Salaries for G.I.S analyst – Know more about it

G.I.S analysts at the bottom of the range, or the poorest 10%, make around $47,000 annually, while those at the pinnacle make $85,000.Based on several important factors, such as education, experience, additional skills, and the amount of time you’ve worked in a particular industry, wage projections might vary widely. The average G.I.S Analyst salaries in the U.s is $67,544, although the normal range is between $60,576 and $76,085. GIS analysts make the most money in Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Salaries for G.I.S analyst

What does a G.I.S Analyst get paid?

The average yearly salary for a G.I.S Analyst in the US is $67,000 as of  2022.

If you require a quick salary estimator, that comes to about $34.87 per hour. This amounts to $6,044 per month or $1,394 each week.

The bulk of G.I.S Analyst wages now varies between $52,000 and $83,500, with the highest earning $110,000 yearly across the U.s. Yearly wages may range from as much as $122,000 to as little as $28,500. 

Since the typical salary for a G.I.S Analyst can vary significantly, there may be several prospects for development and higher income based on skill ability, geography, and other factors.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

According to current job ads, there is a strong need for G.I.S Analysts in Chicago, Illinois, and the neighbourhood. In your region, the average yearly wage for a G.I.S Analyst is $74,432, which is $1,902 (3%) higher than the $72,530 state median. Ranked first globally among the 50 states for G.I.S Analyst pay.

Low-paying G.I.S occupations (between $40,000 and $60,000)

There are several job choices available in the geomatics sector. Technicians and draughtsmen often receive the least at the bottom of the wage range.

G.I.S jobs paying between $60,000 and $80,000

More highly skilled jobs are apparent as salaries rise. LiDAR and remote sensing analysts, for instance, fall into the mid-range pay bracket category.

High-paying G.I.S occupations (above $80,000)

The highest paying G.I.S roles are senior ones. Project leaders for G.I.S, for instance, plan, carry out, and wrap up projects. These occupations occupy the top of the G.I.S pay range due to their training and experience.

Details of the G.I.S ANALYST Position.

Spatial information is gathered, processed, and analysed using G.I.S Analyst. creates, builds, and manages G.I.S data datasets and tools. A G.I.S Analyst produces documents representing spatial analysis findings, such as studies, charts, programs, and infographics. uses markup languages to improve the workflows and procedures for G.I.S data. Other team members may receive G.I.S training or help from G.I.S Analyst II. They usually need a bachelor’s degree or something like that. They usually answer to a supervisor or the head of the division/department. At times, the G.I.S Analyst oversaw various areas of the job. They gain exposure to some of the challenging job-related duties. An average requirement for a G.I.S Analyst is 2-4 years of relevant expertise.

What factors into a wage?

Many variables, such as training, expertise, and employment location, affect a G.I.S Analyst’s pay.

Several years of expertise.

Pay raises are often correlated with your amount of expertise. You may anticipate making more money as a G.I.S analyst the longer you work in the field.


How much money you make as a G.I.S analyst also depends on where you reside. Working in a significant city is typically associated with a greater wage and a rising cost of living.

Earning more as a G.I.S analyst.

Let’s look at strategies to increase your compensation now that you have a clearer understanding of what a G.I.S analyst may make.

Develop your abilities.

You can be in a more robust situation to vie for promotions and higher-paying jobs if you seek and develop in-demand skills.

Consult recruiters.

It won’t harm to talk to any recruiters if you’re searching for a promotion. They can advise you on what you should request and may know what other firms are paying for similar roles.

Be constant in your work.

Pay raises are more likely to be granted to G.I.S analysts who consistently perform at a high level over time than those who do not. You will be better positioned to negotiate for higher compensation if you show that you have completed or surpassed objectives.

Taxes and salary ranges for G.I.S analysts.

The average compensation for G.I.S analysts in the US is $67,000, with salaries ranging from $38,500 to $112,300. G.I.S analysts make an average salary of $61,880 to $75,899, with the top 86% earning $112,300.

In 2018, the average federal tax rate for a single filer in this tax band is 22%. G.I.S Analysts may anticipate a take-home salary of $55,745 per year, or around $2,323 for every payment, after deducting a 22% federal tax rate.

What  G.I.S analysts earn in Other markets

The pay for a G.I.S analyst might vary by sector. In reality, research reveals that utility, property investment, and power generation frequently pay G.I.S analysts significantly more. For instance, G.I.S analysts in the utility sector earn a staggering average income of $79,998. Individuals from this region now earn $72,715 in the property industry and $64,341 in the energy sector.

G.I.S analysts may wish to steer clear of employment in administration because the average pay there is only $62,675.

These Similar G.I.S Analyst Jobs Pay the Most in the U.S.

There are, at minimum, five jobs in the GIS Analyst industry that pay more yearly than the GIS Analyst salary. G.I.S Designer, Senior G.I.S Programmer, and G.I.S Advisor are some cases in point of these positions.

The salaries for all of these positions range from $37,969 (52.3%) to $82,455 (113.7%) over the $72,530 average G.I.S Analyst income. If you meet the requirements, you might earn a higher salary than the typical G.I.S Analyst employment by being recruited for one of these similar fields.


You may find it incredibly rewarding if you’re considering a career in G.I.S. It’s a high-tech profession, for instance, and it changes constantly.

Salaries for G.I.S analyst – Know more about it

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