Salaries For Physics Professor -Know More About It

Physics is the science of nature. It is a vast field concerned with the study of nature, matter, and energy. Every device and every motion of objects and humans can be explained by physics. Physics is a field with multiple branches, each having its significance. Let us know about “Salaries For Physics Professor”

Salaries For Physics Professor

Physics professor is a job that entails teaching college students about the working of nature and matter. The average salary of a physics professor working in the U.S. is $112,395. The salary range is between $83,921 and $181,972 per year. The salary fluctuations can be observed depending on various factors like experience, qualifications, certifications, and location. The salary can be increased by developing excellent teaching skills, communication skills, and certifications. Salary fluctuations are also observed based on the academic position you are in like an associate professor, assistant professor, etc.,

Roles Of A Physics Professor:

  • Developing a diverse curriculum for students.
  • Stimulate interesting class discussions.
  • Efficiently interacting with the students.
  • Clear the subject doubts of the students.
  • Prepare a presentation to explain the topic accurately.
  • Conducting practical experiments for the students.
  • Organizing tests and quizzes to help students have a better grasp of the subject.
  • Write research papers in well-acknowledged journals.
  • Evaluating students’ performance by giving them test scores and grades.
  • Assisting students regarding their academic progress and helping them in their career choices.

Salary Of A Physics Professor In Various States Of The U.S.:


The average annual of a physics professor working in California is $125,545. An entry-level physics professor earns $93,740 per year and with the experience the salary increases to $203,262 per year.


A physics professor working in Georgia is $108,742 per year. The salary range falls between $81,194 and $176,058 per year.


The average salary of a physics professor working in Massachusetts is $122,286 per year. Initially, the salary is $91,306 which increases up to $197,985 per year.

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New York:

A physics professor working in New York earns around $120,600 per year. The salary range is between $90,048 and $195,256 per year.

Salaries Of Physics Professors In Various Universities Of The U.S.:

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology:

MIT is one of the most famous research institutes in the world. The institute is known for providing top engineers and scientists to the country. The average salary of a physics professor working at MIT is around $114,111 per year. 

Harvard University:

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University is in the top 10 of the world’s leading universities. Most Harvard students get placed in top companies in the world. The average salary of a physics professor working full-time at Harvard is $226,294 per year.

University Of Chicago:

The University of Chicago is one of the world’s leading research universities. It inspires students to pursue the research careers of their choice by providing them with the top education. The average salary of a physics professor working there is $246,100 per year.

Columbia University:

Columbia University is known for its amazing teaching methods. It also conducts top research experiments. A physics professor working there earns around $268,400 per year.

Stanford University:

Located in California, Stanford University is one of the world’s top leading research and teaching institutions. It is known for amazing discoveries and research experiments. The average salary of a physics professor working at Stanford University is $261,900 per year.

Based On The Academic Position Salary Is As Follows:

Ph.D. Student:

Generally, a master’s degree is not a prerequisite for Ph.D. in several top U.S. universities.  During their Ph.D. students can develop their interest in their favorite field. Most Ph.D. programs also require students to gain some teaching experience as assistants to the professor. It takes around six years to earn a Ph.D. in the US. During that time students are also provided a stipend of around $20,00to $50,000 per year. 


After Ph.D. many students go into postdoc to continue their research and specialize in their field. The average salary of a postdoc is around $47,500.


A lecturer is a non-tenure teaching position. They have advanced degrees. The average salary of a lecturer is around $70,486 per year.

Assistant Professor:

An assistant professor is responsible for teaching in an institution. They are active researchers who write papers and publish books in their field. An average assistant professor’s salary is between $43,730 and $156,280 per year.

Associate Professor:

When an assistant professor is granted tenure, the position becomes an associate professor. An associate professor is the most reputed teaching position. The average salary of a physics associate professor is between $50,678 and $290,141 per year.

Factors Affecting the Salary of a Physics Professor:


 If you are new to the position of a physics professor with no prior experience then, the pay would be less for you initially. With experience, the salary will increase.


 Additional skills apart from academic qualifications increase the chances of getting a higher salary compared to the others. Good communication skills to talk to students and colleagues effectively, analytical skills to solve any issue, and time management are some examples of skills that affect salary.


Certificates show your potential in academics. If you earned certifications in high school, during your graduation, or during any job then chances are you might receive a higher salary than the one without any certifications. 


Physics is a field of tremendous potential. There are hundreds of discoveries happening all around the world. Thousands of machines are made every day, all because of the knowledge of physics. Physics professors help develop the interest in this field among the students. All the students aspiring to become physics professors should have excellent teaching skills. A curious mind helps in igniting new inventions and helps to develop a good career. Physics professors have different pay scales depending on their experience in the field and the research and experiments they have conducted. Teaching physics can be hard if you do not have brilliant teaching methods for clearing the doubts of students and igniting their passion for the subject in them.

How to become a physics professor in the US?

You need a Ph.D. degree in Physics to become a physics professor.

How many years does it take to become a physics professor?

It takes around 6-9 years to become a physics professor.

What is the salary of a physics professor at Yale University?

A physics professor at Yale University earns around $214,757 per year.

How much do physics professors make in New Jersey?

The average salary of a physics professor working in New Jersey is $69,408 per year.

Salaries For Physics Professor -Know More About It

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