Salaries For Podiatric Surgeon


Podiatrists provide treatment, diagnosis, and preventative care for conditions affecting people’s ankles, lower legs, and feet. A podiatrist may also go by the moniker of the chiropodist. Podiatrists collaborate with physiotherapists, physicians, and nurses in clinics, hospitals, government agencies, and in their practices. Let us know about the salaries for podiatric surgeon and highest paying cities and states in the United States in this article.

Salaries For Podiatric Surgeon

Salaries for Podiatric Surgeon

The average gross pay for podiatric surgeons in the United States is $382,859. This translates to an hourly wage of $184. The normal range is between $18,565 to $586,726. Salary ranges might differ significantly with schooling, certifications, additional skills like communication skills, critical thinking skills, and compensation. Work experience in a given field also affects pay. Podiatric surgeons that are certified in surgery make greater money. 

Overview of salaries of Podiatric surgeon in America

Podiatrists are ranked as the 17th best paying job. Jobs are rated based on how well they can provide a difficult-to-find combination of factors. In the next 10 years, there will be a 1.8 percent increase in employment for podiatrists.

The average salary of Podiatric surgeons

According to Zippia, A podiatric surgeon on average earns $438,032 per year or $211 per hour. The least 10% earn less than $217,000 annually, while the highest 10% earn over $882,000 annually. 4 to 6 years of work experience are typically required to become a podiatric surgeon. 

 Most surgeons have a bachelor’s degree with a major in podiatric medicine. The career is anticipated to expand 7% between 2018 and 2028, creating 55,400 employment openings nationwide.

Per Indeed, the average annual wage for podiatrists in the United States is $93,477. 359 salaries were used to determine this compensation.

In 2020, podiatrists made an average salary of $151,110. In 2020, comparable jobs paid an average of the following: Orthotists and prosthetists made $74,120, dentists made $180,830, optometrists made $125,440, and surgeons made $251,650.

Salaries of Podiatric surgeon

ZipRecruiter reports annual wages as low as $24,000 and as high as $400,000. The Podiatrist Surgeon’s salaries now range between $97,000  and $300,000 at the 25th and 75th percentile respectively. The top earners (90th percentile) in the United States get $400,000 yearly. 

In the United States, a podiatrist surgeon makes an average salary of $191,226 per year. This is equal to about $91.94 per hour. This is equivalent to $15,935 each month or $3,677 per week.

Highest paying cities and states in the United States

According to current job posts on ZipRecruiter, there is a strong demand for podiatrist surgeons in Chicago, Illinois, as well as the neighborhood.

Per money. usnews, Youngstown, Virginia Beach, Charlotte, Omaha, and Houston are the metropolitan regions with the highest podiatrist salaries. In Maine ($214,960), Nebraska ($206,050) and New Hampshire ($192,130) podiatric surgeons are highly paid. Apart from those, Oklahoma ($187,420), and North Carolina ($186,100) also paid podiatrists the highest mean salaries.

Least paying states to Podiatric surgeons in America

These are the least paying states according to Forbes. $93,930 is the average podiatrist salary in Oregon. The average podiatrist salary in Connecticut is $95,610, Nevada is $109,560, Kentucky is $111,780, Montana is $119,040, Colorado is $119,190, California is $120,750. Kansas is $122,390, New Mexico is $124,660, and Georgia is $125,390.

The average salary of Podiatric surgeons according to different states

In the US, a podiatric surgeon gets an average salary of $144,827. A Podiatric Surgeon’s bonus is $45,653. 100% of those surveyed said they get bonus every year.

The average pay of Podiatric surgeons in Los Angeles 

The average pay for podiatric surgeons in Los Angeles, California is $152,039, which is 5% more than the $144,827 nationwide average. The combined average salary of San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Seattle is 18% more than this compensation. A podiatric surgeon receives a bonus that is on average $50,512.

The average pay of Podiatric surgeons in San Francisco 

Podiatric surgeons in San Francisco, California, can expect to make between $48,404 and $586,726 per year. An average podiatric surgeon earns $202,599 on average, which is 40% more than the $144,827 national average. A Podiatric Surgeon’s average bonus in San Francisco is $54,756. Surveyed employed reported that they get a bonus every year.

The average pay of Podiatric surgeons in Washington

The average salary for a podiatrist in Washington, DC is $182,277, which is 26% more than the national average of $144,827. The salaries range from $47,618 to $520,949, and this pay is 13% more than the average salary for podiatrists in Boston, MA, Denver, CO, and New York, NY combined. The average bonus for a podiatrist is $48,530.

The average pay of Podiatric surgeons in New York

Podiatric surgeons in New York City, NY make an average pay of $94,380, which is 9% more than the national average. Their salaries range from $29,321 to $560,323. The average salary for podiatric surgeons is $94,620 to $246,049, with the top 86% earning $560,323. A podiatric surgeon receives an additional bonus of $53,317.

The average pay of Podiatric surgeons in Austin

Podiatric surgeons in Austin, Texas make between $35,872 and $468,062 a year on average, which is 2% less than the national average. The average bonus for a podiatric surgeon is $45,203, which is 23% less than the sum of the mean incomes in the nearby metro areas of San Francisco, California, Boston, Massachusetts, and Dallas, Texas.

The figures mentioned above are from Comparably.


The average podiatrist income per state in the United States has been evaluated and reported by Forbes using occupational data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. BLS reported that the national average annual wage for podiatrists is $148,220. Which is about three times the average annual wage for all occupations, $51,960. Podiatrist wages are far greater than the income for most jobs, no matter where you live. In the state with the lowest wage for podiatrists, the average income is high as $94,000. The typical podiatrist salary in Rhode Island is $226,030.

Frequently asked questions

1.What are the demographics of Podiatric surgeons in America?

37.1% of podiatric surgeons are female, compared to 62.9% of men. White represents 81.7% of all podiatric doctors. This data is taken from Zippia.

2.Does the salary of a Podiatric surgeon increase with experience?

Yes, it does increase. According to Salaryexpert data, the average gross pay for podiatric surgeons in the US is $382,859. An entry-level podiatric surgeon makes an average salary of $249,274 after 1-3 years of experience. The average pay for a senior-level podiatric surgeon with more than 8 years of experience is $528,539.

Salaries For Podiatric Surgeon

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