Salaries For Pharmacist Informatics


Technological improvements in the world today have brought about the need for specialized roles, and health care, and medication management is not exempted from these innovative solutions. Improvement of clinical care demands pharmacists’ informatics. Pharmacy informatics is a subdivision of health informatics, they are knowledgeable in clinical pharmacy practice, clinical information and drug distribution systems, and pharmacotherapy. Let us know about the salaries for Pharmacist Informatics and pharmacist informatics high salary paying cities are given in this article.

Salaries For Pharmacist Informatics

Salaries for Pharmacist Informatics

The Salaries of pharmacist informatics on average range from $103,085 to $154,627, with an average salary of $128,856. The expected yearly compensation for an informatics pharmacist in the United States is $157,283, with an average wage of $119,992. These numbers represent the median or middle of the ranges using our proprietary Total Pay Estimate algorithm, which is based on user-submitted wage information. The anticipated annual compensation increase is $37,291. Additional pay may take the form of cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit sharing. All of the salary data that is currently available for this role falls between the 25th and the 75th percentile, with the numbers in the “Most Likely Range” falling in that range.

This table below shows the salaries of pharmacist informatics in some cities

S/NCity Average salary per yearLowest salary per yearHighest salary per year
1North Las Vegas$79,356$21,124$134,725
2Oceanside CA$138,400$118,398$163,108
3United States of America$104,461$92,361$115,833
5Murrieta CA$139,670$119,485$164,606
6Temecula CA$137,744$117,837$162,336
7Escondido CA$137,433$117,571$161,969
8New York$162,408$129,926$194,889
9Fontana CA$137,003$117,203$161,462
10Chandler az$142,595$134,353$151,882
11Boston MA$122,387$97,910$146,864
12Minneapolis MN$156,533$125,226$187,840

Pharmacist informatics high salary paying cities

  1. New York City with an average salary of $162,408
  2. Minneapolis MN with an Average salary of $156,533
  3. Apple Valley with an average salary of $135,845
  4. Las Vegas with an average salary of $130,817
  5. Fontana CA with an average salary of $137,003
  6. Ontario with an average salary of $136,798
  7. Victorville CA with an average salary of $135,898
  8. Rancho Cucamonga with an Average salary of $136,333
  9. San Bernardino with an average salary of $136,432 Role of pharmacist informatics

Throughout the clinical knowledge life cycle, pharmacy informatics plays a crucial role in supporting and supervising the fundamental procedures underlying the supply of information and knowledge. This position entails clinical information and knowledge generation, application of clinical information and knowledge, delivery of the information, as well as knowledge asset management. Oversee the creation of clinical information, Data entry, drug dispensing, and upkeep of computer systems in pharmacies or other healthcare facilities are all responsibilities of pharmacy informatics.

Requirements for a pharmacist informatics


This is the intellectual understanding of your field of profession, the technicalities involved, and the work ethic. Having the necessary qualifications is the first requirement of any career.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Experience of a pharmacist

The experience of the normal workflow of a pharmacist is important for pharmacist informatics and it adds value to you as you take up the role. Training in a residential program or working as a clinical pharmacist first is an added advantage because there’s no point in understanding pharmaceutical technology and not knowing how to apply it to medications to bring the expected results.


pharmacist informatics needs to adapt easily and fast to changes in technology, and regulatory affairs, some years back health sectors and organizations are running around to get an enterprise electronic health records (EHR) with computerized provider order entry (CPOE), clinical decision support (CDS), and B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA) technologies. Some years later it was radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, IV workflow software, automated dispensing cabinets, and more started to be the new normal. Now, there are new great advances like blockchain, Virtual reality, data science, and even artificial intelligence. Because these evolutionary changes will have an impact on people’s health and how your healthcare organization delivers care, you will be working with them as an informatics pharmacist. If so, you will have to exercise flexibility to avoid falling behind.

Time management

It is expedient for every pharmacist informatics to be able to manage their time as well as multitask. The episode in between projects, breaks or fixes, reporting, requests, and other tasks will always show up on daily basis therefore, you will need a strong ability to multitask and meet deadlines in your role as pharmacist information. For example, you can have enhancement requests that you will work through, an enormous amount of projects you need to complete, and some requests which could include creating new rules and having your routine break/fixes that you need to address as they come along. Troubleshooting CPOE ( computerized provider order entry) or order set issues, writing complicated report queries, attending interdepartmental meetings, working on the systems development life cycle, third-party applications integrated with the health care sector, and so on


Pharmacist informatics plays an important role in the health sector, using sophisticated technological advances for data collection, drug dispensation, administration, organization, and pharmacotherapy. The salary range in different cities differs from one place to another, some higher and some lower, thus is a result of experience, the standard of living, location, skills, and competition. The top cities that pay high salaries per hour for this profession are Colombia with $65 per hour, Alaska with $65 per hour, Massachusetts with $63 per hour, California with $65 per hour, and New Jersey paying $64 per hour. The salary or paycheck is dependent on your work schedule which could be hourly, weekly, biweekly, monthly, semimonthly, and yearly.

Frequently asked question

1.Is pharmacist informatics necessary?

Regardless of the context, pharmacy practitioners will undoubtedly need to acquire fundamental informatics knowledge and skills.

2.What is the smallest pharmacist informatics salary in the United States?

The smallest salary for pharmacist informatics is $73,130

3.What is the highest pharmacist informatics salary in the United States?

The highest salary for pharmacist informatics is $188,380

4.What is the function of computerized provider order entry?

This is a technology through which medicine, lab, and radiology orders are entered and sent by healthcare practitioners like pharmacist informatics via a computer application as opposed to a paper record, fax, or phone call.

Salaries For Pharmacist Informatics

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