Salaries For Service Desk Technician Tier

The Service Desk Technicians support internal IT and non-IT staff members and clients with hardware, software, and networking issues. They solve problems independently and in collaboration with a team of experts. The installation of every computer and mobile device is done by technicians, who also test out new hardware and software. Technicians must possess the skills necessary to communicate effectively with non-IT staff members inside and outside and be knowledgeable and capable of making quick decisions. Therefore, they manage these challenges on their own.let us know about that the Salaries For Service Desk Technician Tier.

Salaries For Service Desk Technician Tier

Salary for service desk technician, tier 2

  • A service desk technician tier 2 creates solutions for any computer-related issues and puts them into practice, fixing issues as they arise. Additionally, they inform clients of their tickets’ progress or requests and ensure that any client complaints are addressed. 
  • The service desk technician is the only person the client can speak with regarding technical support. They create relevant support materials to assist all users in quickly troubleshooting all of their problems. 
  • Service desk technicians can expect to make between $15.70 and $20.51 per hour. In the United States, their pay rate varies from $35,453 to $86,369 annually. 

Salary for a service desk technician tier 2 in the United States

The pay for service desk technicians tier 2 in the United States ranges from $30,950 to $78,460, with a median wage of $48,620. Between $53,620 and $84,260 is the middle 75% pay range for Tier 2 Service Desk Technicians.

Highest pay rate in the United States

The highest pay rate for a tier 2 service desk technician in the US is $85,000 annually, earned by the most experienced workers.

Lowest pay rate in the United States

As the lowest pay rate for a service desk technician tier 2 in the US, the starting salary for entry-level positions in this field was $34,927. 

Salary for the service desk technician tier 2 in other areas

  1. In California, service desk technicians in Tier 2 earn an average yearly wage of $51,327 ($26.59 per hour). The highest-paid employees earn up to $71,178 annually, with entry-level salaries beginning at $39,983.
  2. In Massachusetts, the average tier 2 service desk technician salary is $53,985 per year or $31.74 per hour. The average yearly wage for most experienced workers is $78,158, with the starting salary at $51.36.
  3. In Mississippi, a tier 2 service desk technician typically makes $49,025 annually or $28,20 per hour. Most experienced employees can expect to earn up to $53,100 annually, with entry-level salaries beginning at $32,197.
  4. A New Jersey tier 2 service desk technician makes an average yearly pay of $47,500, or $24.36 per hour. Entry-level salaries start at $32,175 annually, while most seasoned professionals earn up to $60,000.

Training required as a service desk technician tier 2

  • Service desk technicians tier 2 require knowledge of computer technology, soft skills like communication, and a grasp of the value of providing excellent customer service.
  • Tier 2 IT service desk staff members should act as brand extensions as they typically serve as clients’ first point of contact for technological problems. If callers have a negative experience with the operator who answers their calls, they may switch brands.
  • The front desk staff should be kind, competent, and capable of explaining circumstances, offering essential information, and offering ideas.
  • A service desk technician tier 2 must be knowledgeable about operating systems, computer networks, mobile devices, and apps. 

Service desk technician, tier 2 responsibilities

  • Tier 2 service desk employees handle simple computer, application, system, device, access, or performance issues and respond to end-user support questions via phone, email, or chat.  
  • An agent working at the tier 2 service desk escalates problems to the appropriate groups or levels.
  • Incidents are recorded using technology or service desk procedures.
  • Tier 2 desk technicians are on hand to advise users on best practices, protocols, and ways to handle and resolve problems, as well as the required documentation.
  • Utilizes a solutions database or product information to conduct research, identify problems, and offer fixes.

Experience needed for the service desk technician tier 2

  • They can create user profiles, upgrade software and hardware, and reset passwords.
  • An associate’s degree, perhaps, may be required. Candidates should master or have mastered a particular subject.
  • Every service level is satisfied with response times and quality standards.
  • Tier 2 service desk technicians may apply with additional specialized training and certification if they have more experience than the typical 1-3 years in their field.

Tax payment for Service Desk Technician Tier 2

An individual filing in this tax bracket in 2019 would pay approximately 26% of federal taxes on average. After deducting a 26% federal tax rate, service desk technicians in tier 2 can expect to make $45,747 per year or $2,289 per paycheck.

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice


The sole point of contact for any organization is a technician, who responds to user requests for issues via email, phone, or in-person. They are responsible for finding and evaluating difficulties to aid PC, laptop, and mobile phone end users. Technicians work various hours to keep a company or organization running smoothly. They must be able to manage many jobs at once and multitask. You must gain more experience if you want to work in this field. You should be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of this position.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What exactly does a Tier 2 service desk technician do?

  1. When Tier 1 staff members cannot resolve a customer issue, it is escalated to Tier 2. With the knowledge and abilities to handle more complicated customer issues, Tier 2 employees frequently use remote control technology.

Q. What role does the service desk play?

  1. It’s critical to identify and classify problems and issues. 
  • Support with problem identification. 
  • Create categories for reported questions, note them, and then offer solutions.  
  • Users should be given guidance on how to proceed; follow problems all the way through.

Q. What exactly does a service desk technician do?

  1. The IT Service Desk Technician is the client’s only point of contact for technical support. Every piece of computing hardware that a user uses, including copiers, printers, and scanners, is installed, tested, inspected, repaired, maintained, and upgraded by the user to ensure proper operation.
Salaries For Service Desk Technician Tier

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