Salaries For Operations Coordinator


Operations coordinators are persons who run your organization with proper management smoothly. As the Operations Coordinator’s word shows, they are coordinating a team of other staffers, monitoring and analyzing data, and running meetings to iron out operations problems. Operations coordinators have a lot on their plates. Is this reason for the high pay of the operation coordinator? Operations coordinators make an average salary of $51,820 per year. That’s lower than some other tech roles but much enough for the job work they do. Let us know about the salaries for Operations coordinator and salary incremental chances in this article.

Salaries For Operations Coordinator

Average salaries for operations coordinator

Operations coordinator can make a salaries of nearly about $51,820 annually. The 10% of the best earnings that can be made is more than $68,720 per year, while 10% of the lowest salary range is almost less than $34,000 per year. According to a recent report of US research on salary, usually many operations coordinator have 0-5 years of experience. An operation coordinator who has experience of 10 years or more than this can make salaries of 10 percent. Those with 10 or more years of experience will earn higher salaries due to the experience and knowledge that they have gained in their careers.

Hourly operations coordinator salaries

Operations coordinator earn an average hourly salaries of $36.81 per hour. Some operations coordinators may work 40 hours a week, while others in smaller operations departments may only work a few 10-hour shifts per week. Ops coordinators who work full-time can expect to earn a median salary of $51,820 annually. The best-paid 10 percent earned more than $68,720 per year, while the lowest-paid 10 percent earned less than $39,230 annually. Ops coordinators who work part-time can expect to earn a median salary of $38,890 annually. The 10 percent best high salary is about $60,160 per year. Whereas 10 percent of the lowest earned salary is less than $35,590 annually. 

Salary incremental chances

Operations coordinators with experience in operations management can expect to earn more than those without it. If you have experience in operations management and are interested in becoming an operations coordinator, check out these top operations coordinator jobs available right now. If you have a professional associate degree, then there would be more chances of making a high salary.

The salaries for an Operation Coordinator depends upon the degree 

The degree level is a major factor that affects the salaries of the operation coordinator. For instance, a professional degree holder can make a good salary or income. Here are some salaries of the operation coordinator has a direct relation to your degree level.

  • Diploma.     $69,070
  • Masters.     $79,210
  • PhD.             $60,280

Who is operations coordinator?

An operations coordinator is a manager who supervised all departments or sectors of a company such as the oversees the services of marketing and other depart too. With the help of operations coordinators, a company can reach high levels of productivity and provide quality services. To improve the efficiency of a business, operations coordinators must first understand the working environment of an organization. For example, an operations coordinator should know first how often a certain department sends out invoices, how many staff members are on each shift, and how often the building needs repairs. 

Duties of operation coordinator 

Operations coordinators’ major work is in large companies or small businesses comprised of few persons or sometimes with groups of several employees. They are management-level employees who oversee daily operations, including employees in departments such as HR or marketing. Their responsibilities include making sure that equipment is functioning properly and that the inventory system doing its work well. In some situations, operations coordinators also involve in some extra work like organizing meetings of the head of a department with employees or other competitive companies to solve operations problems.

Location and salary data for operations coordinators

Operations coordinators can find employment in any type or level of the company. There would be high chances for operations coordinator jobs in the sector of finance and insurance. Other common industries include retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. Operations coordinators employed by large companies may work in one location while those employed by small businesses may have the freedom to move between locations. 

Operations coordinators employed by small companies may have fewer benefits and less job security, so they need to research the job security and benefits available at their prospective employers. Operations coordinators employed by large companies have the option of working from home or the office. In addition to the location and industry choice, these factors can have an impact on the salary of an operations coordinator. Remuneration for the position of Operation Coordinator all depends on location, level of the industry, position in the company, and experience. 

Salary by years of experience as an operations coordinator

Experience as an operations coordinator will likely increase an operations coordinator’s salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), experienced operations coordinators can earn an average salary of $53,810 per year. The operation coordinator who has experience of 10 or more years of experience, can earn a salary of approximately $53,810. Industrial construction and mining are the two highest-paying industries for experienced operations coordinators. The majority of operations coordinators have 0-5 years of experience. Then it is obvious that the experience level affects the salary the person with experience of 10 years or more has more chances to earn a high salary than a person with experience less than this.

Operational coordinator job description

Operations coordinators coordinate a team of other staff members, monitor and analyze data, and run meetings to iron out operations problems. As such, they are in charge of a department, such as accounting, customer service, or human resources. The operation Coordinator should be an expert and should be experienced in all sectors of an organization such as accounting, finance, marketing, development, or human resources. So, as he is working as an all-rounder he should have strong skills in team management and should have experience in project management. They may also have experience in a field unrelated to operations, such as marketing or finance. 

Bottom line

Operations coordinators manage several teams and departments, oversee endless deadlines, and analyze data to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible. As an operation coordinator, you need to work with the team or may individually, it depends on which domain you are suitable for working in. You can find a position that combines the skills and knowledge that you have to offer to make an impact on your company. Operations coordinators have a lot on their plates, but the pay is worth it. You can median salary of about $51,820 per year, it may vary depending on the degree, location, and experience. Experience Operations Coordinators would have a bright chance of earning high salaries than inexperienced.  


1.What is the median salary for an Operation Coordinator?

According to a recent research report related to salary statistics in the US, the average salary for an Operation Coordinator is approximately $51,820.

2. Which factors may affect the salary of the operational coordinator?

As we all know, salary varies from state to state. Some factors may affect their salaries such as geographical location, educational level, professional certifications, experience level, and level of organization.

Salaries For Operations Coordinator

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