Salaries Of Network Engineer

The job of a network engineer is to deal with network systems, their implementation, and design. They work on the network infrastructure to manage the data storage of customers. Some similar roles are network technicians and network security specialists. let us know about that the Salaries Of Network Engineer.

Salaries Of Network Engineer

The salaries of network engineers are determined after taking important factors like education and experience into consideration. The stats indeed show that the salary of a network engineer ranges from $49K to $132K. The average salary of a network engineer is estimated to be around $87K. If they are working overtime, there is additional pay. There are bonuses and promotions too that differ from employee to employee.

Skills requirements for network engineers:


It is an important task for network engineers to find out the problem and then solve it.


Network engineers should know about different types of networks like WAN (Wireless Access Network), LAN (Local Access Network), and others. They should also know their implementation.

Programming Languages:

A network engineer should have hands on programming languages such as Python, Ruby, and Perl.

IoT (Internet of things):

This technique is important to ensure data security.

Firewalls and security:

Network security is very important and to maintain the end-to-end encrypted transfer of data, this skill is important for network engineers.

Soft Skills required for Network Engineers:

  • Communication.
  • Collaboration and group work
  • Presentation Skills.

Salary of Entry-level Network engineers:

The salary of an entry-level network engineer is comparatively lower than those at higher levels. The average salary of entry-level engineers is around $58K. The entry-level engineers usually have no experience or experience of 1-2 years.

Salary of Junior-level Network engineers:

A network engineer with an experience of 3-4 years is considered junior level. The salary of junior-level network engineers is $82K.

Salary of Senior Network Engineer:

A network engineer having an experience of 5 or more years in the domain is considered a senior network engineer.  The average salary of a senior-level engineer is estimated to be $96K. This amount may increase depending on the number of years served in the industry.

Salary of Network engineers:

According to Cities

These are the top 5 cities where network engineers enjoy quite a handsome pay.

  1. New York: The annual pay for a network engineer is more than $117K.
  2. Washington, DC: Network engineers here earn around $106K.
  3. Raleigh, NC: This city stands at the third number where network engineers are paid around $105K.
  4. Miami: In Miami, a network engineer’s annual pay is $105K.
  5. Dallas: In Dallas, the annual pay of a network engineer is $97K.
  6. According to Companies:

These are the following companies where network engineers are paid highly.

  1. Visa: $280K yearly
  2. Meta: $207K yearly
  3. BayInfotech: $194K yearly
  4. UCLA Health: $181K yearly
  5. Vectrus: $171K yearly

Factors corresponding to the salary of network engineer:


As mentioned above as well, the position and salary are also dependent on the degree of the person. A person holding a master’s or higher degree has more chances of being promoted than an employee with only a bachelor’s.


Some extra skills and certifications polish your overall presentation at any firm. An internship or any certification will prove to be helpful.


Experience determines the professionalism of a person and is the most important factor in determining the salary of a person not only as a data engineer but for any profession.


Different places, cities, and countries have different demands and scopes for the fields. It is important to select that place or country where data engineering is wider in scope.


Different companies have different criteria for the wages of employees. Big companies like Meta and Visa pay highly.

Salary of professions related to Network engineers:

  • Network Operation Technician: $67K per year
  • Network Support Analyst: $92K per year
  • Technical Systems Engineer: $101K per year
  • Network Support Technician: $47K per year
  • Network Consultant: $93K per year
  • Technical Support Engineer: $82K per year

Network Engineers in different sectors:

The sector where network engineers are paid quite effectively is the professional and technology industry. The government sector has the lowest pay for network engineers.

  • Professional: $90,507
  • Technology: $90,153
  • Finance: $88,628
  • Telecommunication: $88,467
  • Healthcare: $85,971
  • Manufacturing: $85,530
  • Government: $81,741

Employee benefits for Network Engineers:

  • Employee discounts
  • Insurance: Health, disability, dental, and vision
  • Employee Assistance programs
  • Parental leaves (paid leaves)
  • Retirement plan

Trends in the salary of network engineers:

  • It has been observed that there has been a rapid increase in the average salary of network engineers. In 2013, network engineers were paid around $68K and by 2022 the average salary of network engineers has risen to $83K.
  • It is also a fact that the salary of network engineers increases as their level increases.


There is a need for network engineers in several fields and that makes them one of the in-demand professionals. The network engineers are responsible for implementing and troubleshooting different types of networks. The salary of network engineers has also seen a rising trend in the US and other states. The salary of a network engineer is highly dependent on the skills and education of any employee. But it has been observed that most network engineers enjoy quite reasonable wages.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Is the scope of network engineering increasing?

It can be seen from the trends that there is a constant increase in pay of network engineers and that shows that network engineers are high in demand at present. It is estimated that in the next 10 years the network engineers will grow by 6.5%.

  1. Which country has the highest pay for network engineers?

As the US is the country having the most advanced technology, it has quite a high scope for network engineers and they are also paid a handsome amount followed by some extra promotions.

  1. Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) replace network engineers in the future?

The answer to this is no because AI will reduce job opportunities but will also create modern job opportunities.

Salaries Of Network Engineer

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