Salaries For Personal Computer Technician


A personal computer technician is discussed as a computer technician. The personal computer technician is in authority for finding, troubleshooting, and solving computer problems. They are skilled and well-informed specialists with pro-active skills with diverse tackles of repair and sustaining computer hardware, software, and network problems. A PC technician is an individual who repairs and maintains computers and servers. The technician’s responsibilities may extend to include building or organizing new hardware, fixing and bringing up-to-date software packages, by generating and sustaining computer web systems. Let us know about the salaries for Personal Computer Technician and responsibilities of Personal Computer Technician in this article.

Salaries For Personal Computer Technician

Salaries range of Personal Computer Technician

The predictable total wage for a PC Technician is $63,689 per year in the United States zone, with a consistent income of $40,223 per year. These figures signify the average, which is the series’ norm from the registered Total Pay approximation model and is grounded on earnings collected from users. The projected extra salary is $23,466 per year. Extra wages could contain cash bonuses, commission, tips, and revenue allotment.

Salaries of Personal Computer Technician in the USA

In the United States of America, the average annual pay for this post is $38,034. If we calculate the salary per hour then it is approximately $18.29. the monthly salary is estimated at $3,169 per month and the weekly salary is considered $731 per week.

The yearly salary of a PC technician is as high as $62,500 and as low as $18,500. The mainstream Computer Technician incomes presently range between $29,500 (25th percentile) to $43,500 (75th percentile) with senior employees (90th percentile) earning $53,000 yearly.

Top 5 Most Paying Cities for PC Technician Jobs

  • At the top of the list Atkinson, NE stands at number one by holding $47,352 annual pay, $3,946 monthly payment, and $910 weekly and $22.77 hourly payment.
  • San Francisco is at number two on our list with an annual salary range of $46,015, $3,834 monthly payment, $884 weekly pay, and $22.12 hourly payment.
  • Bolinas, CA at number three with an annual salary of $45,693, monthly salary is $3,807, weekly salary is $878 and hourly salary is $21.97.
  • Fremont, CA at number fourth with an annual salary of $44,937, monthly salary is $3,744, weekly salary is $864 and hourly salary is $21.60.
  • Frankston, TX comes at number five with an annual salary range of $43,712, their monthly salary is $3,642, their weekly salary is $840, and their hourly salary is $21.02.

Top 5 Best Paying Computer Technician Jobs in the U.S

There are almost five positions linked to the Computer Technician job classification that spend additional per year than a regular Computer Technician’s earnings. Leading instances of these positions include IT Infrastructure Support Technician, Amazon IT Technician, and IT Server Technician.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Significantly, these positions are paid between $33,368 (87.7%) and $41,729 (109.7%) better than the standard Computer Technician earnings of $38,034. If you’re privileged, getting employed in one of these associated Computer technician careers may help you make more income than the regular Computer Technician job.

  • An IT infrastructure support technician annually earns $79,763 monthly $6,646, weekly $1,533, and hourly $38.35.
  • Amazon IT Technician annually earns $75,571, monthly $6,297, weekly $1,453, and hourly $36.33.
  • IT Server Technician annually $73,166, monthly $6,097, weekly $1,407, hourly $35.18.
  • IT Data Technician annually $71,749, monthly $5,979, weekly $1,379, and hourly $34.49.
  • Remote Computer Technician annually $71,402, monthly $5,950, weekly $1,373, and hourly $34.33. 

Different Salary Ranges of Computer Technician

  • An individual working as a Computer Technician in the United States generally earns around 71,100 USD every year. Earnings span from 37,000 USD at entry level to 109,000 USD as experienced.
  • This is the regular annual wage comprising accommodation, conveyance, and other advantages. Computer Technician salaries deviate drastically based on several years spent, mastery, gender, and location.
  •  Computer Technician earnings in the United States vary from 37,000 USD to 109,000 USD per year.
  • The median earnings are 68,200 USD per year, which indicates that half (50%) of people working as Computer technicians are achieving less than 68,200 USD while the additional half are earning more than 68,200 USD. The median illustrates the middle-wage amount.

Responsibilities Of Personal Computer Technician 

A personal Computer Technician’s prior duty is to fit out technical aid to an organization’s workers and clients. Their assignments and duties may alter relying on the organization they labour for, but generally incorporate the following: 

  • Spending immediate attention to the customer’s illustration of their computer problem and inquiring of queries to specify the problem and decide how to figure it out.
  • Training users on how the use of new hardware or software 
  • Experimenting and assessing the organization’s computer network
  • Troubleshooting web problems and individual user hardware or software problems
  • Setting up or repairing computer hardware and other associated devices such as printers and scanners,

Role of Personal Computer Technician

The personal computer technician can work both in the private and government sector in the field of informational technology. Government sector technicians can serve at various posts like military, national security, law forums, health departments, and educational institutions. 

Final Words

The specialists deal with generating, collecting, fixing, and upholding computer systems. The title role is to discuss hardware and software matters. They deal with different problems such as installing new power materials, upgrading firmware, and mending motherboards in the computer hardware sector. As software experts, they deal with OS troubleshooting and its installation process and resolve the virus issues faced by computers.

 Frequently asked questions

1.How much does a personal computer assistant earn in the USA?

Personal computer technicians depending upon the number of years spent earn increased standard earnings than the standard across all careers. Computer and information technology experts in the US made median earnings of $97,430.

2.Which technician post gets highly paid?

An IT infrastructure support technician job is considered highly paid, annually earning $79,763 monthly $6,646, weekly $1,533, and hourly $38.35.

3.What advantages do computer technicians acquire?

Personal computer technician enjoys these advantages while doing their jobs like dental insurance, disability insurance, employee discount, flexible schedule, health insurance, and life insurance.

Salaries For Personal Computer Technician

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