Salaries For Gemologist -Know More About It

The secret behind spectacular jewels is “Gemology” the study of gems and shiny rocks, the people studying gemology are known as Gemologists, these people are the reason for successful companies of jewelry, gold, diamond, etc, it takes around 3 months (if you are taking a crash course) or 1 year (if you are graduating from a university) to become gemology, for such companies you must wonder that being a gemologist must pay-off a lot, i.e they must earn a lot of money right?  Let us know about “Salaries For Gemologist”

Salaries For Gemologist

According to the American’s National income basis the salary for an average mediocre gemologist is $42,380, those who are completely new to this field, their salary is around $27,400 and for the expert ones who have much experience with gems and other precious rocks, their salary is around $67,210.

The Role Of A Gemologist 

As mentioned earlier, a gemologist is a person who pursues gemology, in simple words we can say it is like a verifier for gems collected from mine ores or getting such things from other people, and no it does not simply mean just looking at the gem and hand verifying it is real or not. It is more than just verifying, inspecting the quality of the material, the color, estimating the net worth of the said gemstone, identifying its unique characteristics, and so on.

The gemologist’s best tool used at hand is the microscope, because it is normal for humans to make errors, the gemologist is responsible for verifying and clarifying every detail of the said gem, that is why there are various tools made for gemologists to be used such as calibrated scale, loupe, balance beam scale and spectroscope. 

Now we have a clear about what a gemologist works at, their specialty lies in precious rocks, this includes gold, ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, or any form of shiny invaluable that are priceless, but will be branded and sold as merchandise to people as expensive accessory wears. 

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One last note there consist of many roles in the gemology field, but these four are the most common ones:

  1. Lapidarist
  2. Lab Gemologist
  3. Gemstone Appraiser
  4. Gem manufacturer

A (fresher) Gemologist’s Journey (Beginner’s Start)

Let us discuss the salary inquisition part for a person who is a fresher i.e a person with no experience at hand and has no idea how he should do the gem job. Do not get misguided here, when we are saying (in theory) that it is about verification, it requires a lot of time and patience to understand, while it may be true that some believe that companies may underpay freshers because they do not want to risk fresher’s mistakes, which may cause the company to pay compensation charges. This is why the freshers are paid $43,000 yearly and that would be $3500 monthly.

So, people pursuing a gemologist path can start by applying for an apprenticeship, which means working under the guidance of an expert that way not only will it assess your skills, but also it is recommended to all the new gemologists who are new to get hired by companies. This way your salary can have a boost of 25-50%($43,000) or raise instead of accepting your base salary. 

An Experienced (Intermediate) Gemologist Resolves

Now that you worked for the company you got hired, now you have what majority of people call ‘experience’, depending on your experience your income every year is decided, there is a myth “the more the experience the higher your salary” unfortunately that is not the case, even if you have lots of experience but lack the fundamental skill to do your job as a gemologist, your salary might as well be the base salary of a junior role (i.e $43,000).

After a rough grinding session of understanding the specialty of a specific gem, you get hands-on experience from your apprenticeship or working from a company, assuming you got an overall experience of 4-5 years, there will be a salary increment which by about 25-50 %, therefore we can say the average salary of an experienced candidate would be $74,400 yearly meaning $6000 monthly. 

An Expert’s View: The Conclusion Of AHard Journey

With enough experience (about 7-10), it can be officially confirmed that the gemologist has reached his Senior position, with this position the company can fully confirm that the Senior has a vast knowledge about the gem, and will be easily able to decipher the practicality of the gem (is it a fake or not) and make the company in the profit shares.

Also, the gemologist will be taken care of his precious tools (depending on his role), with advanced types of equipment and vast knowledge of the books of a gem, we can safely say the gemologist’s highest paying salary would be $126,300 yearly basis which means in a month it would be $10,525 per month.

Conversely, a well-versed (expert) gemologist with excellent analytic skills, fast-paced mathematical skills (for net worth purposes), and impressive deciphering skills will earn about $175,000 yearly making that $15,000 approximately based monthly. 

Keep in mind a senior and an expert are not the same person, similarly,

a fresher and a junior are two different people. If we break down their definitions ;

  1. A fresher is a person who has no experience at all with the workplace environment. {Their salary would be around $10-13k P.A}
  1. Similarly, a junior is a person who has a little bit of experience in the workplace environment (say about 0-2 years). {Their salary would around $18-22k P.A}
  1. While a senior is a person who has a wider of experience in the workplace environment (say about 5-7 years). {Their salary would around $40-60k P.A}
  1. Conversely, an expert is a person who knows everything 

related to his work with a higher marginal amount of experience (say about 10+ ). {Their salary would around $100-120k P.A}


Remember, when we distinguished between fresher, junior, senior, and expert and their salary differentiations, bear in mind those were salaries estimated to be across America in various states, also during the recruitment phase people can also negotiate their salary during those times and can get paid well enough.

With enough skills, knowledge, and great recognition skills it is not that difficult to become a gemologist and enjoy the fruits of a large amount of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a gemologist make in India?

An entry-level gemologist with less than 1 year of experience earns around 9 lakhs (i.e 900,000 rupees).

What does a Lab gemologist do?

A lab gemologist is a researcher who uses lab equipment to research the formation of gems and their physical and other properties.

Q.Is gemology a good career choice?

A. Yes, it may be as magnificent and sparking as gemstones, it main involves gem stone study.

Salaries For Gemologist -Know More About It

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