Salaries For Echo Technician 


There are a lot of fields within the medical line working together in various departments and sectors, and one of them is echocardiography technician. An echocardiography technician is in high demand in various work environments, including private and public organizations. This article focuses on the salaries of echocardiographic technicians and goes forward to pinpoint states that pay them the most. Let us know ‘Salaries For Echo Technician’.

Salaries For Echo Technician

Salaries For Echo Technician 

The annual average salary of an echo technician is $70,056. The salaries of an echo technician are influenced by various factors like the place of employment, the employer, certification, years of experience, and education.  

Salaries for echocardiographic technician

An echocardiographic technician is a highly skilled medical sonographer with special training in hearts. They are well paid as a result of the importance of their field. An entry-level echocardiography technician’s salary is usually lower than average, and with more experience and professionalism, they can build to receiving higher salaries. An entry-level echocardiographic technician receives $30,140 annually.

An experienced level echocardiographic technician receives $104,000 annually.

The average salary for an echocardiographic technician is $70,056 annually, with an hourly pay of about $34.00.

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Who are echocardiographic technicians?

It is important to lay a foundation on who an echocardiographic technician is and what they do. 

An echocardiographic technician is a medical sonographer who deals with the heart, inspecting the valves, chambers, and walls of the heart. They use imaging tools(ultrasound devices) to create images of a patient’s heart. They are charged with the responsibility to gather data that are used for diagnosis by a physician. These ultrasounds are usually carried out when patients are at resting heart rate.

Factors that influence the salaries of an echocardiographic technician

There are a lot of factors that stand to influence the salaries of echocardiographic technicians, making them receive above or below the national average. These factors will be streamlined into four:

  • Location: Some states pay an echocardiographic technician more depending on the demand in such a state. Although echocardiographic technicians are highly demanded, certain states are recorded to pay them higher, like West Virginia, California, etc.
  • Work environment/Employer: The employer of an echocardiographic technician also influences the salaries they receive. Depending on whether they work in a general hospital, physician’s office, or the office of a health care practitioner, their earnings will be lower or higher.
  • Educational level: Education is necessary to become an echocardiographic technician. It requires an associate degree, and they must also pass the echocardiographic registry exams. Education exposes them to skills and experiences needed to succeed as an echocardiographic technician. For example, they learn how to analyze diagnostics and the processes of using ultrasound instruments in school as their primary focus is on the practical aspect.
  • Certification: Individuals must earn certification from a recognized body. The career requires a professional certification from the American registry for diagnostic medical sonographers and cardiovascular credentialing international. Having certification greatly influences not just salaries but also places them In a better position to find better jobs than candidates yet to be certified. Being certified is one of the main requirements and presents you as a qualified candidate.

Salaries of echocardiography technicians based on states

  The salaries of an echocardiography technician differ among States. Most Urban States are recorded to pay echocardiographic technicians the most.

  • Ohio: Echocardiography technicians receive an annual average salary of $69,748. They can be paid higher or lower between $40,000 and $121,000, depending on their experience level.
  • Illinois: An echocardiographic technician receives an annual estimated salary of $99,600. They receive an estimated monthly pay of $8,280 and hourly pay of $49. They also receive additional cash bonuses at the end of the pee year.
  • California: Echocardiographic technician in California receives an estimated annual salary between the range of $77,000 and $106,770. It is one of the states that says these sonographers well alongside yearly bonuses.
  • West Virginia: An echocardiographic technician receives an annual average salary of $83,113. It is one of the states with the highest pay for echocardiographic technicians and pays between $50,000 and $144,000.
  • New York: In New York, echocardiographic technicians are paid an average annual salary of $101,077.
  • Indiana: Echocardiographic technicians in Indiana are paid between $39,000 and $121,000. The average annual salary is $70,000.
  • Oregon: An echocardiographic technician in Oregon receives an average annual salary of $89,128. They are paid in the range of $66,000 to $119,000.
  • New Jersey: In New Jersey, echocardiographic technicians receive an annual average salary of $71,701. They are paid between the range of $43,000 and $121,000.
  • Connecticut: Echocardiographic technicians in Connecticut receive an annual average salary of $69,030. They are paid between the range of $40,000 and $118,000.
  • Colorado: An echocardiographic technician in Colorado receives an annual average pay of $69,000. They are paid in the range of $49,000 to $99,000.
  • Minnesota: In Minnesota, echocardiographic technicians are paid in the range of $44,000 to $115,000. They receive an average annual salary of $72,000.
  • Texas: Echocardiographic technicians are paid an average annual salary of $68,417. They are paid in the range of $43,000 to $106,000.

Maximum and minimum earnings for echocardiography technician

Salaries of an echo technician varies depending on the level of experience and employer affecting their salaries. The maximum earning for an echocardiographic technician in the United States is $144,000. It is for those who have the highest level of experience.

The minimum salary of an echocardiographic technician in the United States is $35,150. It is paid to those with entry-level experience. 


An echocardiography technician is highly demanding, and they are highly paid depending on their locations. For aspiring echo technicians, at least an associate degree is highly important, alongside certification from a licensed body.

Frequently asked questions 

  • Can echocardiography technicians perform surgeries since they also are in the medical field?

Answer: An echocardiography technician is only specialized in hearts. Each medical field has its specialization, and surgeries aren’t the work of an echo technician.

  • Do all echocardiography technicians need certification?

Answer: Certifications are a requirement. It shows that they are skilled in that field and have undergone all necessary training. 

  • What is the least educational requirement of an echocardiographic technician?

Answer: An associate degree is the minimum educational requirement expected of an echocardiographic technician. 

  • Is a master’s degree necessary for this field?

Answer: Having a master’s degree is a plus. It places you in the position to secure higher positions with high salaries and benefits.

Salaries For Echo Technician 

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