Salaries For People Operations Manager


Companies have numerous job positions. The different departments in a specific business will provide some job categories in which the experts earn different amounts of salary. Such a position as the people operation manager who works to oversee the employee working team’s overall output is one the positions. The position is highly demanding; in such a way that people compete a lot to get such a position. Let us know the salaries for People Operations Manager and the factors that determine salaries for people Operations Manager in this article.

Salaries For People Operations Manager

Salaries for people Operations Manager

The salaries of people operations managers are very high in whatever the case. For instance, the people operations manager profession is already a senior-level gig in any business. So, personnel holding this position get as high as $124K as a yearly salary and also as an average payout. In the United States, such a position allows a low level, with only one year of experience, to get at least $33K every year. 

Factors that determine salaries for people Operations Manager

A specific factor determines the salary one gets at the end of the year as a people operations manager. Such factors may include education, the place of work, the job location, and the level of expertise or experience. In some instances, education would not be a bigger factor than the location where one takes the job or the experience one holds. 

The Number of Years in the Profession

The more years one works as a people operation, the more experience. Thus, those who get to work for many years in the profession get more than those who are starting or else have fewer years of working. For example, globally, an average salary of around 30K dollars, more so in the US, is the average payment for personnel who has one year working as a people operations manager. 

Personnel with one year of experience are under the entry-level of experience

The second level includes the early career level. Individuals should work for more than a year to around four at this level. So, the yearly salary for such experts is a minimum of $46,624. 

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The third level of experience is the mid-career level

The people operations manager at this level of experience gets more salary income. Such personnel has even more years of working in the same profession, around 5 and 9 years. The average salary payout is $68,348 every year. 

Suppose one works for years ranging between 10 and 19 years as a people operations manager. In that case, such an individual has a lot of experience and falls under the fourth category of professional level. The individuals get around $100,213 yearly salary. The many payments signify that the person has a lot of expertise to sell to the community, and their working ability is high. 

The last category includes the late career level

This level is the highest among the levels of experience. It also includes individuals who have a lot of years working in this profession, more than 20 years as people operations managers. Their salary is even higher, at more than $124K per year. 

Location of Working

Location is another factor that will make the salary of the people operations manager varies. For example, the amount of salary a person works for in India or Canada as a people operations manager will not be similar to whoever works for the same profession in the United States. Furthermore, in the US, one may receive different salary ranges from one state to the other.  


In Canada, one may have at least three salary levels depending on the experience in the people operations manager position. The last level is the operations manager. Individuals get at least $76,445 for a year at such a level. TheThe second level of expertise is the senior operations manager, who gets a salary range of an average of $92,098 yearly. In addition to that, the amounts may change due to other factors such as educational qualifications.

Lastly, one may receive the honor of being highly skillful and get the operations manager IV level of experience. With such a badge, an individual gets a salary payout of not less than $80,226. Since the level is not the highest, the salary could rise even higher. 


India is one country that values its workers. So, the people operations manager gets much treatment regarding salary income. For instance, the lowest income salary one can get working for the same position in India is Rs. 4, 75,000 per year, even though the average amount all over the country is Rs. 12 76221 every year.

Moreover, India allows its people operations managers receive more than Rs. 22, 84,564 as salary yearly. The amounts hint that most people working in that profession get good payouts. 

United States

The United States is another area where workers get even better treats compared to other regions of the globe. Working as a people operations manager in the US allows one to enjoy a salary well. The average personnel for the position gets at least $95673 annually. 

Besides, depending on the education qualifications and other factors such as area or location of work and skills, one could get an average annual salary between $66716 and $88758. The amounts record high to pay for such positions compared to such areas or countries as Canada or India. 

Also, in the US, those working as people operations managers in New York City and San Francisco get the highest salary value in other states, which is $107K and 100K, respectively. Other states like salt Lake City provide as little salary as $57K as the annual payment. 

Like this, it is such an idea to have the best area of choice and education qualification to have a better salary as a people operations manager anywhere around the globe. 


In summary, salaries for people operations manager depends on such factors as education level, location of work, and experience level. Those with higher ranks in such factors as education and experience get the most pay, with an average of $100K per year. Also, where one gets such a job would limit the amounts they receive as a salary. Personnel around the US get more income salaries than in other places such as Canada and India. 


1.What is the highest salary one can get as a people operations manager?

One can get more than $108K annually as a salary for a people operations manager position. However, one can also get as low as $59K per year but depending on the experience level. 

2.Which is better, HR or people operations manager?

The people operations manager position is a new profession, while HR is a traditional one. So, companies are highly introducing the new position while the old HR is still under use. Besides, the operations manager is taking over so fast with high demand. 

Salaries For People Operations Manager

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