Salaries For NICU Nurses Practitioners – Know More!


NICU is a nurse who takes good care of neonates in the intensive care unit in the hospital the NICU nurse is the one who is registered. A physician always oversees the NICU nurse in the hospital. In the United States, the city in which NICU nurses earn the maximum wage is New York City  1095,599 dollars per year the city where the NICU nurses get the minimum wage is Carolina North 76.445 dollars per year. Intensive care unit nurses of neonates have greatly requested nurses because they deal with babies who are born sense sensitive than normal babies. Let us know about the salaries for NICU Nurses Practitioners and maximum salaries of NICU Nurses Practitioners in this article.

Salaries For NICU Nurses Practitioners

Salaries for intensive care unit nurses of neonates practitioners 

Standard Earnings of Intensive care unit nurses of neonates are kinda fat the reason is that hospitals need them very significantly. Now we talk about the standard earnings of the Intensive care unit nurses of neonates. In the United States standard earning of a nurse is 55 dollars in one hour and as the skill of a nurse practitioner grows Strong the standard earning also grow. If the nurse is certified from the programs of neonatal nurse practitioners which are the top then the one-hour salary of the nurse can be 40 dollars an hour at the start of the employment.

Per hour salary of intensive care unit nurse of neonates based training 

  • Immediately after the degree 39 dollars in one hour
  • One to five years after training 44 dollars in one hour
  • Five to ten years after training 52 dollars in one hour
  • Ten to twenty years after training 61 dollars in one hour 
  • More than 20 years after training 75 dollars in one hour
  • The standard salary of one hour is 55 dollars  

So if we talk about the average earnings of intensive care unit nurses for neonates they earn quite good money even in one hour at the start of their employment this implies that a nurse can manage a good living even in a state like America.

Standard salaries of NICU Nurses Practitioners in United States

Standard earning of the intensive care unit nurse of neonates in the United per year is115, 66 dollars. 

56, 70 dollars in only one hour. and 2,521 dollars in only one week.11,661 in only one month. According to these statistics, nurses are highly rewarded employees in the United States. So a nurse practitioner Is a profession that one should choose who wants to serve humanity and likewise want to earn a good residency.

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Standard salary if intensive care unit nurse of neonates in New York, City 

129,235 dollars is the standard earning of certified and cataloged intensive care unit nurse of neonates In New York City in the United States in one year only.

Standard earning if a nurse in one is 62.33 dollars in one hour of job .

A nurse can earn almost ,243 dollars in one week of doing work on average. 11,425 dollars he standard earning for one month of employment.

Maximum salaries of NICU Nurse

The utmost salary of a neonatal intensive care unit nurse is 251,300 dollars in a year of employment. The New York City of United States pays the maximum wage in one year to nurses which are 107,208 dollars. 

Minimum standard earning of neonatal ICU nurse practitioner 

The Meagerest income a neonatal nurse who works in the intensive care unit can earn is 33,000 American dollars in one year of doing duty. North Carolina delivers 76, 35 dollars to the nurses in a year

Average earning of NICU nurse in Los Angeles, California 

In Los Angeles, California Standard wage for a Neonatal nurse in a critical unit is 114,224 dollars in one year. In one month a nurse can get 8,718 dollars. A nurse can earn 3,317 dollars in one week of duty. 53.42 dollars in one hour are earned by NICU nurses.

Standard salary of NIC unit nurse in Chicago 

In Chicago, a NICU nurse can earn 131,827 dollars on average in one year while the monthly income of a nurse in Chicago is10,261 dollars. The nurse earns 1,523 dollars in one week. 62.54 bucks are the total earned bucks of a nurse in one hour in same city.

Earnings Of NICU Nurse In Houston, Texas 

A certified NIC unit nurse in Houston, Texas city of United States can make a standard wage of 124,234 dollars in one year.

while in one the income of nurses is 9,568 dollars .weekly income of nurses working in critical units of newborns is 1,808 dollars. If a nurse works only one hour a day he /she can earn 59.68 dollars.


On the whole, we conclude that a nurse who works in the neonatal critical care unit can earn a rewarded wage depending upon the level of certifications and the development of skills. A highly trained nurse with experience of at least 5 years or more can make money that is enough to live a good life in a highly developed state like America. So Being a NICU nurse in the United States is a good choice one can make to earn a fruitful living. The standard earning of NICU nurses is 115,054 dollars in one year.

The maximum paying city to the nurses n the United States is New york while the minimum is North Carolina.

  • How much do I need to invest to become a NICU nurse?

It takes almost 2-6 years to become a good nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit and there are numerous methods to follow to become a nurse in NIC unit. For example, it takes 2 years to become a nurse with a qualifying degree in ADN. 4 years for Qualifying BSN. And 6years to be certified in MSN.

  • How Much NICU Nurse Earns?

A NICU nurse earns a very high standard wage a good NICU nurse earns a maximum of 124,000 dollars in one year and almost 58 dollars in one hour of duty.

  • How much a nurse can earn in the beginning?

A nurse in the NIC unit with only even almost 9-10 months of training can earn 27.22 dollars this is the standard earning estimate of a nurse the only thing that makes difference is the location of work.

Salaries For NICU Nurses Practitioners – Know More!

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