Salaries For Health Unit Coordinator 

An average health unit coordinator can get $64,205 with the bonus $393 every year. Today, we’ll go over various salary ranges for a health unit coordinator in US and we think if you have reached this post, you are well aware of health unit coordinator job. Let us know about the ‘Salaries For Health Unit Coordinator’.

Salaries For Health Unit Coordinator

A fresher HUC salary in the US is generally $30,419 per year with the highest salary of $77,741. The health unit coordinator is sometimes also known as Business Associate, Clinical Customer Service Coordinator, Clerical Support Associate, or Business Specialist. 

An employee working as a HUC is the primary link between patients and the doctors because each and every piece of information, including schedules and many other important documents, is directly connected to patients and the doctors, and a health unit coordinator passes and records all this data and information for ease of communication. Therefore, a person applying for this job role should understand the responsibilities very clearly. This role is the first point of contact between the medical staff and the patients.

The major role of a health unit coordinator is to ensure that everything related to patients’ reports and all other data is correctly recorded, either on hardcopy or in the system.

Let’s have some more details about health unit coordinator salaries below.

What does the unit coordinator do?

A health unit coordinator, also known as a unit secretary, coordinates multiple administrative and clerical tasks in a hospital or clinic. The employee handles patient concerns, verification, scheduling appointments, and many other medical plans, as well as all mandatory tasks regarding all medical operations. The coordinator also helps the physician with many patient activities.

How to get health unit coordinator job?

Getting a health unit coordinator job is easy as the posts are available online and offline. One can find the opportunity for health unit coordinator on different online job portals. However, you can also visit your nearby hospitals, local clinics to ask and find the opportunity. 

What is the salary range of health unit coordinator?

An US health unit coordinator employee can earn in between $20,237 to $165,380. The median salary ranges with $37,080, also the 57% employees’ salary ranges between $37,080 and $72,510.  With all this, the highest 86% makes $165,380. 

Some of sites have calculated the average salary of HUC $43,575 annually which is almost $3,631 monthly.   

  • Normal: $20,237 to $165,380
  • Median: $37,080

What are the basic salaries for the Health unit coordinator?

If we check basic salaries for the health coordinator, the fresher salary can start from $31,500 to $71,000 annually. You can see the table below to find the salaries in different time periods –

  • Monthly Pay: $2,625
  • Annual Pay: $31,500
  • Weekly Pay: $605 

What salary do top Health unit coordinators earn?

If you work great and becomes in the list of top health unit coordinators, then you’ll be able to get $71,000 annually which means its $5,916 monthly and $1,365 weekly.

Can you get hourly pay for this job? 

Depending on your work area and workplace, you can talk with your hospital manager to have such salary arrangements for hourly payment. According to the average salary, if you work on hourly base, then you can get $15 per hour as base salary, $21 per hour as an average and $34 per hour as a top earner. 

How much an experienced Health unit coordinators gets for their work?

If you have already some work experience in the health unit coordination job, then you can expect the salary growth according to your job place or the hospital. If you have started your HUC job at $20,000 per year then you can expect it to get increased by $170,000 per year. Your salary can increase by $2,221 per year if you are working in a good industry with the nearby base pay $41,900 per year.

What is the Health unit coordinator’s salary in major cities of the US?

Maybe the most popular cities of the US can’t give you the best salary for health unit coordinators but we have mentioned some of best cities for job seekers with the salary for health unit coordinator.

The salaries data shown below are average range of HUC salaries in different cities. 

Dallas, TX

  • $42,290 yearly
  • $3,524 monthly 
  • $813 weekly

North Port

  • $41,635 yearly 
  • $3,469 monthly
  • $800 weekly 

Austin, TX

  • $41,830 yearly 
  • $3,485 monthly
  • $804 weekly 


  • $32,167 yearly
  • $2,680 monthly
  • $618 weekly 


  • $36,514 yearly
  • $3,042 monthly
  • $702 weekly


  • $45,546 yearly
  • $3,225 monthly
  • $833 weekly

Columbia City, IN

  • $50,742 annually
  • $3,593 monthly
  • $928 weekly


  • $75,737 annually
  • $5,362 monthly
  • $1,386 weekly


  • $43,099 annually
  • $3,051 monthly
  • $789 weekly

Plano, Tx

  • $38,644 annually
  • $3,220 monthly
  • $743 weekly

Portland, Maine

  • $34,985 annually
  • $2,477 monthly
  • $640 weekly

Scottsdale, AZ

This salary package is for mostly Patient Care coordinators in Scottsdale and health unit coordinators can apply and get the nearby package mentioned here.

  • $33,873 yearly 
  • $2,822 monthly 
  • $651 weekly

Washington, D.C

  • $43,832 yearly
  • $3,103 monthly
  • $802 weekly


  • $46,627 yearly
  • $3,301 monthly
  • $853 weekly

Colorado City, TX

  • $53,853 yearly
  • $3,813 monthly
  • $985 weekly


With all the above discussion, we got to know that a HUC employee is a primary link between patients and staff. The average monthly salary can range between $20,237 to $ 165,380 yearly. The basic salary starts from mostly $2,625 monthly.

A person with a HUC training program certificate gets more chances to get hired; however, if your communication and patient handling skills are good, it also becomes helpful. If you want hourly payment for this job, then you can start with $15 per base pay and rise up to $20 or more. The above-mentioned cities would help you get to know more about salaries for health unit coordinators. We hope the above article has left no questions in your mind. In case you still want any help regarding the salaries for a health unit coordinator or the work environment, you can contact us.

Salaries For Health Unit Coordinator 

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