Salaries For Nurse Extern

The Salaries of Nurse Externs, who are nursing practitioners who are still in college studying nursing but practicing from a doctor’s place or hospital, vary from state to state, specialty and educational background and experience. let us know about that the Salaries For Nurse Extern.

Salaries For Nurse Extern

The states’ average salaries for nurse externs, sometimes factor in all Nurse Externs (Nurse Externs (NEs), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Externs APRN).

An experienced Nurse Extern with a lucrative specialty will make $65.00 to 125.00 dollars per hour. The state of New York pays the best by estimation and gives the best benefits and perks and packages. I am talking about Nurse Externs that work for someone else. I am not talking about the entrepreneurial nurse.

Salaries for Nurse Externs

Depends on many circumstances, how much is made, etc. 

The average salary for nurse externs is around $30 to $40 per hour. The problem is that there are states that pay 20 per hour and California pays up $65-$85 per hour for a new nurse extern in the bay.

Then seniority comes into play. After 5 years, the average could easily be around $40 to $50

But critical care Nurse Externs usually make more. Night time and weekend shifts pay more. Sometimes precepting, being a charge nurse, or running an ECMO or CRRT pump pays more.

So, you could have a 2nd-year nurse extern receiving a base pay of $30 per hour, plus night and weekend diffs and be making $38 per hour.

Or a 10-year nurse, charge nurse, working nights, with specialty certs, in California, making $100 an hour. Or the same nurse in Washington making around $50 an hour, if near Seattle.

Well, what about Nurse Externs that work a per diem job? Some per diem rates are $30 to $75 per hour. Some make $95 per hour per diem in California.

Then there are travel Nurse Externs that can easily make more.

It is not difficult to make around $100,000 per year within your first 2 years. There are nurse externs that work 1 full-time job plus a per diem job that make around $160k per year. And those that work lots of OT and make around 150k.

Some make $140 per year working 4-5 12-hour shifts per week.

Some Nurse Externs from Florida struggle to surpass 70k/yr.

Salaries For Nurse Externs: What Determines The Salaries Levels and Why Do Some Nurse Externs Earn More Than Others?

Each state is different and each region is different and each specialty is different in the USA. Most Nurse Externs make about $25.00 to 33.00 per hour.

This is not a cut-and-dry situation. Money is based on so much and is even based on how good of a negotiator a person can be. Nurse Externs’ profession is like any other profession. Depends on where you work, what you know, whom you know and all the other things that go along with a highly successful profession and professionals.

One Nurse extern can command a mind-blowing wage due to his connections and experience and where he went to school and so on. That is true of most nurse externs, too, in some cases. We have nurse externs that command a lot and we have Nurse Externs that are just starting.

Background And How Nurse Externs’ Salaries Have Been Over the Years

Nurse Externs have been traditionally underpaid for years. Nurse externs did not begin to make decent money until the late 1990s. When the private sector began to see the value of nurse externs and nurses’ education and nursing knowledge, the possibilities exploded for Nurse Externs and are still exploding. For years, they were considered “just the hired help”. The doctor was the be-all-end-all. Not until the nurse kept “striking” in the 1970s and 1980s did people begin to sit up and take notice. 

What Determines Salary Levels for Nurse Externs

Salaries of Nurse Externs vary a great deal depending on many factors. Nurse Externs have several different education levels all carrying the Nurse Externs title. Two-year associate degrees, four-year BSN degrees, master’s, doctorate and Specific Certification levels can all carry different salary levels. Also, the following factors determine the salary level:

  1. experience, 
  2. leadership positions (such as charge nurse), 
  3. shift differentials (additional money for specific shifts or areas), 
  4. facility differences (clinical areas usually pay more than offices for example). 
  5. Also, there are big differences in pay depending on what area of the country you work in and if you’re in a rural, city, suburban or remote area of your state. 
  6. Hard-to-fill positions such as a one-year commitment to a small hospital in a remote area can pay huge salaries! Cities and larger hospitals also pay more. 
  7. Some states have nursing unions that negotiate salaries and benefits on behalf of a group of Nurse Externs. Those Nurse Externs are usually paid higher than non-union. 

All that being said, Nurse Externs don’t go into nursing to get rich. While it can be a decent living, most Nurse Externs go into nursing because it’s a calling. A compassionate desire to help others. It’s something you feel. 

Therefore, there are many factors leading to what a nurse extern gets paid. There’s even more than listed. The median salary for a nurse extern with seniority is $77,000.00, but as you see that can vary.


In conclusion, many travel Nurse Externs usually make $12000 per month in total salaries and compensation. However, some Nurse externs only make $7000 per month because they work with a different agency.

We have finally broken the $100,000 per year mark for full-time tenured Nurse Externs.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why Do Some Nurse Externs Earn More Salaries Than Others?
  1. Institution
  2. Geographical location
  3. Day shift or night shift
  4. Full time or per diem
  5. Plus, benefits which can be part of the monetary value.
  1. What Are the Downsides of Being a Nurse Extern?

12-hour shifts with little to no breaks, emotional roller coasters, dirty sometimes disgusting things witnessed first-hand, body fluids, odors, heartbreaking sadness and thrilling joy can all be experienced in one day. What a nurse “makes” isn’t the point of nursing.

Salaries For Nurse Extern

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