Is Kindle Free With Amazon Prime?


If you are living in the 21st century and are unaware of the presence of platforms and resources like Kindle and Amazon Prime then you definitely are living under a rock. The given article will solely be focusing on these platforms. What is Amazon Prime? What is Kindle/ Where do you get them? How much do you pay for it? All of these questions and more will be discussed and answered in the article further. Let us know ‘Is Kindle Free With Amazon Prime?’.

Is Kindle Free With Amazon Prime?

Is Kindle Free With Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming platform or to be precise an OTT platform with millions of movies, series, documentaries and shows. As the name suggests, it was launched by the company, well-known, Amazon. It was launched 16 years ago in 2006. It remains one of the biggest online streaming platforms in the world. With around 200 million people as a part of it, Amazon Prime Video focuses on the entertainment needs of people of all ages and regions. 

Whereas, Kindle is yet another creation of the founders of Amazon. It is a small device on which one can download e-books and read like a normal book. It has an array of books and genres and one can download any of these books available on Kindle and read them. 

How to subscribe to the two platforms?

  • Amazon Prime Video-  If you take a prime membership in Amazon Delivery App, you get fast delivery as well as an Amazon Prime Video subscription along with it. As of now, the subscription for Prime costs- $14.99 per month. In a year you pay- $139 which amounts to around $8.99 for the subscription to Prime Video. 
  • Kindle- You need to start by first buying a Kindle Device. This could range from a varied price range depending on what model you end up buying. After a while, you get a few free books to read. These could be around 20 to 25 books that would be pre-downloaded on your kindle. After that, you can buy the kindle version of the book from the Prime Shopping App. 

Is kindle free with prime?

The answer to this could be pretty tricky and detailed. Let us look at different things and services that are provided by these two platforms- 

  • No, the kindle device is not free for Prime Members
  • The Kindle App is free for download for all users
  • When you first take prime membership, you get one Kindle book free every month as an advantage of being a Prime Member
  • Books on Kindle are in limited stock. You get to access these books for free
  • If you want to read any such book that is not available on Kindle you have to buy the Kindle version of the book 

Kindle Unlimited- This is a new brainchild of the developers of Kindle and is a hot shot in the USA. Kindle Unlimited is a separate subscription from the Prime subscription and hence is not free with Amazon Prime. It is a platform from where you can read and download innumerable amounts of books and keep them for as long as you want it. This was one of the shortcomings of Kindle. It did not allow users to download and keep the boos as long as they wanted. Thus, forcing them into rushing through the reading and robbing them of the fun and leisure of reading a book with a cup of coffee in hand. Although the users have to pay a certain amount of fee to avail of this benefit. Irrespective of the fact that you are a prime member or not you have to pay $9.99 per month to be part of Kindle Unlimited. 

Benefits of being a Prime Member to a Kindle User

Below are a few benefits of being a prime member to a Kindle user-

  • One free book each month
  • New releases are ready to download as soon as they are out on the market
  • Prime Reading is free. This gives you access to a lot of things from editorials, novels, fiction, and lifestyle magazines for free. 


According to the research done, you don’t get Kindle for free along with a subscription to Prime. This is because Kindle is an electronic device of its own which costs way more than a Prime Membership. But there are certain benefits that you can extract out of being a prime member and an owner of a kindle. 

A few of these are- The access to one free book each month, an array of books at your fingertips, and the cost for a hardcopy or paperback version of the same book would be much more than the cost of a Kindle Version of the book. You do not get Kindle or its subscription for free but you get the above-mentioned benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is Kindle First and Prime Reading the same thing? 

Answer- No, they are not the same thing. But Prime Reading is a benefit of Kindle that allows users to borrow various numbers of books at no extra cost. 

  1. When was Kindle launched?

Answer- 2007 

Is Kindle Free With Amazon Prime?

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