Salaries For Harley Davidson Mechanic

Harley Davidson has earned a reputation for quality. Being a Harley Davidson mechanic requires technical training to physical certification. It takes time, money, and a significant amount of personal investment, too. For one to be eligible for the job, they need to have their training from a reputed location. Within the mind of technical to vocational school, acquiring training specific to Harley is an imperative part of the process. Most local schools present Motorcycle Mechanic job certification and various other degree-specific programs to work at Harley as a mechanic.let us know about that the Salaries For Harley Davidson Mechanic.

Salaries For Harley Davidson Mechanic

 The average salary amount earned by a Harley-Davidson mechanic is $90,052 per annum. In San Francisco, one earns $135,877 per annum, which equates to 51% higher than the US average. The salary amount falls between $17,094 and $464,665 per annum. The majority of employees earn an average of $83,459 per annum. If an individual files for tax with an estimated federal tax of 24%, one could expect to take $74,150 per annum home. It equates to about $3,090 per month in salary.

Skills required

Having in-depth training only helps one to get the job. Colleges present 2 to 4-year degree programs with an education geared especially towards Harley Davidson motors. To be identified as a qualified candidate for the job, having a special certification is required for a certified Harley Davidson mechanic to be known as a proper know-how mechanic. One must possess certification within one’s state along with licensure, as is appropriate. One also has to showcase their ability to perform small engine repairs too. To secure the job of being a Harley Davidson mechanic, one needs to display their technical knowledge and specialty with Harley Davidson Motors.

One needs to be a master of small engine mechanics to have a chance at getting the job. One has to take responsibility for the maintenance and repair of Harley engines, including engines, ignition systems, brakes, transmissions, minor body damage, and such.

Salaries presented to Harley-Davidson technicians

The average salary for the job of a Harley Davidson mechanic starts at $19.28 per hour, specifically for the ones who specialize in the repair and maintenance of uniquely designed, massive, high-torque twin engines that are found only in Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The annual salary of a Harley-Davidson technician is $63,676. They provide various services according to their area of expertise. They focus on servicing the engines and ensuring it serviced regularly and 

the brakes for the motorcycle run smoothly. They also practice regular maintenance and repair for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Maintenance mechanic salary presented

On an average basis, a Harley Davidson maintenance mechanic earns around $30.39 per hour. They are responsible for the upkeep, maintaining, and repairing small engine vehicles. The area of their expertise goes from 2 to 3-wheeled vehicles, dirt bikes, mopeds, and all-terrain vehicles too. They acquire more technical knowledge and can figure out the technical aspect of why something isn’t working the way it should be. The job of a Harley Davidson maintenance mechanic is slightly different from that of a Harley Davidson technician. They both perform different roles on their end, except for the salary presented. The difference is that the maintenance technician mainly focuses on why something is not working and how to make it work as it should. They repair and do the maintenance of subassemblies such as forks, transmissions, drive chains, etc.

Educational requirements for the job

For one to be a Harley Davidson mechanic, the basic requirement is to have a high school diploma, better if it’s along with an apprenticeship and added to with proper training. One can get the job if they have prior experience with Harley Davidson’s motorcycles and have proper training. Acquiring a college degree in a related field and vocational training is also a mandatory trait for one to have a chance at getting the job of being a Harley Davidson mechanic. Having a high school diploma makes one eligible for the job, but one has to receive further education and training to become a certified mechanic. Various employers often demand that you have a specific degree or certificate in the repair of Harley Davidson motorcycles and also possess a valid small engine repair license. The specialization required is in service technician expert, master of service technology, or even having a master service technician. The average salary earned is $38,010 for the job of a Harley Davidson motorcycle mechanic.

Salaries are presented for various roles 

Different roles present different pay scales. For the job of auto body technician, one earns $17.32 per hour, while for the role of automotive detailer, one earns $9.08 per hour. An automotive service manager earns $51,689 per annum, while an automotive technician earns $22.84 per hour. A buffer earns $33,880 per annum in salary, while a building engineer earns $63,204 per annum. An entry-level technician earns an amount of $34,489 per annum.

Salary presented in various cities and states across the United States

  • The salary amount varies in different cities. Atkinson suggests an average amount of $59,112 per annum as a salary, whereas Dimondale presents $54,783 per annum as a salary. Cambridge and New York present $52,825 and $51,412 per annum, respectively, for the job. Lake Marcel Stillwater presents $51,398 per annum, while Bridgehampton suggests $50,702 per annum for the salary of a Harley Davidson mechanic.
  • Bellerose and Anchorage present $50,702 and $49,834 per annum, respectively. Riverside presents a salary of $49,610 per year, while Baltimore suggests a salary of $49,492 per year.
  • In different states, one gets different amounts as a salary. An average salary for a job in California is $38,655 per annum, while in Texas the average salary is $33,869 per annum, and the salary amount falls between $27,326 and $43,809 per annum.
  • Florida suggests $38,412 per annum, while the salary amount falls between $26142 and $41910 per annum. Hawaii presents $38,340 per annum, while Rhode Island suggests $59,030 per annum. New Hampshire and Utah present $47,060 and $46,770 per annum, respectively. Nevada and North Dakota have annual salaries of $46,760 and $46,750, respectively.
  • Colorado presents an amount of $45,690 per annum, whereas Oregon suggests $45,400 per annum as the salary amount. Washington and Idaho currently present $44,970 and $44,420 per annum, respectively.
  • North Carolina and Massachusetts present $41,820 and $39,690 per annum respectively as the salary amount, whereas Connecticut and Mississippi suggest $38,820 and $38,540 per annum, respectively.


The average pay for a Harley Davidson mechanic in the United States is $22.05 per hour, which equates to 23% higher than the national average salary for the job itself. The average salary is $51,072 per annum. With the job, they are also eligible for perks such as employee discounts, having a health savings account, flexible spending account, insurance for health, dental, and vision, paid time off, and more. The salary amount varies widely depending on various factors, which include educational qualifications, additional certification, employer, years of experience in the field, one’s location of work, etc.

Salaries For Harley Davidson Mechanic

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