Salaries For Physical Therapist -Know More About It

A physical therapist PT is someone who helps a person to carry out regular activities such as moving their hands or legs, helps them with exercise, or gives them extra help related to any muscle activity if they are facing problems with any of those. A physical therapist, also known as a physiotherapist is a trained professional who is qualified to treat a wide range of problems faced by a person and many orthopedic cases. The primary purpose of a physiotherapist is to review a patient’s medical history, diagnose their problems through observation, develop treatment plans, and use various exercises & equipment to provide them with a solution. Let us know about “Salaries For Physical Therapist”

Salaries For Physical Therapist

Although, the salary of a physiotherapist varies from one place to another & it also largely depends on the educational background, the experience they carry & many other factors. A physiotherapist may have various sources of income such as he may earn from hospitals, nursing homes, health centers & his personal clinic. The average salary that a physiotherapist earns in the USA is around $2,00,000 annually. The job of a physiotherapist is very much in demand since it requires a certain number of skills to carry out the tasks. Their salary also largely depends on the state they are working in & the institution they are working under.

Perks Of Being A Physiotherapist In The USA

Along with having a hectic work schedule, physical therapists have various perks when it comes to their job.

  1. Job Security- Physical therapists have a good amount of job security as no matter how the economy is performing, they are always in demand. And the skill that you have will always be helpful to you.
  1. A great source of earning- Becoming a physical therapist will give you great potential for earning. The average salary of a PT is around $91,000 which is pretty much decent. Some of the top earners have also been able to earn more than 6-figure digits. Earning a good amount of money lets you enjoy various luxuries of life which you wouldn’t otherwise.
  1. You will always be in demand- According to the bureau of labor statistics, the job of a physical therapist is supposed to grow at a rate of 20% within a gap of 10 years. Job growth is another reason that you will always be in demand & also the high life expectancy & retirement age will always be beneficial for you & you will never be without a job.
  1. Helping others- This is one of the major perks of the job as a physical therapist is getting the chance to help others. There is no other satisfaction than the one you get by helping others & making their lifestyle easy. Physiotherapists have great job satisfaction which also helps them to work harder & achieve more success in life.
  1. Gaining more knowledge- people will always appreciate the amount of knowledge you have about one’s body & you can also increase this knowledge with regular practice & making yourself open to working.

Salary Of A Physical Therapist In The US

  • The salary of a physical therapist largely depends on the level of education that he has. If he has a bachelor’s degree, he might earn an average salary of $1,33,000 & if he has a master’s degree, he might earn $1,77,000 per year.
  • Their salary also depends on whether they work at an outpatient clinic or a home health setting. According to the bureau of labor statistics, they have put the median income of a physical therapist at $87,980 per year, or about $42 per hour. The median income is a point at which 50% of people make more than this amount & 50% make less than this amount.
  • A home health physiotherapist can make $80,000 on the low end & upwards of $1,00,000 depending on how many patients you were able to see in a day as well as which area of the country that you’re working in.
  • Your salary as a physiotherapist hinge on a few factors including the type of setting that you are practicing in, the state that you live in, sometimes the years of experience that you carry & your role within the clinic. The pay for a PT who works in an outpatient setting where patients come to the clinic is common for a PT with less than 10 years of experience to earn between $70K – $80K per year. 
  • Some of the non-financial incentives for a physical therapist that can make you save some money & maximize your benefits are by asking your clinic to cover continuing education expenses.

Highest Paying States For A Physical Therapist

New Jersey$97,700
New Mexico$97,200


The job of a physical therapist PT is a rapidly growing field and comes with various perks & benefits. Focusing on the US population, there are a lot of elderly people who are in the requirement of physical therapy. Also, physical therapy job has been ranked 16 in the US news & world report. With proper education & skill, you can certainly excel in this field &b earn a good amount of money. Even as an entry-level PT you can make an average salary of $33,700 annually. The top requirement of a PT is basic workplace skills, a degree from a CAPTE-Accredited Program & a physical therapy license based on your state.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which is the type of physiotherapist that gets paid the most?

Sports medicine specialists are the ones that get paid the most. 

  1. Is it challenging to become a physiotherapist?

Since this is a job that deals with patient & their body, you need to be very careful & handle everything with utmost care. Getting into a PT school is considered to be tuff as it is a part of the medical line.

  1. What are the types of physiotherapists?

There are various types of physiotherapists such as pediatrics, sports, geriatrics, orthopedics & many more. 

Salaries For Physical Therapist -Know More About It

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