Salaries for Dental Hygienist Assistant

Toothache is considered among the most painful pains. Whenever such pain occurs, we instantly rush to get it relieved and consult a dentist. One always wants to get a hygienic treatment for rapid recovery. Dental hygienist assistants are in high demand these days due to increasing tooth problems. Let us know about the salaries for dental hygienist assistant.

Salaries for Dental Hygienist Assistant

Dental hygienist assistants deal with patients’ dental cleanliness and take their proper oral exams. They do all their work taking hygienic factors into strict consideration. Being a dental hygienic assistant implies another level of an assistant who works in a dental office to prepare rooms for patients’ treatments.

The salary range for the dental hygienist assistant is from $17,037 to $451,161. The average salary paid to dental hygienist analysts is $89,918. The highest paid salary can top $100,200 annually.  The lowest paid salary for dental hygienist assistants in the United States is 24,623 per year. Certain factors affect the salary packages of such dental hygienic assistants like education, location, and experience. Moreover, this varying salary can be increased by working on skills and strategies. All such details will be discussed below in detail.

Dental Hygienic Assistant:

Dental hygienists are employed by dentists for cleaning the teeth of the patients. They are responsible for conducting oral exams of the patients and taking X-rays. However, a hygienic assistant, which is another level of assistant, is a person who assists in the working of a dental office.

 It is the dental hygienic assistant who prepares the rooms for the treatment of patients, develops X-ray films, and, if needed, also performs some other tasks of a dental office in case the dentist or the hygienist is busy or absent. Dental hygiene assistants are usually hired by the dentists when additional assistance is required.

State Certification :

There are different rules for different states. Though certification can lead you to a higher salary package and more responsibilities, many states do not demand certification for dental hygiene assistants. However, The Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) of the US offers certification to hygiene assistants that are recognized in 37 states. 

Salary Range

In the US, the salary range of a dental hygienist assistant is from $17,037 to $451,161 the maiden salary is $82,414. The salary range of the middle 57% of Dental Hygienist assistants is $82,418-$204,932. 

Average Salary

The salary offered to dental hygiene assistants varies from state to state however, on an average basis, a dental hygiene assistant in the US can earn $89,918 annually. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary offered to hygiene assistants in 2019 was $41,180/ $19.80 per hour. 

The base salaries for dental hygienist assistants calculated by different website sources are as follows:


Factors affecting salary:

Among the few factors upon which the salary of a dental hygienist assistant depends, location and experience are the most important ones.

  • Location

Your salary may vary depending on the place you are working. The area of large metropolitan ensures a high salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the following average salaries being offered in different states.

  • San Francisco = $84,100
  • Salt Lake City = $60,710
  • New Orleans = $57,125
  • Houston = $60,284
  • Washington = $80,941
  • Experience

Years of working experience directly affect the amount of salary offered to dental hygienist assistants. The more years of work experience, the more the salary. The National Compensation Survey and the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the following variations in salary:

  • Entry level (< 1 year)

A dental hygienist assistant who has an experience of less than one year is estimated to get a salary of $50,384 annually. Being a beginner, it still is a good amount of salary to be paid.

  • Early level (1-4 years) 

Those dental hygienist assistants who are at the early level of their professional services are usually getting a salary of $58,449 per year in the US. 

  • Midcareer (5-9 years)

Dental hygienist assistants who are in the middle years of their career with a job experience of 5-9 years are the ones who are getting a salary of $68,378 yearly.

  • Experienced (10-19 years) 

When any professional having an experience of 10 to 19 years in his job service is seen to be quite stable it is because of his handsome salary. An experienced dental hygienist assistant has a salary of $78,667 annually.

  • Late career (20+ years) 

Dental hygienist assistants who are in their late careers and have work experience of 20 years or above are considered highly professionals. Such experienced people are usually receiving a salary of $92,218 every year.

Ways to increase your dental hygienist assistant salary

As the salary varies depending on certain factors, however, the following factors can give a boost to your salary. These are as follows:

Strengthening one’s skillset

Working on the below-mentioned in-demand skills for the job of dental hygienist assistant can help in increasing your salary. 

  • Patient Education

It involves teaching patients the significance of proper oral hygiene habits and making them realize the importance of regular visits.

  • Instrument sterilization

It involves cleaning and sterilizing the dental instruments properly.

  • Control of infection

It demands proper knowledge and understanding of preventing infection in the office and among other patients.

  • Charting

It involves the remembrance of the patient’s medical history, treatment plans, and also dental charting.

 Enlarging your network

By growing the professional network, a dental hygienist assistant can increase his salary.  he should try to connect with many other dental professionals so that he can learn about incoming opportunities and make his mark there. One can ask for an increased salary when on a new job.

 Regular feedbacks

One of the effective means of improving your salary is seeking feedback from your supervisor on regular basis. This will help you identify your weaker areas and by working on them you can excel in those too impressing your supervisor thus forcing him to increase your salary.


Dental hygienist assistants are offered a reasonable salary which may vary depending on some factors. Work experience and the state in which you are working determine your salary as a dental hygienist assistant. Nevertheless, a salary increase can be seen by working on your skills, strategies, wise decisions, and weaknesses.

  • Do dental hygienist assistants need to pay the tax?

Yes, they are to pay 24% of their salary as tax.

  • What dental path does one need to follow to become a dental hygienist assistant?

One needs an associate degree in dental hygiene and a state license. 

Salaries for Dental Hygienist Assistant

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