Salaries For Software Consultant

A software consultant is a professional in software systems and advisor who receives payment for imparting their expertise to others. Software consultants are knowledgeable about a broad range of computer languages and software applications. Most of these experts have experience in information technology, and some of them have even changed their fields from software development or engineering to advisory. Let us know about the ‘Salaries For Software Consultant’.

Salaries For Software Consultant

The required knowledge is frequently offered by software consultants, who can assist businesses in making crucial choices regarding their online presence and digital technology. Software consultants are employed by businesses to safeguard their investments and boost sales because software decisions frequently affect ecommerce.

Salary of a Software Consultant

The average annual salary for software consultants in the United States is $88,605, or $42.6 per hour. The bottom 10% of that spectrum, or software consultants, earn about $68,000 year, while the highest 10% earn $115,000 annually. Software consultants earn an average yearly pay of $83,042. Software consultants that work for consulting firms are compensated with benefits and a steady wage.

Depending on how much contract work they obtain, consultants who operate as independent contractors may earn a range of salaries. The pay for a software consultant is influenced by both location and employer; New York, California, Washington, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are the states where software consultants make the highest money.

States with the highest salaries for software consultants

A software consultant can earn an average salary up to $88,605 annually. $42.6 hourly; however there are loads of other opportunities available for software consultants through which they can make more money. Consider making $109,435 annually in San Francisco, California. Other locations with high incomes include Washington, DC, Jersey City, NJ, and New York, NY. The greatest option for those in entry-level positions is to relocate to San Francisco, California, where the beginning wage is typically $79,000. Meanwhile, the lowest pay rates are available in Kansas, South Carolina, and Montana.

The top 5 states with their average salary offered to software consultant are mentioned below – 

Rhode Island first in the list offering an average Salary of $95,077 with hourly rate of $45.71. it is followed by Washington D.C. with an average salary of $ 99,800 and $47.98 hourly rate. Then come the New York City with an average salary of $106,433 and offering the hourly rate of $51.17. Next comes the Delaware with an average salary of $96,090 and $46.20 the hourly rate. At last comes the Massachusetts offering an average salary of $97,357 and $46.81 the hourly rate. These are the software consultant’s average salary offered by the highest paying states. 

Salary of software consultant according to the percentile 

The 90 percentile of the software consultants are offered an average salary of $115,000 annually and $9,583 monthly, which is a quiet good amount of money one makes while living in US. Other 75 percentile of software consultants earn an average salary of around $101,000 annually and monthly they make around $8,417. The average salary of the same is $88,605 and monthly they earn around $7,384.  Next 25 percentile of software consultants earn an average salary of $77,000 annually and $6,417 monthly. Last but not the least 10 percentile of the software consultants earns an average salary of $68,000 annually and $5,667 monthly.

Companies paying the highest pay to the software consultants

Let us discuss about the top 5 paying companies and their average annual salary and hourly pay. Toping the list is the Silver Peak Company with an average salary of $120,563 annually and $57.96 offered hourly. Next in the line is the CompuData Company with an average annual salary of $116,578 and $56.05 hourly. Then comes the Insurance Incorporated with an average salary of $109,286 and hourly pay of $52.54.  THE Allied Solutions company offers an average annual salary of $108,785 and $52.30 is offered hourly. Lastly comes the Embarcadero Technologies with an average salary of $107,898 and $51.87 as the hourly salary. 

Salary earned by Software Consultants in different industries

Salary levels for software consultants might differ by industry. As a matter of fact, our research reveals that the manufacturing, technology, and health care sectors frequently pay their software consultants significantly more. As an illustration, in the health care sector, software consultants earn a staggering average compensation of $95,230. In contrast, professionals in this field in the manufacturing and technology sectors earn $93,783 and $91,518, respectively. The professional sector, which pays an average income of $85,615, may not be the best choice for software consultants.

The software consultant must pay taxes

A single filer in this tax band is expected to pay an average federal tax rate of 24% in 2018. Software Consultants may anticipate having an annual take-home pay of $79,167 after deductions at a federal tax rate of 24%, with each paycheck amounting to about $3,299 in total.


For those who enjoy learning new things and are enthusiastic about resolving organizational issues, becoming a software consultant is a wonderful career choice. As you can see, becoming a software consultant is easier to get started with than you might expect. Just remember that if you are qualified and have a solid grasp of the industry, it can be your dream position.

Salaries For Software Consultant

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