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Medical optometrist examines the eyes and other components of the visual system. They also take care of eye diseases, traumas, and other conditions as well as examine and treat visual problems. When crucial, they recommend their patient’s contact lens or spectacles. Let us know about “Salaries For Medical Optometrist”

Salaries For Medical Optometrist

In the United States, optometrists have some of the highest salaries of any profession. Optometrists made a median salary of $105,000 per year in 2012, with the highest paid earning of $149,000. According to pay information published by Payscale, optometrists employed at general hospitals typically make between $95,461 and $135,000 a year, whilst those employed at private practices and physician’s offices report yearly earnings ranging from $60,402 to $158,927.

Duties Of A Medical Optometrist 

When a person begins to have visual problems, they visit a medical optometrist. Optometrists provide routine eye exams and tests, look at other aspects of the visual system, and diagnose and treat minor eye conditions, diseases, and accidents.

they do basic surgical operations, provide pre-and post-operative care for more extensive surgeries performed in conjunction with an ophthalmologist, and promote overall eye health and care.

A medical optometrist determines the best level and fits of vision correction for each patient before prescribing glasses or contact lenses, if necessary.

A medical optometrist provides treatments like vision therapy or low-vision rehabilitation. 

They also provide advice for their patients based on their problems and promote eye. 

They assess their patients for the presence of additional illnesses and disorders, such as diabetes or hypertension, and direct patients to additional healthcare practitioners as necessary

Average Medical Optometrist Salary 

In the United States, the average annual compensation for an optometrist was a little under $130,000 as of February 2021. Most people make between $113,000 and $141,000 a year in salary.

The following is the breakdown of a medical optometrist 

  • Bottom 10%: $99,854
  • Bottom 25%: $113,182
  • Median salary: $127,822
  • Top 25%: $141,652
  • Top 10%: $154,244

Factors Affecting The Salaries Of Medical Optometrists

The amount an optometrist is paid depends on several things, including their location and length of time in the industry. Some of the elements are within your power to influence, while others just require time to accomplish. Based on the following variables, optometrist salary can vary:

  • Education 
  • Certificates 
  • Additional Skills 
  • Years of experience 


One of the most determining variables for income is their amount of experience, such as the length of time they’ve been an optometrist. Over 15% more money than their entry-level counterparts is predicted to be made by optometrists with 20 years or more of experience in the sector.

Following are the examples of average compensation by the level of experience: 

  • Entry-level (less than 1 year) eye doctor: $100,000
  • $100,000 for 0 to 4 years of experience
  • $111,000 for 0 to 4 years of experience
  • $117,000 for 10 to 19 years of experience
  • $125,000 for more than 20 years of experience

Medical Optometrist Salaries By State 

The pay for optometrists varies a little bit from state to state. The amount of money you can anticipate making as an optometrist varies depending on the cost of living in each state. It will also depend on whether you reside in a huge urban city or a small rural village.

  • From state to state, optometrist pay varies. Between $63,305 and $150,754 is the normal annual salary range for professionals working in Texas
  • A salary range between $78,611 and $140,300 is the typical annual salary for a medical optometrist headquartered in New York
  • A salary range between $59,867 and $144,497 is the typical annual salary range for optometrists working in California. 
  • The pay range for optometrists in Florida is $46,656 to $126,440 annually. 
  • in Pennsylvania it is $69,043 to $129,041 annually.
  • in Virginia it is $70,469 to $133,969 annually, and in Illinois it is $72,885 to $116,968 annually.

Medical Optometrists’ Salaries By Cities 

The pay for optometrists varies depending on where they live. 

  • Medical optometrists working in Houston often make between $65,000 and $159,437 per year.
  • Medical optometrists working in New York make between $49,022 and $146,807 per year. 
  • Medical optometrists working in Los Angeles typically make between $70,000 and $101,497 per year.
  • According to Payscale, medical optometrists working in Chicago make between $71,954 and $145,437 per year.
  • Medical optometrists situated in Dallas make between $71,700 and $93,204 per year.
  • Medical optometrists working in Boston report making between $85,500 and $113,480 per year.
  • Benefits for medical optometrists 

The variation in average optometrist salaries can be reflected in benefit packages. 

  • Medical optometrists who receive 401(k) plans typically earn between $74,728 and $139,657 per year
  • Medical optometrists who receive malpractice or liability insurance typically make between $69,382 and $133,702 per year. 
  • Medical Optometrists who receive education, training, certification, or tuition reimbursement report an annual income between $66,384 and $137,244.
  • Optometrists who receive life or disability insurance are paid between $57,192 and $137,982 annually.
  • Medical optometrists who receive paid sick leave are paid between $73,404 and $137,885 annually. 
  • Optometrists who receive paid holidays and vacation as part of their benefits package are paid between $72,058 and $126,340 annually.
  • Other income factors of medical optometrists 
  • The number of professionals employed by an organization where an optometrist practice might also affect their yearly revenue.
  • According to PayScale’s compensation statistics, for example, medical optometrists working for companies with 1 to 9 employees typically make between $61,947 and $121,712 annually
  • Medical optometrists working for companies with 10 to 49 employees report earnings in the range of $63,616 to $183,831 annually.
  • The type of employer also has a big impact on how much optometrists make. Optometrists employed by hospitals report annual salaries ranging from $73,137 to $150,038. 
  • Medical optometrists working for private practices typically earn between $62,676 and $124,781 annually, and those hired by corporation’s report salaries ranging from $63,251 to $129,296 annually.


In conclusion, while it may be difficult to process all of this information, it is important to remember that optometrists earn an average of $128,000 a year and enjoy their work in general. They frequently make more at outpatient care facilities. According to U.S. News and World Report, there is a lot of room for advancement, minimal stress, and an excellent work-life balance in this position.

Salaries For Medical Optometrist -Know More

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