Does Aramark Give Christmas Bonuses? – Know More

In 1936 Davre and Henry the Davidson brothers established Aramark. When it first began, it was named ARA, but as time passed, a new name was given to Aramark. Aramark is American food, facilities, and uniform service provider for education, business, healthcare, prisons, and leisure. Although it is an America-based company, it also operates internationally. They are operational in Canada, the United States, and other countries such as the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Chile, Ireland, and Spain. The company’s headquarter is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2018 Aramark’s made $14.604 billion in revenue. Let us know ‘Does Aramark Give Christmas Bonuses?’.

Does Aramark Give Christmas Bonuses?

Does Aramark give Christmas bonuses?

Yes, Aramark does claim to give out Christmas bonuses. At Aramark, all the workers and employees receive christmas bonuses ranging from $2200 to $4500. But there was a controversy revolving around Aramark in the financial year 2018. Three days before the bonuses were supposed to be out, the management got to know through internal communication that bonuses were postponed for three months. The shocking thing was that no explanation was given for the postponed bonuses. Besides the bonuses, Aramark’s hourly wage variates from $9.49 to $19.88.

Pros of working at Aramark

If you are looking for work and want to work in a healthy environment, Aramark might be the place for you. There are various pros and benefits of getting a job at Aramark. There are measures taken every term to ensure employees can balance and take care of their families while taking care of finances. The countless benefits at Aramark include insurance, flexibility, a health savings account, smoking cessation, a savings retirement incentive plan, etc. There are also other benefits for the well-being of the employees and the workers, such as eldercare support, cancer advocacy program, adoption assistance, free health screening, etc. Other vital benefits include maternity leaves, employee discounts, pet insurance, a recognition program, etc. 

Getting a job at Aramark

To apply at Aramark, you would have to visit their website. Once you reach the website, head over to the careers page, where you will find all the current openings. Browse through the openings and find the relevant role you want to apply for. After seeing the right job for you, create an account on the job portal and apply for it. The job description for each role will be given in the careers tab. After completing the application, they would require you to fulfill some formalities, such as getting the paperwork done and the necessary drug testing. But you don’t have to worry. You will be notified about all the formalities and testing through email. There might be some online tests, but after thoroughly assessing you, the recruitment team will let you know whether you are selected for the job or not. 

Prerequisites for working at Aramark

Before applying for Aramark, you must understand that there are some requirements that you need to fulfill to get a job. Firstly the most basic and necessary condition is that you should be at least 18 years old and of legal age. Aramark doesn’t accept any applications from candidates who are under 18. This requirement is set for all types of roles and jobs. Another thing that might hinder your recruitment process is your work experience and background. If you do not have the relevant work background for the job you are applying for, you might not get employed, so keep that in mind when applying. Another hindrance is that if you have been to jail. Aramark rarely hires people who have been to prison and are felons. According to your expertise, you must apply for the job you think is the fittest for you. 

Does Aramark pay well?

As you already know, their hourly pay ranges from around $9.49 to $19.88. So the average hourly rate is $14, meaning an average worker makes approximately $30,271 per year at Aramark. A low earner at Aramark makes roughly $16000 yearly; meanwhile, the top earner earns over $54000. Aramark employs people in many different departments, such as human resources and sales, and the salaries also vary from department to department. For example, the average human resource employee earns $61,515, and the average sales employee makes $51,305 yearly, but there are a lot of incentives and bonuses in the sales department.


Yes, Aramark does give christmas bonuses which range from $2200 to $4500. According to UAW, the workers receive two bonuses. However, other than bonuses, Aramark also pays its employees well. Their hourly wage rate starts from $9.49 and goes up to $19.88. Besides good pay, Aramark also provides many other benefits to their employees and workers, such as insurance, pet insurance, work flexibility, childcare, health and wellness, maternity leave, parental leave, reimbursements, etc. So if you are interested in working at Aramark, you can check out the careers page on their website, where all the information regarding current openings and job descriptions would be given. You just have to create an account, apply for the job and follow the instructions. 

Does Aramark Give Christmas Bonuses? – Know More

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