How Many Job Rejections Are Normal?

Almost every person’s dream is to get a job on the first attempt. Whenever a person is applying for any job, it is natural that they want that job without making any effort. Got the research and saw that people are rejected on the applications. Only a few people are lucky enough to get their jobs on their first attempt. A person must keep in mind that he is not 100% sure he will get the job on the first attempt. Let us know ‘How Many Job Rejections Are Normal?’.

How Many Job Rejections Are Normal?

A lot of reasons become the cause of the job being rejected by the company for a person. Job rejections are normal. It’s not necessary to get the job on the first attempt. Job rejection for males is less as compared to females.

How Many Job Rejections Are Normal?

According to a survey about 6 to 10 job rejections are normal. People on an average basis apply for 15 to 18 jobs and get 6 to 8 rejections. If you are rejected by a company about 6 or 7 times you must apply again for the job. People assume that to be rejected from the job is an insult. You have to keep in mind that when you are rejected for any job, you get better opportunities in the future. About 8 rejections for a job are normal. You must try to figure out your issues and effectively apply for the job in the next attempt.

Rejection of job at first attempt

The survey has seen that about 60% of the workers who apply for the job on the first attempt are rejected by the company. So you have to remember why it happened and don’t lose your heart at the first attempt. You have to keep in mind that many reasons cause the loss of a job by a person in his first attempt.

Normal job rejection rate

You should be allowed if you are applying for any job and repeatedly get rejections from the company. This is because you must remember that on an average basis, whenever a job is set for a person, there are a lot of applicants. So the company has to select a few of them. About 10% of job applications are accepted. When applying for any job, you should not keep in mind that you will get the job in the first step.

 It is normal that if any company rejects you five to six times, it is not an issue. Because whenever any company rejects you, you get the experience of how to work and manage the points. And so, it is normal to get rejected by a company, and you must know how to maintain things and do better in the future.

Job rejection rate in woman

It is seen that the rejection rate of the job is more in the female as compared to the male. This survey has shown that females need to be more engaged in their working skills. They can do better, but they think they cannot do this. This thought caused the rejection of the jobs. 

If a female is discouraged at the second or third attempt, they fairly lose expectancy and do not try their best to do better in the future. All these points become the cause of the rejection of a job, which is caused by the failure of a person. A rejection at the second or third attempt is considered to be normal.

Job Rejection on the sixth attempt

If a company rejects you on the sixth attempt, remember it is your starting point. It would help to learn the issues you were being rejected for and how many people are now. So you have to keep this point as a learning area and select this point to gain a lot of benefits in your life.

 When you make this point, this will become the cause that your rejection rate will become less, and you will get a good job in the future.

Difference between normal job rejection and people’s assumption

It is quite seen that people assume that they are not able to do a respective job. When a person has been rejected on the second or third attempt, they feel that their skills do not meet the job’s requirements. When people do these things, it becomes the cause of their failure.

 So you must be very serious about your work and keep in mind that rejection at eight to ten attempts is not a big issue. When you are rejected, you will get an area where you can get much better than on the first attempt, you must be very clear about your patience.

Lose expectancy

It is seen that whenever a person faces an issue or rejection from any job they lose hope. About 64% of the people stop searching for the next job because they feel they cannot do the job when they are rejected for the second or third time. 


Concluding the discussion mentioned above, it is necessary to remember that the rejection of the job is a common point. You may always get the job on the first attempt. You must remember that you must repeatedly try to get a respective job, and rejection on the 5th to 6th attempt is very common. You have to keep a learning area in your mind and learn from the issues in your job. When you adopt such a fee, you will surely get benefits.

  • What is the job rejection rate in females?

The rejection of the job at the first attempt for the female is quite low, but this rejection rate increases at the second or third attempt.

  • How can you manage all these issues?

You can manage the issue of the rejection of the job by having a full firm belief in yourself. You must repeatedly try to get the respective job and not lose hope at any cost.

How Many Job Rejections Are Normal?

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