Salaries For Product Manager

Product management is a term that has garnered popularity in recent times with the rise in the adoption of digital products and software companies. A product manager is someone who considers the development of a project, monitoring the release, addition of features, and several other functional requirements of the product. They represent the customers, ensuring that releases and products meet specific needs and necessities specified by the customers. Although a fairly new space in the industry, has it ever crossed your mind to wonder how much these specialists make as salaries?  let us know about that the Salaries For Product Manager.

Salaries For Product Manager

Salaries For A Product Manager 

According to reputable firms and salary sites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and Payscale, the average salary of a product manager ranges from $55,000 to about $220,000. This salary figure is influenced by factors such as industry expertise, experience, geographical location, and the size of the individual firm.

These figures are a huge increase and large leaps from their previous values last year, an indication that the demand and awareness of product management continue to increase across the job space.

 What do product managers do?

 Clearly defined as a strategic role, product management is defined as the role required to drive the strategic growth of any company. Product managers define the what, why, and when of products. They drive the direction of product delivery. Product managers define product visions, roadmaps, and plans, or the implementation strategy of the laid down visions.  

The product manager is at the centre of communication between the various stakeholders and team members present in the developmental process of a product. They ensure that there is alignment with the vision of the production. The product manager role is a diverse one and involves the interpolation of tonnes of skill sets.

The path to becoming a product manager isn’t a straight one. Hence, it is usually a requirement that one has foundational knowledge from areas such as finance, engineering, or business areas, as these various sectors represent the day-to-day interactions and bulk of the jurisdiction of the product manager’s role. As this role evolves, the majority of what is considered the primary duty of the product manager is centred on; prioritizing consumer or customer satisfaction. This is making sure that the customer has total value for the product used. And secondly, business success. The profitability of the company or organisation is the counter arm of focus of the product manager in any space.

Salary Comparison Of Product Managers Around The World

One major factor that influences the salary of a product manager is location. Different areas have different price allocations for this role. In this space, we look at the different salary ranges for product managers in different locations.

Comparative, salary range based on location is usually influenced by conditions such as demand and cost of living. Areas, where the demand for Product managers is high, will reflect this in their willingness to pay more to retain one. For example, high-tech concentrated areas like Silicon Valley, in comparison with areas like Manhattan, will see a higher salary range for product managers than in the latter.

In the United States, product managers earn on average, about $90,000. However, individual states display varying prices. According to reports from the reputable salary site, Indeed, the highest state will go for, $109,000 which is San Francisco, while low-end states will pay $93,000 in Dallas. Meanwhile, areas like Chicago, Denver, and Seattle, will see a price range between $100,000 and $94,000.

In the United Kingdom, the average salary for a proud t manager is about £53,000. However, as we explore individual cities and states, the disparity between each state becomes obvious. With Dublin offering almost £78,000 and Belfast at the far end with just £50,000.

Countries around the world also offer varying salary caps for product managers. A notable country is Switzerland, which offers around €170,000. Meanwhile, Spain offers the list of countries surveyed, just around €43,000.

On the African continent, countries like Nigeria pay as high as $12,000 yearly, which is significantly higher than the national income. While down south in South Africa, the salary of a product manager can go as high as $36,000.

As we journey from country to country, the earnings of these professionals vary. However, location is just one of the many factors influencing these hefty sums. Several other factors exist that contribute to the amount that would be given to product managers as salaries. 

Salary Range for Product Managers Based on Industries

One huge benefit of the product management profession is the ability to function in multiple industries. And, as these industries grow, the need and demand for product managers will increase. The following paragraphs note the difference in the amount that product managers earn across different industries.

Technology, being the most demanding industry, offers the most to product managers. A product manager in the technology industry can earn up to about $116,000. Other industries growing to the need and demand for product managers are the aviation and aerospace industries. Both industries require a high-level combination of activities and organisation of departments, people, and products. The average salary price for product managers in both industries is an average of $105,000.


Product management remains one of the best-paying jobs currently in the market. The value and increase in demand continue to propel the usefulness of the profession. However, beyond the money and pay, product managers are known to find fulfilment in watching as ideas transform into reality. This transformation of concepts into valuable products also makes product management one of the most rewarding career paths.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the global estimate that can be made as a product manager?


Globally, the average salary expectations of product managers can range from $58,000 to over $220,000.

2. What does it take to become a product manager?


The product management role is a non-traditional role requiring more skills than a degree to attain. However, a base degree in either engineering, business, or computer science is usually accepted at entry levels into this space.

Salaries For Product Manager

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