How long is Amazon day 1 training? – Know more

With a gradual pace, amazon has established itself to be the most emerging venture of all time. It is profoundly known for offering various full-time and part-time roles. These roles pay a very fancy amount of salary to the employees. That is one of the major reasons people choose this as their dream company to tie up with. But when you’re thinking of joining amazon, you must be wondering what its selection process is, how long will the training last, and how long will be the first day. In this article we shall see how long is Amazon day 1 training

How long is Amazon day 1 training

The first day of the amazon training consists of a detailed orientation. The orientation will last about 6-7 hours. This period of orientation depends upon the no. of persons in a group. If the group is big, then the first day of training will go up to 7 hours and if the group is small, then you’ll be free within 4-5 hours or sooner.

Amazon training and How long is it 

The training is the first step for you to enter the world of amazon. This training is specially built in a way to make the round growth of the employee and to teach them all about their job at amazon. This training goes around for about 45 days, about 5-6 weeks. In these 5-6 weeks you will be thoroughly put forth with all the tasks that you will face in your job time. From taking queries to orders, to maintaining records, accountability to the seniors, and every aspect of the job profile. The training of the persons will depend on their job profile. Basic training may include:

  • Training about the basic work profile
  • Taking queries and solving queries
  • Maintaining corporate culture
  • Details about amazon and its working
  • Telling all the perks that you’ll receive
  • Teaching all rules and regulation

How long is 1st day of amazon training

The first day of any job or training is always special for you. It is an unsaid rule that on the first day of training, the organization will make you well versed with the organizational details only. Every organization will want its employees to know everything about the organization. So, the first day of the training is orientation. The orientation takes place for about 6-7 hours a day. So, your first day will be about 6-7 hours long. But if your group is small then you can also wind up your day within 4-5 hours. Here is some key information about the first day of training:

  • The first day will last for near about 6-7 hours, depending on the no. of people in a group.
  • The first day is always of utmost importance because higher authority always shares all the basic details about the organization on this day. It is always important for you to know the details of the place you’re working in.
  • The first day also makes you understand your colleagues and you can make good relations on the first day of training.
  • Only on the first day of training, you will get to know about the perks and benefits that you will be receiving in the upcoming period.
  • The orientation also helps you to go well versed with the payment system Higher authority makes you well versed with the payment system, it can be either weekly or biweekly.


Working at amazon can be the most exciting thing for any person. Amazon offers the most flexible work time, and the best part is its weekly payments. The training program is built in a way to help you master all the skills that you may require in the upcoming job days. If you concentrate on the training program, then there will be fewer queries and delays in the working at the time of your job. The best part about training on amazon is that you will also gain paid regularly.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  1. Do we get paid during the training period?

Yes, the employees will get paid during the training period. From the first day of training, the credit of payment will start to begin in your account. Depending upon the payment system whether it is weekly or biweekly, the salary will be credited.

  1. Which day is called payday for amazon?

The payday of amazon, on which the employees are paid, is Friday. All the payments are made on Friday only. These payments are made on Friday, in the weekly payment system only. The payday in the biweekly payment system differs.

  1. Is overtime a mandatory thing on amazon?

Yes, overtime working is a kind of mandatory thing in amazon. All must do overtime, but they can’t do overtime beyond the limit of working 60 hours a week. That means in a day you can only work for 10 hours maximum.

How long is Amazon day 1 training? – Know more

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