute teacher can make a good decent lifestyle out of the earnings. 

Teaching is not just a career but a passion and a love for children. So people that are looking for job opportunities and have a passion for teaching can consider the job of a substitute teacher. 

Salaries For Substitute Teacher

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