Salaries For Professional Land Surveyors

A land survey is something common daily. Making land survey requires special people with such experience and skills. Such experts are the land surveyors. Land surveyors require some amounts to take the course of the work professionally. Such people get a monthly or yearly salary, depending on the billing cycle. let us know about that the Salaries For Professional Land Surveyors.

Salaries For Professional Land Surveyors

Professional land surveyors get a lot of cash in salaries for their job specifications. For instance, the average professional for the job gets at least $62,290 per year while working in the United States. This amount can be around Rs. 3, 09,824 annually in India. The salary payout makes the job an essential career for most people. Also, the salary could go up to $10 149 per year with just a year of surveyor professionalism. 

If you are willing to take a job as a land surveyor, it would be advisable to make a perfect selection of the area. The salary income may make a difference in the value depending on where one is. So, this document will scope the favorite regions, especially in the US, where the salary is big. 

Salary Category as Per Year of Professionalism

Professional land surveyors receive salary value depending on their level of experience. Like in general, there are three main types of levels, which is entry-level, mid-level, and senior level. Entry-level surveyors receive less salary than senior experts. For more details, check the below scope;  

Entry Level Experts

A professional land surveyor at the entry level may have between 3 to 5 years in the career. Salary per year ranges between $39.7K to around $50.3K in the US. So, a land survey is one of the valuable jobs worth taking in such areas as the states of America. Besides being just a job, it is a unique career to carry out for a lifetime. 

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Mid Level Experts

Mid experts are professionals as land surveyors with a higher ranking than entry-level experts. At this level, the individuals get a lot more salaries than their entry-level colleagues. For example, a job at Jefferson County helps one get up to $42.91 per hour as a mid-expert. The amount would be around $110K every year. Such a salary is essential for those living in highly costly areas around the globe. 

In addition, to become a mid-level expert in the land surveyor profession, one would have to work for around 6 to 9 years. Also, other credentials are always a must for a successful working career.  

Senior Level Experts

The topmost career level in land surveying is the senior level. After working for more than ten years, one becomes a senior expert in land surveying. Individuals in this category receive the highest pay per hour or year generally. In the States, such companies as the Hardhat Workforce Solutions and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority pay a lot of salary for their senior professional land surveyor, with up to $198,188 and $141,081 per year.

Senior experts enjoy the most payments. Also, it requires passing through other levels before becoming a senior expert. Such amounts for senior level could rise or vary depending on the work area. Therefore, one should find the best region to become a senior professional land surveyor as per the salary gain. 

Professional Land surveyor in Australia

In Australia, surveying has a very high ranking. Some cities pay a lot of salary for professional land surveyors. For example, by examining some cities such as Perth, WA, Dubbo, NSW, Illawarra NSW, and a company such as NES Fircroft, we can tell how huge the salary payouts in dollars are around Australia.

Perth WA

From the reports, an average professional land surveyor in Perth, WA, Australia, gets a yearly salary of around $133,402. Such a salary is a lot compared to most other places where they have high paying income for the same career. Also, depending on the experience level, the salary value would change around the city. 

Dubbo NSW

Dubbo NSW in Australia is another city where land surveying is one job that has a high rank. In this city, an individual has the potential to get at least $108,699 every year. Dubbo NSW stands second after Perth WA as the high paying salary for land surveying ranking per city. So, while in Australia, getting such a job position in Dubbo NSW would be a chance worth taking. 

Illawarra NSW

In Illawarra NSW, the average professional land surveyor has the opportunity to get at least a $104,198 salary per year. Also, in this city, one would have the chance to get a lot of salary for the experience in land surveying. 

NES Fircroft

NES Fircroft is one of Australia’s best and favorite companies that hires professional land surveyors. Are you willing to work as a professional land surveyor at NES Fircroft? At NES Fircroft, one would expect a salary of at least $74,151 yearly. The company has other overtime salary categories, increasing the salary net.


A land survey is one career that assists our communities. The professionals in this career get a lot of cash to improve and accomplish the task, including land surveys. So, land surveying pays differently depending on the level of expertise and the region of employment. For instance, professionals get higher salaries in US cities than elsewhere. 

However, other regions pay even higher in some cities, such as Australia. Hence, those taking the professional land survey should consider the best area to help them earn more for their experiences.


How much is the salary for an average land surveyor in China?

In China, land surveyors get a median salary of around 12,500 CNY per month. This narrates to others getting higher than the amount while others get even lower. So, depending on experience and area of practice, one can get more or less than 12,500 CNY as a monthly salary.

What is the average salary for professional land surveyors in India?

For mid-career personnel, India pays at least Rs. 491,318 as compensation. The amount is for an individual with around 5 to 9 years of experience. 

Salaries For Professional Land Surveyors

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