How Much Does Olive Garden Pay? – Complete Guide

Italian-American food is the specialty of the Olive Garden restaurant brand in the United States. It is a branch of the Florida-based firm Darden Restaurants, Inc., which has its headquarters in Orange County. Of parent company Darden’s $6.9 billion revenue as of 2012, $3.8 billion came from Olive Garden restaurants. The business will have over 900 restaurants open around the world as of February 13, 2022. Let us know ‘How Much Does Olive Garden Pay?’.

How Much Does Olive Garden Pay?

How Much Does Olive Garden Pay?

Canada is divided into eight different regions. “Good Moments, Wonderful Salad, Olive Garden” was the initial catchphrase of Olive Garden. When they promoted endless salad as their key selling point, this was exploited. New restaurant decor and a new logo for Olive Garden were unveiled on July 9, 2014. There were also lower lunch portions and the advent of online ordering. 

Starting Salary

Olive garden not offer less than $11 per hour to any of the employee irrespective of the state or the position they are working under. However the minimum salary varies from every state to state. In today’s time the federal minimum wage offered is around $7.25 per hour. However even for the members of the staff olive garden pays much more than $7.25. Some states even offer lower wage than this and some even offer much higher salaries. Whether you are working a full- or part-time schedule will also affect how much you receive.

Raise given by Olive Garden 

Large raises for the employees is not a trend that is followed by the olive garden, however they are not even very bad as well. Employee earns or the company gives a raise of few cents per hour, this raise happens only once a year. For instance a employee working at olive garden earns $11.40 every hour, 1% or 2% raise in $11.40 would be equals to 0.228. Which means that this raise would mean only a raise of 0.228 cents per hour. 

How often payment is made by Olive Garden? 

Working at Olive Garden will help you to maintain your cash flow. The majority of businesses pay their staff weekly. While paying servers and bartenders once a week, some restaurants compensate their kitchen employees monthly. Monday marks the start of the Olive Garden pay cycle.

Then it finishes on Sunday following the restaurant’s closing. The week following the pay period’s conclusion, on Friday, employees are paid. Because of the friendly atmosphere at work and the fact that it is well-known across America for its affordable Italian food, Olive Garden is a pretty wonderful place to work. One can earn a respectable sum of money in any position, and it is also renowned for its well-paying wage.

Positions offered at Olive Garden along with its salary 

Olive garden offers different positions and according to it they pay. As the salaries differ according to the positions or the role played by the employee. Below are mentioned the positions offered, what role they play and what is their salary:- 

Restaurant Managers

They take care of everything, from schedules to serving to payroll. When an extra set of hands is required, they occasionally even have to run inside the kitchen. A manager needs to be an outstanding leader. They must also always maintain composure and clarity of thought. Also, they must have outstanding people skills in order to cope with challenging clients.

Salary made by the Restaurant Manager

Manager is the one who looks after every department. Manager is the one under whom other departments work’s. Manager is not paid hourly, but earns about $53,527 annually. The managers working at Olive Garden even receives a bonus every year of around $500 to $3000. The amount of bonus depends on the performance of the duty of the manager, the well the manager performs the duty, the more bonus they can expect. 


The staff of Olive Garden greets guests as they arrive and finds them a table. They also offer meals, taking into account whether any children’s menus or high chairs are needed. To prevent the servers from being overloaded by too many tables at once, they must adhere to the rotation.

Salary made by the hosts working in the Olive Garden 

Olive Garden servers typically make $11.85 per hour. Although some establishments might offer a tip-out programme, they rarely get tips. But, this is up to the restaurant manager’s choice, so it’s not something that should be taken for granted.


Bartenders are responsible for two tasks. At the beginning, they carry out the drink orders placed by the restaurant’s servers. The clients who decide to sit at the bar as opposed to a table are likewise under their care.

Money made by the bartenders working in Olive Garden 

Most front-of-the-house staff members make a little less than bartenders do. An hourly wage of $15.85 is what they are aiming at. This could increase or decrease, though, based on tips, much like with servers.

To-go Specialists

Experts in taking orders to go will take them over the phone or in person. After that, they set the meal out and pack it with the proper utensils and napkins. Not least of all, they have to make sure that the order gets to the proper person. This position calls for an organized mind. Also, you have excellent listening and customer service skills. They also need to have the ability to respond rapidly under pressure and keep their composure.

Money made by To-go specialist working in Olive Garden 

To-go specialists can anticipate earning $12.15 per hour on average. If you work a full-time 40-hour week, that comes out to $25,272 per year. Workers do have the ability to increase their earnings slightly through gratuities, but regrettably, some patrons feel there is no obligation to do so when ordering takeaway.

Final Thoughts

Olive Garden pay has obligations to its employees, just like any other company. The parent firm of Olive Garden, Darden, complies with all wage laws at the state and national levels. The state or city where the employer is located is frequently a factor in wages. Contrary to California, Texas does not levy a state income tax. There are both state and local taxes in New York. Given the higher local and state taxes in these places, incomes are greater, but the difference is offset by higher living expenses. Working at Olive Garden may be a wonderful experience. There is opportunity to make some very good money here, depending on the position.

How Much Does Olive Garden Pay? – Complete Guide

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