Salaries For Staffing Coordinator – Know More!


A staffing coordinator’s job is to devise and implement strategies for staffing needs. This includes assisting with hiring, arranging work plans, evaluating employee performance, and generating daily staffing reports. Other responsibilities include these as well. Let us know about the salaries for Staffing Coordinator and the standards for Knowledge and Training for the Staffing Coordinator in this article.

Salaries For Staffing Coordinator

Salaries for Staffing Coordinator

In the US, staffing coordinators earn a median annual salary of $44,302, or $21.3/hr. The lowest-paid 10% of staffing coordinators earn around $31,000 annually, while the highest-paid 10% earn over $61,000. Salaries for staffing coordinator vary depending on location.

Job description for a Staffing Coordinator

A Scheduling Coordinator or Staffing Coordinator manages the time and effort put into scheduling employees. Employees in this role are responsible for coming up with staffing solutions, putting them into action, and staying in compliance with business policies and relevant industry standards.

Duties of a Staffing Coordinator

To be successful in this role, a staffing coordinator needs to be able to build rapport with both internal and external stakeholders. Hiring, onboarding, and other human resources practices are all things they should be familiar with. The mission is to maintain a positive and supportive working environment for all employees while meeting the company’s staffing needs at all times. Human resources are organized and managed by staffing coordinators. They devise and implement staffing solutions to ensure that the firm or company complies with all applicable laws and internal policies. Staffing needs must be determined, timetables must be made, and job ads must be posted with employment agencies.


  • Manage the company’s employees and daily operations.
  • Collaborate with staffing firms to speed up the process of filling open positions. Contribute to the procedures of candidate screening and employment selection.
  • Help new hires with administrative tasks, including moving and filling out paperwork.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of training and orientation programs
  • Assign workers to shifts and jobs, and create schedules.
  • Managing your time and requests for time off is your duty.
  • Adjust employee salary in coordination with payroll.
  • Always follow all applicable rules and regulations, including those created internally and those imposed from without.
  • Create and submit paperwork about staffing activities

Qualifications and skills

  • Proven track record in a staffing coordinator role in a related field; familiarity with developing and implementing HR strategies for onboarding, hiring, etc.
  • Extensive familiarity with employment and immigration rules, relocation policies, visa requirements, etc.
  • Competence in understanding staffing regulations, guidelines, and best practices
  • Superb abilities in administration and leadership.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal talents.
  • Trustworthy and discreet.
  • A valid certification and a bachelor’s degree in human resources or a similar field are required as qualifications.

Expected salaries for a Staffing Coordinator

The median hourly wage for a Staffing Coordinator is $14.94. Company, sector, location, qualifications, and duties can all have an impact on one’s take-home pay.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Standards for Knowledge and Training for the Staffing Coordinator

To be considered for the position of Staffing Coordinator, applicants must hold a degree in human resources or a closely related subject. Unless the job entails a range of responsibilities related to human resources, some employers do not require any previous working experience. Those with suitable professional credentials or previous work experience have a better chance of finding employment. Candidates will have a solid understanding of the standards that are typically followed within the industry to ensure regulatory compliance.

In-house training is typically based on how new Staffing Coordinators are made familiar with the company’s internal staff programs and procedures. These candidates have the potential to get to top positions in the field of human resources, such as HR Managers, given sufficient experience as well as an advanced degree or other certification. The suitable candidate would have a strong command of the required skills as well as a solid comprehensive approach to the various writing styles. They must pay close attention to detail, be professional communicators, and make sound decisions. This helps them to evaluate candidates’ credentials fairly and act as a go-between for disputants.

Staffing Coordinator Experience Requirements

A Staffing Coordinator’s experience will include actually being a hirer. They are very versed in crafting alluring job descriptions, publishing adverts on recruitment sites, and reviewing resumes to select the most qualified people for interviews. Ideal candidates have experience in screening applicants, keeping records, protecting employee information, and enforcing compliance with labor laws. They have great social skills, an ear for detail, and an intuitive feel for judging candidates’ reactions in an interview setting. Staffing Coordinators will be confident in front of an audience and know how to use various forms of digital technology to engage and educate trainees.

How can you identify a competent Staffing Coordinator?

In order to do their work effectively, Staffing Coordinators require specific education and experience. There are a lot of commonalities among highly effective Staffing Coordinators.

  • To be successful in this role, you’ll need strong organizational abilities since a Staffing Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to guarantee that all hires are made in accordance with business policy and applicable laws.
  • Excellent communicators and great staffing coordinators are a must-have. In this role, they’ll advise upper management, personnel, and job-seekers on how to optimize the organization’s human resources.
  • Some Staffing Coordinators work directly with potential workers during the recruiting and hiring process. Staffing Coordinators benefit greatly from team players who are able to foster positive working relationships.
  • A Staffing Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to find creative solutions to staffing issues by recruiting top talent for open positions or reorganizing existing teams to better fulfill the business’s goals.

Tips for evaluating a Staffing Coordinator’s Application

It is important for Hiring Managers to see that candidates for the Staffing Coordinator position have the mandatory abilities and relevant work experience and accomplishments represented on their CV. Look for these elements in Staffing Coordinator resumes:

Working with People: Candidates for the position of Staffing Coordinator must possess experience in all or at least some areas of the recruiting and hiring process.

Data analysis: Strong Staffing Coordinator candidates should have the skill to analyze data to directly staff the firm. Look for resumes that include numbers to get a better grasp of the applicant’s worth to previous employers.

Leadership: Staffing Coordinators are in a leadership role in that they make staffing and hiring selections on behalf of the firm. You should have some experience in leading others.


Staffing coordinators are an integral part of the human resources department of companies across all sectors. When it comes to hiring, training, and orienting new employees, these specialists collaborate closely with other members of the human resources department. Their pay varies from one geographic area to the next. The average compensation for a staffing coordinator with 1-3 years of experience is $47,162. Meanwhile, a senior staffing coordinator with an experience of 8 or more years can expect an average income of $80,016 annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which Type of Staffing Coordinator Earns the Most?

The highest salary is reserved for the senior technical recruiter position. The average income of a senior technical recruiter was $88,314.

2.What Is the Bare Minimum Salary for a Staffing Coordinator?

The minimum wage for a Staffing Coordinator is around $13.30 per hour.

3.Who Is a Staffing Specialist?

Staffing and recruitment professionals oversee the organization’s hiring processes.

Salaries For Staffing Coordinator – Know More!

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